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Check these cool graphic tees from INSPI at Shopee's 1.1 New Year Sale!

Are you on a hunt for local, premium-quality, trendy shirts? Check out these cool graphic tees from INSPI at Shopee's 1.1 New Year Sale!

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Enjoy a star-studded NBA Christmas weekend with NBA League Pass powered by PLDT Home!

The NBA's 75th anniversary season – recognized as NBA 75 – delivers a full slate of games throughout the Christmas weekend from December 24 to 26, 2021, providing an entertaining holiday viewing experience for Filipino fans. Christmas has traditionally been one of the most anticipated days on the regular-season schedule, with sports-crazed families making Christmas Day games an annual binge-watching tradition.

Tzu Chi Foundation and Industry Leaders teamed together for a comprehensive response to Odette victims


Super typhoon Odette's devastation has leveled large parts of the central and southern Philippines, putting six regions in a state of disaster: Mimaropa, Western Visayas, Central Visayas, Eastern Visayas, Northern Mindanao, and Caraga. However, due to a lack of communication within the affected areas and impassable roads connecting the towns, distributing aid quickly has proven to be a huge challenge. This prompted a call from and for business and NGO leaders to work together to help communities recover and develop strategic responses to future disasters.

Bro. Henry Yunez, Country CEO of the Buddhist Compassion Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines, expressed gratitude for the "opportunity to interact with these groups," adding that his organization welcomes volunteers and resources from all sectors because "there is no religion involved in what we are doing."

Tzu Chi has visited nine towns in Bohol and 15 in Southern Leyte since the weather has cleared, allowing volunteers and rescue missions to enter the devastated areas. They've supplied thousands of liters of water and medicines to these areas, and they're seeking for more generators to assist with water pumping. Rice will be distributed to around 20,000 families shortly after December 26.

Technology and transparency

When the Philippines was hit by Yolanda in 2013, one of the most powerful typhoons in history, Tzu Chi's response to relief efforts was hailed as one of the most effective by civil society and government.

Aside from collecting and transporting relief materials for the Odette victims, Amor Maclang, Digital Pilipinas Convenor, added that "big equipment and the construction side of things" are also needed. A more "participative and transparent" collaboration of partners can take advantage of rapidly evolving technology such as fintech, e-commerce, and logistics to "transfer money faster" to those who need it most. Digital Pilipinas, a movement that uses technology to solve commercial and social problems, has previously assisted the Tzu Chi Foundation in "teching up their organization" "even before Odette," according to Maclang. “Most importantly, we can leverage technology to show transparency of where the money is going.”

Industry leaders from the real estate, logistics, construction, financial services, payments, and retail spaces attended Tzu Chi Foundation Philippine and Digital Pilipinas' recent meeting, "Typhoon Odette Relief Briefing and Response Planning." It promoted 'Bayanihan' and a whole-of-nation, whole-of-society strategy to dealing with the Odette-affected areas.

The "meeting is not just for awareness, but for support, cooperation, and unity," according to Cherrie Rose Ang, Admin Senior Officer of Tzu Chi's Admin and Volunteer Affairs Department. Filipinos are staying in temporary shelters or evacuation centers days after Odette made nine landfalls across Visayas and Mindanao. “Children are going out to the streets to beg for help. Ang said of the condition reported by their volunteers. "People are desperate to salvage whatever items they can get from their ruined houses.”

Several of the companies mentioned in the webinar are already assisting with the rescue efforts. EtiqaCares, according to Gladys Pascual, Etiqa's Head of Strategy and Transformation, is supporting the rehabilitation programs. Kim Lato, the founder of Kimstore, is collaborating with the Tzu Chi Foundation to organize a fundraising on their website. Meanwhile, Nauman Mustafa, CEO of Coins.PH, announced that “instead of buying Christmas gifts for our partners, we will be donating instead.”

