Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Ynna Asistio shines bright in mastering the jewelry business

As the popular saying goes, “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend.” But to turn that friendship into a successful business, it takes a lot of courage. Ynna Asistio, daughter of veteran actress Nadia Montenegro, is making a name for herself not only as a young star but as a businesswoman making a mark in the jewelry industry.

A spark to do it better

There are risks to starting an online jewelry business. But what others consider risky, Ynna sees as an opportunity to do better. Her interest in the jewelry industry started when she was young, constantly seeing her mom dress up for various roles in the shows and movies she was cast in. At that early age, she was already dazzled by the glimmer of jewelry, particularly diamonds.

Fast forward to 2018, she has become a certified diamond specialist after graduating from the Gemology Institute of America (GIA) in Hong Kong. Together with her friend Happy Marnique, she started a business and called it Radiant Luxury Jewelry.

The radiance of a more personal service

Ynna knows there are many established jewelry shops in the Philippines. So, what sets Radiant Luxury Jewelry apart from the others? They aim to master their business. If a diamond has four important C’s—cut, color, clarity and carat—so does Ynna’s jewelry business strategy: customer, cost, convenience, and communication.

“We make the experience memorable. We do more than just take care of our clients. We’re the only jewelry shop in the Philippines that offers create-your-own, so they get the chance to create their rings themselves,” the 30-year-old diamond specialist shared.

While other stores ask for a customer’s preferences and price range, Radiant Luxury Jewelry gives the full experience of making engagement and wedding rings. Ynna and her business partner Marnique teach their clients how to look for the four Cs and determine the important details of a diamond to make the experience not only fun, but also a chance for them to learn. 

Strong connections to master the business

Like many businesses, their business had to stop operations during the first few months of the lockdown last year. Ynna, amid unfortunate events, knew that this disruption signaled the start of everything going digital. Because of this, PLDT Home Biz became her business lifeline.

“Internet connection is very crucial especially now that all our products are available online. To communicate with our clients, we use Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp and other convenient social media platforms. Having PLDT Home Biz as the source of strong and reliable Fiber internet connection is essential now,” Ynna shared.

For aspiring entrepreneurs who want to venture into the jewelry industry, Ynna says it takes a lot of practice, patience, and research. She shares, “You really have to keep learning and keep up with the latest trends to make sure you can answer whatever question your client throws at you.”

Connections matter a lot for Ynna. Her network of industry friends, loved ones, and strong following of Radiant Luxury Jewelry’s social media accounts helped a lot in establishing what the business has achieved over the years. This year, Ynna is optimistic that her business will eventually expand and come out stronger than ever in the market.

The jewelry business may seem tricky and niche, but Ynna surely makes it worth the risk for every committed and hardworking entrepreneur. For her, PLDT Home Biz makes for the perfect connection that helps make her business better. She shares, “It provides everything that every digital business needsall people need to do is to take the first step.”  

With the new PLDT Home Biz Asenso Fibr Plans now faster, simpler, stronger and bigger, you can now be a master of your business at home. Know more about the benefits of strongest and most reliable Internet connection at home through www.pldthome.com/biz.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Win up to ₱5 million in the PLDT Home Rewards Grand Giveaway

PLDT Home continues to give its subscribers a more rewarding experience, treating loyal customers to its biggest promo yet, the PLDT Home Rewards Grand Giveaway. Awesome prizes await winners monthly starting April and weekly starting October, all leading up to the grand draw on December 8, 2021 in which one lucky customer can take home ₱5 million in cash. 

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Better K-Drama experience with view and PLDT Home

With its vast choice of high-quality drama series, films, and reality shows, K-drama lovers and serial binge-watchers can't help but fall further into the Korean entertainment industry. It offers an unlimited world to discover and keep aficionados spoiled for choice, from thrilling thrillers and mysteries that keep them on the tip of their seats, heartwarming stories of family and friendship, to the most swoon-worthy romances and inspiring journeys to realizing one's dreams.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Watch the best and most trending K-dramas now on Viu with PLDT Home

Korean dramas, often known as K-dramas, continue to captivate Filipino audiences. It has been a staple source of amusement for Filipino households, particularly during the quarantine.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

TikTok Celebrates the LGBTQ+ Community

This June, TikTok has the unique opportunity to bring the LGBTQ+ community on the platform, as well as their supporters, together with a series of celebrations geared at empowering, educating, and entertaining all of its users, in honor of Pride Month 2021. TikTok aspires to create a more inclusive environment that is truly open to all.

