Monday, August 15, 2022

Score great deals on gadgets at Home Credit’s Back to School, Back to Sulit Big-time Sale

For the students, this school year represents a fresh start as they gradually return to class to reconnect with their classmates, teachers, and friends after more than two years. While other schools will continue to operate online, one thing won't change: both in-person and distance learning environments, a dependable gadget is necessary for studying.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Understanding CoVid-19 symptoms and how to manage them

Even though the year's first few months have passed quickly and the halfway point has passed, the number of positive cases is continuously increasing. The data for the past six months have showed that the surge in Covid19 instances started occuring again in early June, despite the fact that the new normal is less tight today and everyone is still cautious in avoiding the virus. Since then, most members of the community have been afflicted by CoVid-19 symptoms as fever, aches in the muscles, and sore throats.

mWell, PH’s fastest-growing health app, announces National mWellness Day— the biggest online medical mission

The largest national online medical mission has been launched by mWell by Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (PSE: MPI). On August 27–28, National mWellness Day brings together volunteer medical professionals to offer free online consultations to Filipinos across the nation via the mWell PH app.

Do it Better at Home and in life with Lucky and Jessy Manzano


Power couple Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola-Manzano are two of the most sought-after personalities in the Philippines, and they are experts at balancing their personal and professional lives. In addition to their on-camera work, the Manzanos are well-known entrepreneurs, content creators, and devoted parents to their four dogs, Chanel, Chewy, Louis, and Sky.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Keep safe this cough and colds season with MyPharma online delivery


Our immune system may be weakened by the transition between the summer and the wet season. This then increases our susceptibility to respiratory illnesses including the flu, cough, and colds. The likelihood of contracting respiratory illnesses like colds and coughs is increased by the cooler air, which also makes rhinoviruses more effective in their replication.

Saturday, August 06, 2022

Boost Your Home Budget with P100K from the PLDT Home Rewards x Maya Giveaway


Managing your budget in the midst of rising cost of goods is stressful. Savings and the little comforts you try to afford yourself and your family need to take a backseat in favor of necessities for the home. No one said adulting is going to be THIS hard!

Thursday, August 04, 2022

PLDT Home and Google launched the Be Internet Awesome online series

A new kid-friendly show seeks to teach youngsters online how to be clever, attentive, strong, kind, and brave. The leading home broadband and digital service provider in the Philippines, PLDT Home, and Google collaborated to develop an online children's video series following the announcement of their partnership to further strengthen efforts to educate Filipino children and families about internet safety and digital responsibility.

Check out these hot HBO GO shows to binge this rainy season!

Want to make the most of this bedtime weather? Save those cuddles and let these local stars and PLDT Home ambassadors Gigi de Lana, Gretchen Ho, and Jairus Aquino share their favorite movies and TV shows.

PLDT Home Biz masterclass series lets MSMEs take their businesses to the next level


A series of masterclasses offered by PLDT Home Biz benefited hundreds of entrepreneurs, particularly those who own and manage micro, small, and medium-sized firms (MSMEs).

Ookla names again PLDT Home as fastest ISP at Speedtest Award Q1-Q2 2022

PLDT Home is continuously rated the Philippines' fastest broadband, outperforming all other internet providers in the nation, as it wins the Ookla®SpeedtestTM Awards Q1-Q2 for the fifth consecutive year.

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Shopee Promotes Safe Online Shopping Experience with Shopee Cares PH

With more Filipinos relying on e-commerce to receive their necessities, there is a greater need to protect them due to the increasing amount of fraudulent activities taking place in the digital space. In a TransUnion Consumer Pulse Survey performed in February 2022, 53 percent of over 1,000 Filipino people asked stated they had been targeted by fraudsters in the preceding three months. According to the same poll, 42 percent were victims of Phishing, 38 percent were victims of money and gift card frauds, and 30 percent were victims of third-party sellers via online retail stores. While organizations in all industries are constantly upgrading their platforms, fraudsters are looking for methods to adapt to the ever-changing market and find new weaknesses.

Four well-balanced recipes for kids you'll love

People's lifestyles and diets have changed as a result of the pandemic. Homemakers are still faced with the problem of creating nutritious and tasty meals. Initially, quarantine limitations had an impact on income, movement, and availability of nutritious foods. Then there's the issue of time constraints while juggling work from home with online schooling, which leads to an increase in reliance on food delivery. Children's health and nutrition are jeopardized as a result of this.

8 out of 10 Small Business Owners in 15 countries Believe Failing is Key to Entrepreneurial Success

What characteristics distinguish successful entrepreneurs? Is it guts, willpower, or the capacity to gather funds? According to a worldwide poll, 89 percent of respondents believe that in order to be successful, leaders must make errors, learn from them, and develop from them.