Even those who have been affected by Typhoon Odette are arranging relief efforts. Even though hundreds of our members have been affected by Odette, Roy Miclat, President of 1 Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines, said his team is serving “in the remote areas 

Long-term solutions

Meanwhile, in response to concerns about restoring communications and internet connectivity, Yoly Crisanto, Globe SVP, and Chief Sustainability Officer, said that the telecom giant is doing what we can to make sure all the provinces struck by Odette become online and connected again.” and that the increasing threats from climate change will only lead to more and stronger typhoons, particularly for vulnerable countries like the Philippines. "The challenge of our time," she remarked, " is what are we going to do to become better the next time we are faced with the same situation.” 

Forward-thinking initiatives, Miclat said, “should not focus on one-time activities, like donation drives.”

The collaboration between Mustafa of and Donna May Lina, Director and Executive Board of the OneLGC Lina Group of Companies, is one solution. Both companies will use tokens to represent tree-planting activities in order to better motivate Filipinos to participate in environmental restoration. With their knowledge in disaster preparedness, the Lina organization is hoping to bring on additional people who will be better prepared when the next disaster occurs. 

Marco Santos, representing Mapua University and the Yuchengco group, stated that the country can educate future architects, engineers, and other professionals on how to build disaster-resistant structures. "Producing people who are ready for the job," he said. "We produce good engineers. Our first patent is called Project Usher and it enables us to monitor buildings during an earthquake.”

Technology will be critical not just in the aftermath of Typhoon Odette, but also in the future. "We can align all of our groups to make technology and systems relevant," Georgia Martelino, Microsoft Philippines' Philanthropist Lead, stated. “Let us pool our resources and label it as a Tzu Chi platform so people can access it for free. We can start with digital literacy.”

Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines is assisting in the rehabilitation, recovery, economic, and educational restoration of the areas impacted by Typhoon Odette by utilizing its global network of volunteers and staff. They include the communities in various operations, which also serves as a means of providing them with temporary sources of income. 

“With love in our hearts, there is nothing we cannot overcome. Anton Lim, OIC of Tzu Chi Zamboanga Liaison Office, remarked,  We can come together and build again,” 

Tzu Chi, Digital Pilipinas, and the other organizations plan to hold more meetings with more action plans as the situation develops, according to Maclang. The collaboration will continue because it is not just "about Odette but about humanity.” she remarked. 

The Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines is open for donations which can be sent through the following: Account name: Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines; BDO Account number: 011978001800; Metrobank Account number: 163-3-16307190-9. Send soft copy of deposit slips at or through Viber/Line/WeChat: +639672110940.

Greatest HBO Go series to watch with the family this Christmas season!

Usher in the season streaming these trending shows with your loved ones — and with no interruption, thanks to PLDT Home!

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Watch: PLDT Home’s Heart-tugging Christmas Video Gives Tribute to Filipinos all over the world


This Christmas, PLDT Home pays tribute to Filipinos around the world in a special film that honors the real and  meaningful connections that the Internet has enabled between families.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Give a Happy and Healthy Christmas to your Kids

It's almost Christmas again, which means you're probably thinking about the greatest Christmas gifts to get the kids on Christmas Eve. This gift-giving is a Filipino family custom, and it is one of the most anticipated aspects of the holiday season for both children and the young at heart (aside from attending the Christmas Mass and the Noche Buena).

Toys, gadget, and clothing are the most common gifts, along with sweet goodies like chocolates and candies. But for this and the next Christmases. . . and the one after that, you might want to shake things up and give the kids healthy snacks instead of the toys, gadgets, and clothing you had planned. After all, if this pandemic has taught us anything, it's that excellent health comes first, alongside the love and care of family and friends.

It's important to remember that "healthy" doesn't always imply "bland and boring," because "healthy" may also be "wonderful" and "tasty." Try giving Gullón's Dibus Sharkies and Mini Crackers, ChekHupKokoo ®'s Chocolate Drink, and Andros' Fruit Me Up. 