A Variety of Fun and Healthy Snacks for the Kids

It's never too early to start teaching your children about good eating habits. Of course, that is easier said than done for a generation of children weaned on fast-food and chicheria. But that’s not to say you should just give up. On the contrary, you should work even harder to offer healthful foods to your little ones! One of the keys to accomplishing this is to be creative with the snacks you provide your children so that they can enjoy snack time while also receiving nutritious advantages.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Catch Another Powered-To-Win TECNO Mobile Livestream on June 25!

Following the success of the first POVA 2 and Mobile Legends Bang Bang live stream event earlier this month, the partnership is back with another round of exhilarating mobile gaming and loads of prizes to be won. A second powered-to-win gaming event will be streaming live on premium smartphone brand TECNO Mobile’s Facebook Page on June 25, 2021 at 6 PM.

Meet Hello Glow

Healthy and glowing skin is something that most people are striving to achieve. There are several methods for enhancing skin's radiance~ People can enhance their skin's health by changing their food and lifestyle while there are skincare products that can give the impression of glowing skin.

Monday, June 21, 2021

PLDT rolls out 700,000 ports, increases capacity to 10.2 million homes passed, widest in PH


PLDT aggressively increases its fiber capacity to 10.2 million homes passed with its fiber-to-the-home ports now reaching 700,000 nationwide, the Philippines’ widest fiber network.

What Celebrity Fans are Hyped Up about the NBA Playoffs

The NBA excitement never stops and Filipino fans have so much to look forward to as their favorite teams and stars clash in the playoffs. The NBA Finals will be here before long and it’s anyone’s guess who will claim the coveted Larry O’Brien Trophy this season.

How I thrive as a Content Creator through the Years

I've been getting this question a lot. From followers to friends and past colleagues who would even send me a private message throwing in the question "How do I do it, how do I thrive as a Content Creator?" And to finally answer this question, there's one thing I'm definitely sure of — DEDICATION! I put a lot of dedication into what I do. It has been running into my veins ever since I started and it comes with a handful of patience, hard work, + consistency.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

TECNO Mobile’s One of a Kind Gaming Live Stream Delivers Power-Packed Fun and Prizes

TECNO Mobile’s recently concluded Power Your Game live stream was a hugely successful event, making true of its promise to deliver power-packed fun and overflowing prizes. Streamed live on the TECNO Mobile Facebook Page last June 5th, in partnership with popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), the one-of-a-kind online event garnered over 30k live views, a viewership milestone that surpasses all previous Livestream events from the brand. After only a few days since the event date, the live stream has already been viewed almost 2M times on Facebook.

Wear the 90's vibe with these Space Jam Tune Squad shirts

Love the 90's vibe? With the debut of INSPI's 90s Space Jam 2 collection on Shopee, you may relive your fondest childhood memories!

Friday, June 11, 2021

Five ultimate reasons to upgrade to the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV

This year, upgrading your home entertainment system could be the finest move you make. Give your family the best of Samsung with the Neo QLED 8K, Samsung's flagship TV that offers more than just a big-screen immersive experience.

Cook on TikTok and Tell The World #SarapMagingPinoy

Hey, hey hey, Do you love to cook and love TikTok too?  Why not prepare and share the best dishes from your city on TikTok— coz' you could win awesome prizes!

Asia's Pop Heartthrob got candid with fans who tuned in to his TikTok Live

Darren Espanto, Asia's most sought performer, speaks about his new single, life in lockdown, and what he's learned in his 7 years in entertainment. After finally coming home after months in lockdown overseas, he conducted a TikTok Exclusive to reunite with followers. Darren, who is now 20 years old, rocked a new, more mature style, but remained casual and honest with fans who tuned in to his TikTok live broadcast.

"I'm past my teenage years, and through life, you'll experience different things, and I guess I've been able to incorporate that in my own music which makes it a lot more mature, not just from the sound but also from the lyrics that are in it," said the more mature Darren.

