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Last Friday, May 20, 2016 ~ The "Piso Bakuna" Campaign where in the teachers are the Ambassadors was launched by Glovax Biotech Corp. CEO and founder Mr. Giovanni Alingog, was the one who headed the event. The event were attended by both the corporation's international and local partners including the media and fellow health advocate bloggers at the Manila Hotel.

The press launch was conducted to formally introduce the corporation's latest campaign~ the Piso Bakuna Project, a flu vaccination program that provides teachers flu vaccine at cost of one peso per day.

Mr. Alingog mentioned that the idea behind is to make vaccinations so affordable that it is available to everyone. This has been possible  Through the help of their partners -  KRR, USAID, PR Savings bank and Ropali.  
"Piso means one peso and we are starting by giving vaccinations at a cost of only P 1 a day, starting with the flu vaccination. " Hopefully someday, we can be able to provide other vaccinations at this low rate but for now, we are the only company that is providing installment payment for all other vaccinations. Though, we are not close to providing P1.00 a day installment  payment for other vaccines, I think this is a good start as we have found out that after providing many seminars and awareness campaign to our countrymen, one problem always lingers in their mind and that is - vaccinations are only for the rich because they are expensive"  he relates.
"We need to make vaccination accessible by making it affordable and available. This is what the Piso Bakuna is all about. I hope that finally we have an answer to the decades old perception that vaccination is expensive and is only for the rich people. I also hope that the installment payment will become an acceptable form of payment, if not the standard form of payment, for vaccinations and that hopefully many of our vaccinating doctors would offer the same. " he added.
When asked on how they plan to disseminate this program, Alingog mentioned that they have particularly chosen the teachers to be the ambassadors of this campaign for they believe that they can very well sphere-head and spread the awareness and information about influenza virus. They believe that the educators have the control on how it can be avoided, how the flu vaccine works and how the students and families can avail it from Glovax.

With this, they have formed a tie-up with the (PPSTA) Philippines Public School Teachers Association to be able to grow more networks, partners and beneficiaries to this campaign. ACT Teachers party-list Cong. France Castro and the PPSTA regional head Mr. Bong Arante were very grateful for this project initiated by Glovax. The educators were overwhelmed to such generosity and in return has vowed to do everything they can to make the program successful. 
"With all your support, we are hoping to reach 500,000 vaccination level by next year". says Alingog.
During the two-hour press launch, Mr. Giovanni Alingog also shared the Glovax web and app and the "vaccination kiosk" (which will be at Fishermall, one of the partners of Glovax). He also shared the story behind how Globax was founded. He revealed that GloVax was founded all because of his Pediatrician wife who were so vocal on her frustration about the supply of vaccines. With his brilliant mind, he was able to convert that problem by creating a solution~ thus the birth of Globax in the industry during the year 2003. They started out using their sales from their duplicate wedding gift items. For a capital of P80,000, they have started and founded Glovax Biotech Corp.

All the attendees including partners in the industry, media and bloggers were given free flu vaccination shots
Rampant Media, the Marketing and PR partner of Glovax invited USAID, ROPALI, PR Savings bank PPSTA , Pldt Voyager nd JCI Capitol's representative to the stage as Mr. Steve Okun of KKR has expressed his gratefulness for Glovax' continous advocacy.

They ended the event by doing a ritual of cutting up balloons with some props that symbolises the barriers to vaccination. The 12 Balloons signifies Glovax' 12 years in the industry and its continues efforts in helping the needs of the people.

With just one hand, against all the barriers in vaccination, we can be FREE!

So everyone, let's vaccinate!

For more information on vaccination installment plan, visit Glovax website: Get instant updates on their Facebook page at



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