Mini Crackers

Gullón’s Mini Crackers are, as the name suggests, bite-sized biscuits—only tastier and more nutritious than their other brand counterparts. Made with a sprinkling of milk and soya, these Mini Crackers are made with high oleic sunflower oil, making them good for heart health. They also contain healthy servings of fiber for a healthier digestive tract and protein for enhanced cell health and repair.

Dibus Sharkies

Dibus Sharkies, also from Gullón, are chocolate-flavored cereals that happen to be gluten- egg-, and lactose-free. Like Gullón’s Mini Crackers, Dibus Sharkies also contains just the right amounts of fiber and protein, along with a nice serving of carbs that will add more to your kids’ energy reserve.

Fruit Me Up

Fruit Me Up by Andros, meanwhile, is fruit in a pouch, a jelly-like treat made from real, fully ripe fruits to ensure natural sweetness with every serving. It comes in four flavors, each packed with vitamins and minerals: Apple Banana, Mango Banana Passion, Soursop Apple, and Strawberry Pink Guava. Among other things, a pouch of Fruit Me Up contains lots of vitamin C and antioxidants that are sure to enhance your kids’ immune system, thus helping them better fight off illnesses and stay healthier.


Finally, Kokoo Chocolate Drink by ChekHup® is a healthy, cholate-y beverage that kids are sure to love. Made from the finest quality cocoa plus a hint of hazelnut, Kokoo is equal parts sweet and creamy, with an unmistakable aroma guaranteed to get the kids all excited for their next cup. It is sweetened by ChekHup’s premium rock sugar, making Kokoo’s sugar content considerably lower than other chocolate drinks. Even so, it is just as yummy, or even yummier, but with the right serving of energy and protein.

At the end of the day, kids are a hard-to-please bunch, especially when it comes to healthy eating. But give them the right kinds of yummy snacks and you will eventually win them over—so much that they will be asking for more. And what better way to start than by giving your kids healthy snacks like Dibus Sharkies and Mini Crackers by Gullón, Kokoo Chocolate Drink by ChekHup®, and Fruit Me Up by Andros.

But again, this is the season of giving, so it wouldn’t hurt to give the kids the other things they deserve.

Visit The Goodwill Market ( to get your hands on these healthy and yummy treats and more!

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Say hello to clear, blemish-free skin with Seoul White's Anti-Acne sets available on Shopee Beauty!

Are you a skincare enthusiast looking for affordable whitening and anti-acne products? With Seoul White's Anti-Acne packages available on Shopee Beauty, say hello to smooth, blemish-free skin!

Friday, December 10, 2021

Ginebra San Miguel Launches 2022 Calendar Girl

Chie Filomeno, a Kapamilya actress and social media star, is the 2022 Calendar Girl for Ginebra San Miguel. Chie is a celebrity housemate on Pinoy Big Brother Season 10 who was obviously overjoyed as she was unveiled as the newest member of the Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI) family during the online launch a few days ago.

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

I switched to Maynilad Paperless Billing— here's how!

As we continue to adjust and adapt to the new normal, changing how we think and act is creating a new standard of everyday existence. From wearing a face mask to working from home, and even to the delivery of our meals which seemed unusual at first, but look at how quickly it has become our daily routine.

Monday, December 06, 2021

St. Peter launches PH’s first and only full-service deathcare online store

St. Peter Life Plan & Chapels (St. Peter) has just launched its eStore, the country's first and only full-service deathcare online store, thru Facebook live on its official page a few days ago.

Friday, December 03, 2021

Here's what you can expect at the Shopee 12.12 Big Christmas Sale

Shopee celebrates the end of the year with its annual 12.12 Big Christmas Sale, the region's most joyous year-end festival. Users will be able to purchase from the broadest selection of items to treat themselves and their loved ones during the happiest time of the year. With 2 times more things offered by local companies this year, buyers can share the holiday happiness to their favorite local businesses through the 12.12 Big Christmas Sale.

