Friday, June 24, 2016


How's your day today guys?  Ako, I have been feeling low, medyo maraming sumasakit na joints but I'm good. I have been doing some little exercises lately to loosen up some tight muscles. Signs of ageing? Maybe, maybe not. haha!

Parang very timely lang 'cause 3 weeks ago I got to attend an event held at the Oracle Aesthetic Clinic in Makati where Medical Beauty experts revealed and shared their secret so that all of us now have an option to live beautifully at any age with the help of HyC150.

Have you heard of HyC 150? 
I'm sure you do! But in case you haven't yet, HyC150 is a supplemental drink which contains anti-aging properties that will not only make you look young but also make you feel good and healthy. 

HyC150 contains 150mg of Hyaluron, the body’s natural moisturizer that lubricates the joints and tissues for easier and painless movements. Aside from keeping the skin well-hydrated, it also makes the hair strong and silky, and nails healthy.

It also contains 5,250mg of Collagen, the ingredient that holds the body together. As the body loses collagen as we age, by drinking HyC150, our body is replenished with the amount of collagen needed to repair body tissues, form structure, and prevent sagging.

Further, it also has 10mg of Ubiquinol, the body’s natural energy booster. Aside from increasing the body’s energy, ubiquinol is an antioxidant that protects the body from environmental toxins, strengthens the immune system, and prevents hair loss.

Aside from these three main ingredients that help defy aging, HyC150 also contains vitamin C (a powerful antioxidant that protects the body, biotin (makes hair shiny and scalp healthy), elastin (helps maintain the skin springiness and elasticity), and pearl coix (with the right dose it can whiten skin to remove dark spots & even acne) making it a powerful drink that must be added to our daily diet.
"HyC150 is safe, effective and has more potent ingredients compared to other brands. Take one sachet every day and feel younger each day." says the medical experts.
(L-R): Dr. Rudy Apostol (Doctor for Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Therapy), Hannah Ruth Sison (former Bb. Pilipinas 1st Runner Up, Hyc150 user), Dra. Em Sevilla (Founder and President of Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics), Susan Dimacali (Oracle Beauty Clinic owner) and Mr. Antonio Crisanto (General Manager - BrightRay Enterprises)
Let's face it, even at this modern times, women are still the ones who are very open to ask questions about health and beauty supplements and still a lot of men are still reluctant should they have any questions or issues about it. Thus, the medical experts are happy to reveal that these questions can now be answered through their "Ask a Doctor Program" that can be found at website’s Ask a Doctor page.

It's as easy as filling in the form with your name, email address and your questions. Medical Experts like Dr. Ehmely Sevilla-Castillo, founder and medical director of Vine Holistic Medical Aesthetics, and Dr. Rodolfo Apostol, Vice President for Business Affairs of the International Academy for Aesthetic Sciences will then send a reply to your questions directly to your email. This is a personal way of getting information from medical experts that is best suited for you, for us~ Ang saya diba!!

if you are following me in on instagram, this is one of the photos which I have posted during the event so I bet that you have already seen this photo there~

Samples of HyC150 drink were served during the event... Reveal Your New Youth too! Cheers!

HyC150 is also available at selected Watsons stores nationwide and online at Lazada ( “Like” us on Facebook (; follow us on Twitter (#HyC150) or Instagram (@HyC150), or call (02) 5467297, 0917-7750779 for inquiries.



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