Hi, my name is Jaimie. I am an Entrepreneur and an Events Organizer based in Manila. Welcome to my Blog!

Did you know that I initially underwent a love and hate relationship in blogging! I started writing late of year 2013 that served as my online diary and used tumblr as my blog platform. I was able to write 2-5 posts but then again I have to stop due to my hectic load. Nevertheless, I have been constantly sharing   a collection of photos about my personal style and short reviews of products via Instagram and twitter.

Since then, collaborations continued to grow which made me realize that posting photos about style and beauty reviews should be seriously placed in a website. Thus, late of January 2014, the Jaimiefelix website and blog was formally launched. This site was created to share my personal beauty and tips, outfit posts, discovery of amazing  shops and boutiques, some travel experiences to wonderful places and a whole lot more.

I am very hopeful that I will be sharing with you a lot of positive vibes, updated trends, news and tips through this website. I am definitely  inspired with the experiences I gained through the years. Some snippets of what I do everyday  aside from blogging are designing  and making of trendy  accessories. I also manage the pop-up stores that I own. On some occasions, I also deal with retail business owners for our events company. On a personal note, I am a mommy to Tammy and a wife to the most supportive husband in the world. Oh and I used to be a Beauty title holder in our University years back (Ms. Tourism) and a former Binibining Pilipinas Finalist when I was 17 (year 1999) - yes! nakasanayan sumali ng mga beauty pageants haha!

Prior to my current career status, similar to most of you, I also had a fair share of experiences to all the joys and pains in having a 9 to 5 day- job. I used to call it my exciting roller-coaster ride. As my favorite song goes: 
"Ain't about how fast I get there, 
Ain't about what's waitin' on the other side, 
It's the climb.  
Keep on movin', keep climbin'. 
Keep the faith, it's all about the climb."

Thank you for taking time to read my long write-up - Take a peek into my world and witness my raves, rants and a few other interest in between.