Check These Sharp Health Essentials you can consider this Holiday Season

We've been receiving holiday vibes since the beginning of September, and a slew of Christmas memes have already surfaced on social media. Indeed, Christmas is approaching quickly! Despite the invasion of Christmas themes, the public is still on high alert owing to the rising number of COVID-19 instances, which means that everyone is more concerned about planning to safeguard their loved ones than about what style of Christmas décor to buy.

And with the rise of COVID-19 cases and the emergence of new variants here in the Philippines, it has become more important to invest in our health and safety. The virus chooses no one, it targets front liners, essential workers, and families in their homes. 

PLASMACLUSTER ION AIR PURIFIER: The Next Generation Health Essential

Sharp Corporation has developed a wide variety of Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier products for different uses and locations depending on consumer’s needs such as Air Purifiers with Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Mosquito Catcher, Car Ion Generators, and Wall-mounted Ion Generator for big spaces. The PCI technology deactivates airborne viruses and bacteria by up to 99.9%. 

It also eliminates unpleasant odors, moisturizes the skin, and reduces static electricity. The Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology generates positive and negative ions and is released in large volumes into the air that deactivates viruses like Covid-19 that could harm your family.

In addition, it comes with a HEPA filter that helps capture small particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, and any other particles with a size of 0.3 microns.

True to their word, Sharp truly cares for its customers; it is one of the reasons why Sharp continuously innovates its Air Purifier product line. Here are several Sharp Air Purifiers for you to consider purchasing:

Air Purifier with Dehumidifier (DW-E16FP-W) - 24 SQM

This product has the Auto Dehumidifying feature that maintains ideal humidity levels by removing excess water content in the air. It also eliminates the musty odor and prevents the growth of mildew and mold.

Air Purifier with IoT ( FP-J80EP-H) - 62 SQM

In the era of wireless devices, this air purifier is equipped with IoT (INTERNET OF THINGS) functions that can be controlled even if you are outside the home.  Through Sharp Air Application you can check the level of filtered dust and can easily choose modes according to your preference (Auto, Pollen, Night Mode, Medium, and High).

Air Purifier with Humidifier (KC-G60E-W) - 50 SQM

This model is equipped with a humidifying system that balances the humidity level (55% to 60%) of the room that prevents dryness of the skin, throat, and eyes. It has an Intelligent Mode that has a sensor and filters the PM 2.5, ODOR, and DUST 


Sharp Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher (FP-GM50E-B)

This Plasmacluster Ion product is more than what you expect for an air purifier because this model has a 5-step Mosquito Catching Mechanism that ensures the household from the risk of mosquito bites, which can lead to a series of possible diseases like Dengue or Malaria. In addition, it has UV lights that help to attract these flying insects to trap in the mosquito glue sheets.

Photo Caption: PBA reinforces its headquarters with Sharp Air Purifiers.

Photo Caption: Essential health workers who are proud and spotted owning Sharp Air Purifiers.

Recently, hospitals, clinics, business establishments, offices, homes, and car owners have been installing Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifiers to deactivate and control the spread of these deadly airborne viruses. Aside from studies conducted by researchers around the world, Doctors from different fields have been giving testimonies on the efficacy and benefits of having Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) Technology.

Healthy Cooking with Sharp Electric Oven and Healsio Water Oven

Enjoy preparing the right and healthy food also needed these days with Sharp Ovens. Sharp Electric Oven wherein you will not just enjoy roasting and baking, food will surely be low in fat and rich in taste. Sharp Healsio Water Oven allows the cooking process to be in a low-oxygen environment to retain nutrients in the food. It also prevents the air from entering the oven during the cooking process due to the high-density door shield structure. With the use of a high-powered heater, the Sharp Healsio Water Oven generates a great amount of water vapor and has superheated steam, which has 8 times of calorific value than that of a convection heating oven. 

