Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Bern Baguio: The Pinnacle of Luxury Living

Think Swiss, think mountains, and think peak experiences. Think city breaks and ultimate escapes to soak up the tranquility and enjoy a slice of a luxurious lifestyle in an exquisite address in one of Baguio's highest points.

Sunday, December 04, 2022

Cooler Moments with Makuku Diapers : Plus the brand kick off in the Philippines

Being a mom, making sure you have enough cash on hand for unforeseen costs and emergencies can be made easier by calculating and budgeting how much money you need for daily necessities like food, housing, your kids' needs,  utilities like gas, electricity, phone, water, transportation, and medical services. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Jollibee brings back the all-out joy of Pinoy Christmas in ‘Sarap ng Pasko’ campaign


Jollibee and its creative agency Publicis JimenezBasic (PJB) show the kind of Christmas that Pinoys love and have longed for in the fast-food chain’s latest ad for the holidays. Titled “Sa Jollibee, Sarap ng Pasko!”, the video depicts different exciting reunions and celebrations of families, made even better with best-tasting Jollibee favorites like Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti, and Burger Steak.

Logitech’s New Brio 500 Series Webcams and Zone Vibe Headphones reach local market

Logitech’s two new product series, the Brio 500 webcams and Zone Vibe headphones, are now available locally. Designed to meet the evolving needs of hybrid workers, the Brio 500 webcams and Zone Vibe headphones modernize work and play experiences and address the challenges users face when working from home. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

IKEA Philippines turns 1! Grab up to 50% discounts from November 21-25, 2022


It has been one year since the largest IKEA store in the Philippines opened its doors to Filipinos in the Mall of Asia Complex. With 4.5 million visitors, the company has received a warm welcome as it continues to provide 8,000 readily accessible, affordable items for a sustainable way of living at home. To commemorate its first anniversary, IKEA Pasay City is throwing a large party with special deals and unique incentives for IKEA Family members!

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Moira dela Torre stars in Home Credit’s The Great 0% Interest Festival campaign video

Following the nationwide rollout of the largest and grandest 0% interest sale, Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), the lifestyle partner of every Filipino, launched a new campaign video this holiday season for the brand's The Great 0% Interest Festival, headlined by Moira dela Torre, Home Credit's brand ambassador.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Zone V Camera Club, PLDT Home bring digital learning to underprivileged students

Zone V Camera Club and PLDT Home continue their aim of creating online learning centers for impoverished youngsters, with students from ERDA SaBaNa (Educational Research and Development Assistance, Samahan ng mga Batang Nananambakan) in Tondo, Manila being the most recent beneficiaries.

Get closer to your home movie theater dreams by activating your Lionsgate Play subscription


Just in time for the holidays, PLDT Home is bringing its consumers one step closer to the home entertainment of their dreams thanks to its exclusive partnership with premium streaming platform Lionsgate Play. 

The Two Types of Glutathione (and which one is better!)

Glutathione has been used in our skin-care products to assist us obtain fairer, more even-toned skin. But did you know that there are two kinds of glutathione and that not all glutathione supplements are created equal? 

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The Best Citrus in the World is Back in Season!

People have realized a big appreciation for health and life in general as the world adjusts to the new normal. We are more aware than ever of the health advantages of our lifestyle—exercise, work-life balance, and, of course, the food we eat. 

Friday, November 11, 2022

Win Gold and more exciting treats at Shopee’s Mega Pamasko Sale

Gear up for a dash of holiday fun as Shopee gives users a great deal of exciting prizes this 11.11 and 12.12. From a chance to Win Gold or a year’s supply of essentials, to a caroling challenge with Shopee Christmas ambassador Jose Mari Chan, and a wider assortment of mas mura deals, here are a few things that shoppers can look forward to at Shopee’s Mega Pamasko Sale: 

Help the victims of Typhoon Paeng via Shopee

Shopee, in collaboration with partner charitable groups, introduces the Shopee Bayanihan: Typhoon Paeng Support project to assist Filipinos devastated by Typhoon Paeng's torrential rains and strong winds across Luzon, Visayas, and notably the Mindanao area.  Users may purchase contribution vouchers from Shopee's partner organizations via the app as part of the campaign.  These activities are part of Shopee Bayanihan, the company's umbrella CSR arm that works with numerous humanitarian groups to help communities in need.

Calling on ‘eco conscious’ consumers: Take sustainable living to the next level through Home Credit

When moving around the metro, you have three options: drive there and pay high gas rates, use a ride-sharing app that is similarly expensive, or take public transportation and get hassled.

