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Thursday's event was screaming with ICE CREAAAAAM! Grateful to be one of the few who got to have the first dibs on The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Ice Cream Ice Blended drinks at 26th Bistro! I am a forever fan of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf because coffee already runs in my blood. Haha! Kidding aside and on a serious note, it is because I really find their coffee so comforting~ particularly the hot Caramel Macchiato!

I came just right on time where I still had the chance to go around the area and took photos. The hashtag #DiscoverHappiness fits just right on CBTL's latest offering. Who wouldn't be happy with Ice Cream right? My gaaahd, its such a comforting thing that it really brings out a smile each time I eat one ~ it only gives me nothing but good vibes. Teehee!

CBTL's New Sandwich Offerings
Before the Ice Cream Beverage was introduced, two of their new sandwich offerings were presented and served so everyone can have a taste and try it. There's a Vegetarian Sandwich and the other one was the Grilled Chicken Pesto. You can call me bias but you can't blame me since I love everything that has pesto. And with that, as expected, I got overwhelmed with their Grilled Chicken Pesto sandwhich 'cause it's sooooo masarap. Since I super like it, I was so focused on it that I forgot to take a photo of their vegetarian sandwiches.

I know! Bad Girl! haha!

(L) Chicago Cheesecake (R) Guiltless Chocolate Delight
Aside from the sandwiches, there were also cakes!! Oh how I love cakes. Their Chicago Cheesecake that melts in your mouth will always and always be my favourite. Pair this with my all time favourite CBTL's Caramel Macchiato - and I'm done! haha! Seriously, both cakes are a must try. Sarap talaga.

Thank you Blair for the Photo!
Desserts, good food with good friends are the best. Great to see Blair and Kaycee once again! We really had a lot of fun. Our sweet tooth were all satisfied.

From Left:  Pure Salted Pistachio, Mint Chip Ice Blended, Cookies and Cream Ice Blended

The wait's finally over. Guys, meet The Coffee Bean and Tea leaf's New Ice Cream Blended Drinks!

It comes in three (3) amazing flavors : 

Pure Salted Pistachio Ice Blended (PHP165/185) A Sweet combination of rich vanilla and salted pistachio sauce. 
- This would go for those who love that salty and sweet combination. It is caffeine free so Im pretty sure even the kids (aside from the ones who are kids at heart like me) would love this too.

I find this my favourite. Truly heaven sent with its bold and contrasting flavour. My 10 points goes with this.Teehee!

Mint Chip Ice Blended (PHP175/195) A refreshing combination of chocolate-covered espresso beans, peppermint sauce, and creamy vanilla.
- This sure was the crowds favourite. I am not into minty -tasty ones but surprisingly I loved this one. If you're kinda' feeling blue, try out this one. The flavour would refresh you and lets you forget that busy toxic life that you have.

Cookies & Cream Ice Blended (PHP175/195) A combination of sweet and creamy vanilla with decadent chocolate cookie pieces.
- This yummy combination is ideally best shared with the special ones in your life. Since this can be enjoyed caffeine free, I'm pretty sure, this is a sure winner to the kids because of the timeless all time favourite cookies and cream ice cream~ who doesn't want cookies and cream right? There's something about cookies and cream that brings me to smile all the time. I am definitely sure that Tammy, my daughter would love this variety.

I could just imagine myself being a like a kid again after finishing the tastings - You cannot blame me 'cause if you were there, I'm sure you'll feel the same because each of us were served 3 huge glasses. 

Yes, ganun. 3 huge glasses!

Look at Me, Marie and Sab's eyes! It was shining with pure happiness
Did you see the 3 blended Ice Cream served in big glasses from the previous photo? That was all mine. Oo, akin yun. Kakaloka diba?! hahaha. I'm pretty sure you will all laugh at me if only I had someone who was able to take a video after tasting all the three flavours. Seems like I was a kid na natulala because I was plain happy without any worries~ hehehe.

I'm sure you also want to try these utterly amazing drinks too. You can start enjoying the Ice Cream Ice Blended® drinks at all The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® stores starting June 6.

Can't wait? On June 5, from 11am to 1pm, there will be an open house to Swirl reward card holders. It will be an exclusive peek of their Ice Cream Ice Blended Drinks. So it's time to lift that butt off and try these comforting new offerings at the The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® nearest you.

You may also check on them to find out more on how to avail of your own Swirl Rewards card and be part of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® community! LIKE The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® on Facebook, FOLLOW @CBTLPH on Instagram and Twitter, and SUBSCRIBE to Brew Your Best Year to get instant updates.



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