With the Sharp Healsio Water Oven and Electric Oven, you can enjoy a healthy and deliciously cooked meal.

Sharp Japan developed a high-quality Face Mask and Face Shield

SHARP FACE SHIELD (FG-F10M): Essential Protection

Despite the new ruling that face shields are no longer required, a ton of establishments still require face shields, especially in closed and very populated areas. Choosing the right face shield is also a must as this serves as our barrier to prevent the transmission of the virus. On the other hand, the Sharp Face Shield (FG-F10M) has a surface reflection suppression technology also called as the Moth-eye Technology that is used in LCD Technology that delivers a clear field of vision to the wearer, anti-fogging, and high transparency. This technology makes it seem that the wearer is not wearing anything at all.

Photo Caption: Dra. Cat Porcluncula with Sharp Face Shield

SHARP FACE MASK (MA-950P): A Must-Have for the New Normal

The Sharp Face Mask (MA-950P) has 3 layers: The outer layer is made from non-woven fabric that is water repellent, the middle layer is a melt-blown cloth and the inner layer is skin-friendly non-woven fabric. 

This Holiday season, give your family the gift of health. Health essentials like Air Purifiers, Face Mask, and Face Shield is now a practical gift for your loved ones. Make sure to invest in high-quality, durable, and tested products that can help against our battle with airborne viruses. You can purchase the mentioned products from the official partner stores of Sharp Philippines nationwide. 

SHARP FACE MASK (MA-950P): A Must-Have for the New Normal

The Sharp Face Mask (MA-950P) has 3 layers: The outer layer is made from non-woven fabric that is water repellent, the middle layer is a melt-blown cloth and the inner layer is skin-friendly non-woven fabric. 

This Holiday season, give your family the gift of health. Health essentials like Air Purifiers, Face Mask, and Face Shield is now a practical gift for your loved ones. Make sure to invest in high-quality, durable, and tested products that can help against our battle with airborne viruses. You can purchase the mentioned products from the official partner stores of Sharp Philippines nationwide. 

They are also available online through the flagship stores of Sharp in Shopee and Lazada.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Solitaire a fun and classic game that keeps me Sane

Have you ever played Solitaire? Playing games has always been a way for me to unwind, and as I get older, the more I go for classic ones. For me, the simpler the game is, the better ~ hah!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Google's Be Internet Awesome has officially launched in the Philippines

Google's free multifaceted program Be Internet Awesome is aimed to educate children on the principles of digital citizenship and online safety. It focuses on five key topics: how to be smart, alert, strong, kind, and brave when using the internet. It includes a variety of teaching materials and related resources to assist teachers and parents in teaching digital literacy principles to kids.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Experience Retinol's anti-aging benefits with Vibrant Glamour skincare essentials, cop it at 75% off on Shopee Beauty!

We all want to have that supple smooth skin right? Did you know that Vitamin A or retinol is generally recognized by academe as a golden key for anti-aging. It effectively stimulates collagen production and helps reduce fine lines and improve roughness big time!!! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Medical and health professionals: Optimistic for Filipinos to have a healthier and safer Christmas this year

With the chance to have the complete family vaccinated over the next 3-day National Vaccination Day on November 29-30 and December 1, medical and health professionals are confident that the country will have a healthier, safer Christmas this year.

YouTube protects kids and families with four responsibility pillars

As children and teenagers spend more time online, it's critical to safeguard their privacy while still promoting discovery. YouTube spent hard over the years to establish YouTube Kids, a dedicated kids destination for a safer, family-friendly environment for young children to explore their imagination and curiosity, based on its commitment to responsibility.

PLDT Home first to launch PH’s fastest, future-ready 10,000 Mbps service

In a historic leap toward the future of home connection, PLDT Home announces the Philippines' first-ever 10,000 Mbps fiber-optic service.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Your Call as a Parent

If you are already a parent — sure ako that you would agree with me when I say that you'll do everything for your children and number one on the list is to ensure their health. The question is, how conscious are you when it comes to the prevention of disease for your child?