Vengeance and Murder abound in “REVENGE OF OTHERS”

When a student at a high school suddenly dies without explanation, two students will vow vengeance against those responsible in Revenge of Others, a thrilling new Korean drama coming exclusively to Disney+ November 17.

DISNEY+ will be available in the Philippines from November 17

The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia) Ltd. announced that access to its widely awaited streaming service, Disney+, will be expanded to the Philippines beginning November 17, 2022.  Disney+ is the exclusive streaming home for films and television series from Disney's renowned brands, including Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star.

Be There and Show You Care with Puritan’s Pride Holiday Bundles

Christmas gift-giving is a ritual in which Filipinos demonstrate their devotion and appreciation for those they care about by giving them presents.Now that the 2022 holiday season in the Philippines is now in full swing, are you also one of the many Filipinos eagerly scouring their favorite shopping centers for gifts for their loved ones? 

Start your holiday shopping early this 11.11 Lazada’s Biggest Sale with PLDT Home Rewards!

November is finally here and that means you can score the best deals on 11.11 Lazada’s Biggest Sale! With the infinite selection of stuff that you can get from the leading ecommerce platform, there’s no shortage of gifts for your family and friends—and rewards for yourself, too. After all, getting into the Christmas spirit of giving and sharing is the best way to kick off the holiday season.

Pick out rewards at the Shopee 11.11 Sale and ramp up online collaborations

It’s the month of giving thanks and counting our blessings. Showing our appreciation to colleagues, friends and loved ones and rewarding ourselves need not be expensive. Be practical and money-smart – check out useful and classy Logitech headsets and webcams at the Shopee 11.11 Sale at discounted prices.

Have the merriest holiday with Home Credit’s The Great 0% Interest Festival

The most anticipated season for Filipinos is almost approaching, heralding the most beautiful time of the year for giving and sharing. Prepare to fill your hearts with your most desired products for yourself and your loved ones as you begin on the most exciting shopping season of the year!

Monday, October 31, 2022

mWell sets new standards in digital health apps with thePhilippines’ first fully integrated platform

Metro Pacific Investments Corporation’s (MPIC) mWell unveiled a roster of groundbreaking firsts in digital healthcare as the Philippines’ first fully integrated health app atthe forefront of innovation anchored on good health and well-being.

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Weekend watchlist: 10 most haunting horror and thriller flicks to catch on Lionsgate Play


The Halloween season is here and with the long weekend approaching, it’s indeed the best time to enjoy some horror and thriller guilty pleasures in peace and (creepy) quiet.


PLDT Home customers can easily watch many of these blockbusters on Lionsgate Play by simply activating their free Lionsgate Play vouchers online until June 1, 2023. With every activation, PLDT Home customers will not only enjoy a scare-fest — they’ll also get the chance to win special prizes including a 65” LG OLED TV as part of the monthly raffle promo.


So, get your Lionsgate Play app and popcorn ready. Here are 10 of the spookiest flicks to make the next few days of vacay a weekend-long — yikes! — nightmare!


Saw (movie series)

There are now nine Saw movies in the psychological thriller franchise featuring the serial killer Jigsaw. With the titular character testing his victims’ will to survive and skill at sawing off their limbs to find the key for their restraints, the Saw series takes you to witness the poor victims’ horrifying self-mutilation to save their loved ones. Lionsgate Play features Saw II, Saw IVSaw VI, Saw: The Final Chapter, and Jigsaw.


Scream 4

The Scream franchise that started in 1996 produced one of the most popular Halloween costumes in history — Ghostface. In this fourth installment, Sidney Prescott from the first film’s set of protagonists returns to Woodsboro where the Ghostface Killer once terrorized. She is keen to promote her self-help book and to meet some old friends — and perhaps including an old friend.


The Grudge 2 and The Grudge 3

The sequels to the supernatural horror The Grudge follow the curse that’s born when someone dies in extreme rage or sorrow. The curse is an entity created where the death occurs and is passed from one victim to another. In The Grudge 2, the protagonists become haunted by Kayako (who was killed in a horrific manner in the first movie) all while trying to put an end to the curse. The Grudge 3 is set after the events of the second installment, with Kayako’s ghost attacking the protagonist in an asylum. The curse from the original film continues with new characters becoming possessed.