One of the more recent life experiences that Darren talked about during the TikTok Exclusive was the time he spent in lockdown in Canada. He and his mom left the Philippines on March 15, 2020, right when the community quarantine was announced. Darren shared that he became anxious over what would happen to performers during the pandemic, but also took his time abroad as an opportunity to bond with family members, his sister in particular.

Darren shared that the situation was better in Canada, but it wasn't always easy for their family since both his parents are medical frontliners. "You really have to appreciate the small things in life," he said while recalling the times when his parents needed to isolate him, and they couldn't even eat together as a family. The day-to-day situation was tense, and it was especially trying at Christmas time when the second wave happened, and Darren and his sister couldn't even get close to their parents over the holidays.

His new appreciation for the simple things gave Darren a whole new perspective. Something he now says he misses about his time in Canada was not being recognized when he would go out. He even shared a story about how he was able to go to the grocery store in his pajamas, without anyone finding out who he was.

Now back in Manila, Darren is back to work, with a new song to share with his fans. At his TikTok Exclusive, Darren shared that he is excited for everyone to watch the music video for his new song, Tama Na, which will debut on June 20. Darren will also be staging a comeback concert entitled Home Run, which streams worldwide on June 19 at 8:00 PM, with a special rerun on June 20 at 10:00 AM.

According to Darren, the evolution of one's music doesn't stop, even during a pandemic. He recorded Tama Na over a video call with songwriter Zack Tabudlo, who wrote the song in just one day. Darren said that this track is different from anything he has released before and is more mature than his previous tracks. The song talks about letting go of toxic relationships. "Kailan mo sasabihing Tama Na," a fan asked Darren through TikTok's Q&A Feature. His reply was, "Kung medyo toxic na at parehas na kayong hindi masaya. You should learn to let go if it's gonna be beneficial for the both of you."

One of the highlights of his TikTok Exclusive was when Darren taught viewers the steps for his Tama Na dance challenge on TikTok.

Having been in the showbiz industry for 7 years, Darren has learned a lot of important lessons. One is the importance of putting in the work. He shared, "You have to work hard for it if you really want something to happen. You can't just wait for it to happen."

Another valuable lesson, and one he would have wanted to share with the younger version of himself, is to refrain from sharing your entire life on social media. Instead, you should reserve some things for yourself. Darren added, "Reserve a few things for the people who are close to you and people who you truly trust."

Watch out for the next TikTok Exclusive, and catch the hottest fan-favorite celebrities who will go live exclusively for you! Download TikTok on your iOS and Android devices today.

Get up to 50% off Unilever's Super Brand Day on June 10-12

Are your budol finds always pang home essentials?

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Getting creative in the kitchen

Unleashing one's creativity in the kitchen is highly suggested since it allows one to experiment with what works and how to make conventional dishes into unique and intriguing ones.

Saturday, June 05, 2021

Shopee’s 6.6-7.7 Mid-Year Sale

At Shopee's 6.6-7.7 Mid-Year Sale, you may win over $15 million in prizes and see rising K-Pop Act Treasure on TV.  Meanwhile, consumers may get free delivery, daily 1 offers, and 20% cashback.

Friday, June 04, 2021

The Negros Trade Fair Goes Online

The Negros Trade Fair, a trademark initiative of the Association of Negros Producers, is the country's longest-running provincial trade fair, held each year in Metro Manila (ANP). While ANP was not spared from having to cancel the 35th edition in 2020 due to the pandemic, the 35th Negros Trade Fair is now online! It's currently ongoing which started last May 29 and will end on June 30, 2021. It would definitely provide new prospects and a larger market for companies. It's also part of the Negros Season of Culture and the Union Bank Global Linker program.

Own a Powerful New POVA 2 now!

For gamers and game aficionados searching for a smartphone that offers a seamless gaming experience unlike any other, the wait is over. TECNO Mobile, a premium smartphone company, has finally released the pre-sale dates for the much-anticipated POVA 2. Pre-sale for the POVA 2 begins on June 5 and runs through June 11, 2021, with a one-of-a-kind Livestream event.