Saturday, March 07, 2015

STYLE | Big Things Coming

Hi and hello everyone! Happy happy March! :) Long time no post from me!!! Na -miss ko 'to and kayo... No bola yan.... :) I know I'm super behind na... (with all the backlog posts and all). Super many pending blog post talagaaa!!! Obviously, my hair is still green pa nga in the photos so you may expect atleast 4 to 5 blog posts pa from me with the green hair :)  

A number of you have been sending me private messages asking how I am, kumusta na ba ako or buhay pa ba akooo... Thank you! Thank you, I feel so loved cause a number of you care :)  

So what's the real reason why I went MIA(missing in action)? 

Things have become pretty crazy busy right after the holidays - yep, you heard me right! After the holidays pa!!! Tagal na diba?! Although, I admit, every year naman talaga eh nagiging busy kami everytime pumapasok ang January  because of the sunod-sunod na celebrations - birthdays, anniversary, school happenings of the daughter, you may include our short vacation cause January is the month when we are hibernating from all the pagod we acquired from all the events that we had. With all that said, you may already imagine our usual yearly "january happenings". Every year, sanay na ako ng ganun lagi. However, this 2015, we had a  different January. A SUPER BUSY but a VERY GOOD and BLESSED one because of a new project that has been awarded to our us. Ang ganda ng pasok ng 2015 to us 'cause we have been praying for this one and it came. Yun nga lang it was so challenging because of the 3 -weeks time frame given. 

Believe me, when I got the news, tumigil ang mundo ko. Ang daming apprehensions if we are to go for it and push it pa ba. But then again, when the Husby and I talked, we said to ourselves, "KAYA NATIN YAN. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE AS LONG AS WE WILL WORK TOGETHER!" And that's the reason kaya sobrang na-toxic yung schedule ko.  My schedule got so pre-occupied that I had to set aside posting some updates here in the blog, in IG and even in the account of my pop-up shops  too... ( Di-nelay ko lang naman ng konti). Syempre, dun muna tayo sa mas may pangkabuhayan showcase... hahaha! (joke lang..)

Kidding aside, I really learned a lot from that 3 weeks time! I came to a realization that you can't always wait for success to come to you (In simple words sa tagalog, wag kang magpatumpik-tumpik lang!)

Be excellent in every work that you do so you will be noticed. One must take the initiative to do more what is expected of you each day. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, go and take the steps you need to make the most of it. Be pro-active so that you will be able to attain the success you desire ~ Do it! And if it doesn't heat up, do it again and again and again. 'Wag na 'wag susuko!  :)

On another note, check out these photos of me - still with green hair pa yan (Payat pa ako jan~Promise I gained weight from the all the holiday eating we had, dagdagan mo pa ng stress eating sa mga ganap sa buhay ko ;p ) 

Skirt | KAI'S


Special thanks to the husby for the photos.
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