Friday, November 19, 2021

Say bye bye to acne with these Oxecure acne-clearing must-haves, now up to 22% off only at Shopee Beauty!

Having oily skin can be troublesome to most— it can usually be the cause of acne troubled skin. If you are still in search of your perfect skin partner and would like to say bye-bye with your acne for good, try out these Oxecure acne-clearing must-haves, now up to 22% off only at Shopee Beauty!

Thursday, November 18, 2021

A Chance to Win P150K SM shopping money at the PLDT Home Rewards Grand Giveaway!

The lucky winners of the PLDT Home Rewards Grand Giveaway event in October and November will receive even more prizes and surprises, as the telecom giant has added ten (10) SM Gift Cards worth $150,000 each to the prize pool! In terms of stakes, there's nothing to go but up, with a whopping $5 million cash prize up for grabs in the final draw on December 8, 2021.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

PLDT Home's powerful Fibr plans with speed upgrades of up to 600 Mbp

PLDT Home welcomes Filipino families to the future of home connectivity, unveiling new and upgraded Fibr plans with thrice as many speeds.

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Have a brighter and more glowing day with Nuwhite products, now up to 20% off on Shopee Beauty!

Although topical treatment has an immediate and direct effect on our skin, studies have been proven that an oral supplement has an influence on your entire body's health too. Products that are applied to the skin can help in its nourishment making it seem more lovely and radiant. For total-body wellness, Oral consumption of vitamins + supplements is a way to go. When you combine these two, it is an excellent technique to nourish our skin.  Topical + oral supplement is a great formula that could boost skin into #nofilter territory :) 

Monday, November 08, 2021

What to Expect at Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale

Last November 3rd, Shopee launched its annual 11.11 Big Christmas Sale, the region's most anticipated shopping festival. The 11.11 Big Christmas Sale kicks off a year in which more consumers and companies engage on the platform. In fact, Shopee's number of sellers and brands increased by 60% in 2021, and one-third of attendees at its last 9.9 event was new to the site.

The 11.11 Big Christmas Sale, which kicks off the biggest shopping season of the year, brings Shopee's best prices, fun, and entertainment to everyone. Users can expect the greatest selection of discounted items from over 25 categories, as well as exceptional offers like 1 Deals, free delivery with no minimum buy, and 10% off every day, to add to the festive spirit. With such an enticing lineup, Shopee's number of new purchasers is projected to rise even higher on 11.11. The increased traffic will assist brands and local MSMEs by supercharging company growth and growing their online presence.

Jackie Chan, the international superstar, also makes an appearance in a fun commercial for the 11.11 Big Christmas Sale. Following the viral popularity of his 9.9 commercial, which received 435 million views online, the action-packed sequel piqued the interest of all users. The commercial may be seen here:

Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “Christmas holds a special place in Filipinos’ hearts. During this season of giving, Shopee Philippines hopes to make this year’s festivities even more memorable for both our users and sellers. As the holidays approach, we aim to bring more joy to shoppers and help them save more on things they love by curating the best deals. We’ve also pioneered efforts to expand our digital ecosystem to help more consumers, businesses, and communities access and benefit from e-commerce. We invite everyone to join us in making this the biggest and most impactful 11.11.”

1. Biggest growth opportunities for businesses

The 11.11 Big Christmas Sale will act as a springboard to accelerate growth for businesses on Shopee. In 2021, more than 8 million new local shops opened on Shopee. With a growing base of shoppers and more marketing tools provided by Shopee, 11.11 will give brands and MSMEs greater visibility to maximize demand. Businesses with an offline presence can also participate in 11.11 through ShopeePay and Shopee’s digital products feature.