The Mist

Based on the novella by Stephen King, The Mist is a science-fiction horror film released in 2007. It revolves around a group of people from a small town in Maine who gets trapped in a supermarket following a power outage. An unnatural mist descends on the town and conceals monsters as tension rise among the survivors. Not only is this film chockful of scares — it also shows how the fear of the unknown and desperation can wreak havoc on one’s emotions.


Open Water 2: Adrift

A treat for fans of psychological thrillers, the story revolves around a group of friends who jump off a yacht to swim, but with no one having lowered the ladder for them to get back. Two people and a baby are on the boat until only the baby is left aboard. Hysteria, fighting, and deaths occur while they tread water and try to figure out how to survive. Lionsgate also features Open Water, the original film based on the true story of divers finding themselves marooned in shark-infested waters.


The Perfect Student

The crime thriller begins when a student is brutally murdered on campus and her body is thrown into the ocean. The police suspect her roommate Jordan, but well-respected criminology professor Nicole Johnson believes someone is trying to frame her student. She begins her own investigation to prove Jordan’s innocence. After she gets Jordan released, the professor finds herself in danger with doubts beginning to surface around the crime.


The Messengers

Produced by Sami Raimi mostly known for his horror and superhero genre work, this film features a family that moves into a house in North Dakota where a family murder had occurred. Supernatural things manifest in the new homeowners’ midst – with ghosts of the mother and her children appearing and black crows attacking. The new family soon discovers the horrifying secret of the farmhand that will put their entire family in danger. Lionsgate Play also features the prequel Messengers 2: The Scarecrow.


Wrong Turn   

A man crashes his car on his way to a job interview and meets some others who are on a hiking trip. The group splits up with some venturing off into the woods — only to meet a group of mountain dwellers who now find them a threat. Expect suspense and gory chills in the backwoods as a fight for survival ensues.


Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

The sequel to one of the scariest movies ever made features four young fans researching mythology and mass hysteria. They go on tour in the woods where the first movie was filmed, and various strange things happen as they descend into a night of murder, madness, and perception-bending supernatural horror. Scared out of their wits and questioned by the police later, they have their accounts contradicted by film footage that shows them committing rather horrific acts. Lionsgate Play also features the original film The Blair Witch Project.


Begin the scary binge with your family and friends at home only on Lionsgate Play powered by PLDT Homes fastest internet speeds. By activating your Lionsgate Play voucher thats exclusive with PLDT Home, you not only get to enjoy Lionsgates wide range of world-class shows – you also have a chance to win special smart home gadgets including an Anker Nebula Capsule II, a Samsung Freestyle projector, and an 65” LG OLED TV. Visit https://pldthome.com/lionsgateplay-activation-raffle to join the promo.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Last Chance! Get a Speedboost for as low as P50 until October 31

Where can your P50 or P100 take you? With PLDT Home Easy Speedboost, this can give you the biggest internet speed upgrade! 

Friday, October 21, 2022

Get the shopping spree of your dreams!

Although the year is nearly finished, there is still time for new beginnings and minor changes. From modest things that bring you delight to large furnishings you've wished for, it's simple to discover ideas online to revamp your house, wardrobe, and even lifestyle, especially if you have a fast and dependable broadband connection from PLDT Home. The reintroduction of the PLDT Home Rewards Grand Giveaway program makes it much easier to fulfill these objectives.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Triumph Flex Smart: a New Collection that Highlights Women's Individuality

Fellow women can relate to me when I say it's such a relief going home and be totally free from the hugging and sometimes uncomfy -itchy feeling of inner under garments. Yes? Yes! 

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation, Inc. second Barangay Resilience Exchange 2022 Online Conference: October 13 to 14

Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation, Inc. (CLFI), the corporate social responsibility arm of Cebuana Lhuillier, is hosting its second Barangay Resilience Exchange 2022 (BRX2022) Online Conference from October 13 to 14, which will be webcast live on CLFI's Facebook page. The conference is accessible to the public and free of charge. 

Sunday, October 09, 2022

Problems with bandwidth sharing at home? Here's how to acquire your own dedicated WiFi!

Do you want your own WiFi so you don't have to share it with the rest of your family at home? MyOwnWiFi, PLDT Home's newest offering, addresses this issue. This first-of-its-kind add-on service provides current Fiber customers with a secondary internet connection that operates at the same speeds as their Fiber base plan.

mWell launches mWellMD

The first fully integrated health app with a strong telemedicine service in the Philippines, mWell by Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), introduces mWellMD, an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and clinic management system created by physicians, for doctors. It is a cutting-Edge Platform for Doctors from PH's Fastest Growing Health App.

