Wednesday, May 28, 2014

REVIEW: Super Strength Whitening soap and body scrub (SKIN UNIQUE)

Have you tried (at least once in your life) specialty soaps or beauty soaps? I'm sure you do.

Whitening soap, Lightening soap, Kojic Acid soap, Kalamansi soap, Papaya soap, Peeling soap, and Gluthathione soap - - whichever way the manufacturers would call it, end result is, all are skin enhancers ("pampa-beauty" for the skin).

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Resignation

Sometimes, quitting from your recent job is really hard especially if your position in the company is vital in the organization. No matter how great the company is - How your recent pay satisfies your needs and wants - How strong your connections already are - or simply how you have become so close to almost everyone in your company.
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There are really days when an individual would feel that the company they are working with have already exhausted so much from them.And when somebody feels this... it only means one thing: YOU ARE NOT HAPPY WITH WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.

You are simply SICK and TIRED. So you have to move on. You have to find yourself. You have to identify where you will further excel and where you will be happy and get motivated.

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And this was what happened to me during my early years of working at the corporate world under the Tourism and Hotel Industry. Don't get me wrong. I loved my job -  Working in the Tourism and Hotel Industry is fun not to mention the perks and benefits. But, really, some good things never last....

At first it was hard. I had second thoughts because the General Manager whom I'm reporting to is very supportive. Just the thought of breaking the news to my boss really breaks my heart.

But I need to MOVE ON....

And that's what I did. I should congratulate myself for having the courage to do it :) :) :)

I chose not to put into details here how our verbal conversation went because it was really an emotional one ;) - - but I am sharing here a copy of the resignation letter which I handed over.


MR. _____________________

Dear Sir,

As someone who has been immensely proud to have represented a wonderful company and, importantly, to have had the honor of being one of the extremely successful Sales and Marketing team for almost three years, this is indeed a most difficult letter to write. But I am now tendering my resignation effective September 23.

Since our last talk early this month, I have had a good deal of time to thoroughly think it over, to review my position as a Sales Manager and reflect on my career goals. And while I have reaped enormous enjoyment and satisfaction from working with (MY COMPANY) and sharing in so many memorable test-series experiences, I must admit that some personal doubts have emerged these past few weeks concerning whether I would indeed be staying and working with (MY COMPANY) or thinking and weighing my own best interests by making myself available working with another company.

God has indeed blessed me with people who made my stay meaningful and challenging. The work and responsibilities I experienced at (MY COMPANY) has enhanced my skills and broadened my views in life. I know this will help me in whatever endeavor I will undertake in the future. It is an arduous decision to make because I want to grow old with the company but this time I have decided to realize my professional and personal growth and goals. My decision to leave the company has been thoroughly thought out and reflects my career goals. This was not an easy decision and took a lot of consideration but I believe it will be an exciting step forward and one that you will understand and support.

I am extending my gratitude to the directors, co-managers, staff and colleagues who in one way or another has helped me in my professional growth and I am certain that the skills I have acquired will be of value throughout my career.

Thank you.