Monday, October 03, 2022

Shopee partners with Charity Organizations to support victims of Typhoon Karding

Shopee has launched its Shopee Bayanihan: Typhoon Karding Support program, in which users may purchase contribution vouchers from Shopee's partner organizations via the app, to aid the Filipinos who have been affected by the heavy rains and violent winds brought on by Typhoon Karding throughout Central, Northern, and Southern Luzon. This program is a part of Shopee Bayanihan, the business's overarching CSR arm, which aims to benefit underserved areas by collaborating with other humanitarian groups.

Merz Tala Awards 2022: Stepping Back into the Light

The COVID-19 issue has rocked the global beauty industry more than any other. Lockdowns caused widespread closures, and sales were astonishingly low as a result of consumers staying at home. The Philippine aesthetic sector responded favorably to the crisis, and the loosening of limitations in 2021 helped propel the recovery. Filipinos have started emphasizing beauty and well-being once more since the globe is beginning to open up in a favorable way. We've been living in uncertainty for almost three years, but now we're returning to normalcy.

Magical, mystery-filled Viu Originals that will make you believe in second chances

Take the family on another emotional K-drama experience from the comfort of your couch. Through your PLDT Home Fiber, watch these brand-new, exciting "second chance" shows on Viu.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Grander, more thrilling prizes up for grabs in the PLDT Home Rewards Grand Giveaway Year 2

PLDT Home returns the Grand Giveaway offer to demonstrate its appreciation to its loyal consumers! From September 1 to December 31, 2022, over 200 new and existing PLDT Home users will have the opportunity to win bigger, more thrilling incentives and prizes throughout the monthly drawings, as well as a chance to win Maya credits and P5 million cash (tax-free) in the grand draw. The major prize winners will be revealed on January 30, 2023.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Monday, September 19, 2022

Yup, WFH bedroom arrangement causes insomnia

Believe it or not, this type of set-up can trigger sleeplessness! It actually makes people drowsy and more so, restless. Making your bed a sanctuary just for sleep, rest, and sex is one of the "cures," according to a sleep specialist, since Filipinos rank as the fourth most sleep-deprived people in the world. This is a result of the widespread conversion of bedrooms into temporary workplaces in the present work-from-home (WFH) environment.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

It’s #TimeToTalkAboutHPV and chart the path towards a cervical cancer-free Philippines

“Let’s stop spreading fake news. We should stop spreading wrong information that cervical cancer immediately means a death sentence – it is not!”

Home Credit gears to become the ‘lifestyle partner’ of Filipinos, expands services to different sectors

To bring Filipinos closer to the life they want, the country’s leading consumer finance company Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), continues to expand its offerings by innovating its products and partnering with more brands and retailers across key categories, such as healthcare, fashion, beauty, and fitness.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Where to watch Emmys 2022 live

Watch the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards exclusively on Lionsgate Play, powered by PLDT Home, from anywhere in the Philippines!

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Barenbliss’s most Recommended Lip Tint Collection is here in the Philippines

Who would have imagined that in just a year, barenbliss' lip tint product would be praised as "The Most Popular Makeup Item" in Indonesia by regional online beauty magazine Beautynesia and endorsed by editors of major publications like Allure and Vogue Korea. For clients in Malaysia and Indonesia, two of its lip products were at the top of the best seller list on Southeast Asian e-commerce site Shopee. Barebliss was ranked as Indonesia's second-most popular makeup brand for 2021 by Shopee.

Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Uniqlo's UT Archive Project: A re-launch of collections from its releases over the past two decades

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the UT brand, which made its debut in 2003, UNIQLO announced that it will launch the UT Archive Project. A variety of genuine pop culture and art designs from across the world are available under the UNIQLO graphic T-shirt (UT) brand, allowing the wearer to express their personality. In appreciation of their enduring appeal, the project will re-launch a selection of UTs from its releases during the previous two decades. The public may also access UNIQLO's online UT Archive on the same day, allowing them to fully explore the history of the company.

Uniqlo U 2022 Fall/Winter Collection Launching September 23

The Uniqlo U 2022 Fall/Winter collection will be launched starting on September 23. The new collection, which was created by UNIQLO R&D in Paris under the subject "Essentials with a Point of View," provides an even more thoughtful approach to simplicity. 

UNIQLO Highlights Today’s Classics with its FallWinter 2022 Collection

What comes to mind when the word "classics" is uttered? Maybe a cashmere sweater, tweed jacket, or trench coat—cherished things that have endured the test of time. But with time, even these timeless masterpieces may change.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Score great deals on gadgets at Home Credit’s Back to School, Back to Sulit Big-time Sale

For the students, this school year represents a fresh start as they gradually return to class to reconnect with their classmates, teachers, and friends after more than two years. While other schools will continue to operate online, one thing won't change: both in-person and distance learning environments, a dependable gadget is necessary for studying.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Understanding CoVid-19 symptoms and how to manage them

Even though the year's first few months have passed quickly and the halfway point has passed, the number of positive cases is continuously increasing. The data for the past six months have showed that the surge in Covid19 instances started occuring again in early June, despite the fact that the new normal is less tight today and everyone is still cautious in avoiding the virus. Since then, most members of the community have been afflicted by CoVid-19 symptoms as fever, aches in the muscles, and sore throats.

mWell, PH’s fastest-growing health app, announces National mWellness Day— the biggest online medical mission

The largest national online medical mission has been launched by mWell by Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (PSE: MPI). On August 27–28, National mWellness Day brings together volunteer medical professionals to offer free online consultations to Filipinos across the nation via the mWell PH app.

Do it Better at Home and in life with Lucky and Jessy Manzano


Power couple Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola-Manzano are two of the most sought-after personalities in the Philippines, and they are experts at balancing their personal and professional lives. In addition to their on-camera work, the Manzanos are well-known entrepreneurs, content creators, and devoted parents to their four dogs, Chanel, Chewy, Louis, and Sky.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Keep safe this cough and colds season with MyPharma online delivery


Our immune system may be weakened by the transition between the summer and the wet season. This then increases our susceptibility to respiratory illnesses including the flu, cough, and colds. The likelihood of contracting respiratory illnesses like colds and coughs is increased by the cooler air, which also makes rhinoviruses more effective in their replication.

Saturday, August 06, 2022

Boost Your Home Budget with P100K from the PLDT Home Rewards x Maya Giveaway


Managing your budget in the midst of rising cost of goods is stressful. Savings and the little comforts you try to afford yourself and your family need to take a backseat in favor of necessities for the home. No one said adulting is going to be THIS hard!

Thursday, August 04, 2022

PLDT Home and Google launched the Be Internet Awesome online series

A new kid-friendly show seeks to teach youngsters online how to be clever, attentive, strong, kind, and brave. The leading home broadband and digital service provider in the Philippines, PLDT Home, and Google collaborated to develop an online children's video series following the announcement of their partnership to further strengthen efforts to educate Filipino children and families about internet safety and digital responsibility.

Check out these hot HBO GO shows to binge this rainy season!

Want to make the most of this bedtime weather? Save those cuddles and let these local stars and PLDT Home ambassadors Gigi de Lana, Gretchen Ho, and Jairus Aquino share their favorite movies and TV shows.

PLDT Home Biz masterclass series lets MSMEs take their businesses to the next level


A series of masterclasses offered by PLDT Home Biz benefited hundreds of entrepreneurs, particularly those who own and manage micro, small, and medium-sized firms (MSMEs).

Ookla names again PLDT Home as fastest ISP at Speedtest Award Q1-Q2 2022

PLDT Home is continuously rated the Philippines' fastest broadband, outperforming all other internet providers in the nation, as it wins the Ookla®SpeedtestTM Awards Q1-Q2 for the fifth consecutive year.

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Shopee Promotes Safe Online Shopping Experience with Shopee Cares PH

With more Filipinos relying on e-commerce to receive their necessities, there is a greater need to protect them due to the increasing amount of fraudulent activities taking place in the digital space. In a TransUnion Consumer Pulse Survey performed in February 2022, 53 percent of over 1,000 Filipino people asked stated they had been targeted by fraudsters in the preceding three months. According to the same poll, 42 percent were victims of Phishing, 38 percent were victims of money and gift card frauds, and 30 percent were victims of third-party sellers via online retail stores. While organizations in all industries are constantly upgrading their platforms, fraudsters are looking for methods to adapt to the ever-changing market and find new weaknesses.

Four well-balanced recipes for kids you'll love

People's lifestyles and diets have changed as a result of the pandemic. Homemakers are still faced with the problem of creating nutritious and tasty meals. Initially, quarantine limitations had an impact on income, movement, and availability of nutritious foods. Then there's the issue of time constraints while juggling work from home with online schooling, which leads to an increase in reliance on food delivery. Children's health and nutrition are jeopardized as a result of this.