  • Exclusive deals from leading brands on Shopee Mall: Shoppers can look forward to exclusive deals from top brands such as Xiaomi, POCO, realme, Samsung, Nokia, Vivo, DJI, PerySmith, Deerma, Coocaa Home, and Bata Philippines.

  • More offline deals from brands: Brands also stand to generate more in-store traffic through promotions from ShopeePay. Users can turn to ‘Deals Near Me’ to check for special in-store deals from brands such as Puregold, National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Power Mac Center, The Generics Pharmacy, Family Mart, Lawson, Olympic Village, Shoe Salon, Potato Corner, Mary Grace, Bonchon, Papa John’s, Siomai House, and Fruitas Group of Companies. 

2. Upsized variety, deals, and entertainment for the holidays

Shopee is committed to helping more shoppers access the benefits of e-commerce, especially during the busiest shopping time of the year. To encourage more people to try shopping online, Shopee introduced initiatives such as special welcome gifts and vouchers for new shoppers, with over 5 million welcome gifts across the region redeemed since the start of the year. Throughout 11.11, shoppers can look forward to an unbeatable range of more rewards and deals:

  • Rewards for first-time shoppers: As they start their e-commerce journey, new and first-time Shopee users can look forward to a free welcome package, bills cashback, free shipping, 100% off vouchers, and ₱1 deals with their first purchase.

  • Gift guides for easy holiday shopping: Users can enjoy a quick and easy holiday shopping experience with Shopee’s Christmas in our Carts gift guides. They can get discounts up to 90% off on a wide range of branded gifts and bundles, from the latest gadgets to luxurious personal care items. They can also check out Shopee Mall for 10% off Mall vouchers, special deals on holiday gifts, and vouchers from their favorite brands.

  • Bigger deals across different categories: Shoppers can discover the best deals on everything they need at 11.11 Big Sale. Highlights include 1-for-1 Deals, Early Platform Voucher Hunt, and Mega Midnight Sale, covering the widest range of product categories. They can also look out for themed sales such as the Big Sports & Outdoors Sale on November 4, Big Fashion Sale on November 5, Big Groceries & Pet Care Sale on November 6, Big Mommy & Babies Sale on November 7, Big Shopee Mall Sale on November 8, Big Electronics Sale on November 9, and Big Vouchers Sale on November 10. 

  • Exclusive Shopee Mall discounts from the biggest roster of brands: At the 11.11 Midnight Mall Exclusive Sale from 12MN to 2AM, shoppers can enjoy huge price drops and exclusive bundle deals. Throughout the sale, brand sukis can also enjoy discounts up to 90% off on leading brands in the country.

  • Secure and convenient shopping with ShopeePay: Users can shop with greater security and enjoy better deals when they pay with ShopeePay. They can also now enjoy a free, instant, and more convenient way to cash in from their bank apps via InstaPay. Until November 7, users can cash in via InstaPay and get up to ₱25 cashback. 

The 11.11 Big Christmas Sale will also spark more joy with the big finale on November 11:

  • 11.11 Big Christmas Sale TV Special: NCT 127, one of today’s hottest K-pop boy bands, will delight Filipino audiences with their chart-topping hits at the 11.11 TV show on November 11, 9:30-11:30pm on GMA 7 and Shopee Live. Filipinos can also look forward to appearances from top local celebrities such as Jessy Mendiola, Aira Bermudez, Rocco Nacino, Klea Pineda, Andre Paras, and Gil Cuerva. Lastly, viewers stand a chance to win prizes and giveaways worth over  ₱12,000,000, including two new house & lots and a brand-new car. 

For more information about Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale, visit

Download Shopee for free on App Store or Google Play Store.

Sunday, November 07, 2021

How Manila Athletica and LOCAD are delivering fitness and business goals

Many individuals resort to hobbies to pass the time, stay creative, and become more active while staying at home to stay safe. This ongoing trend prompted Aencille Santos, a fitness fanatic, to launch Manila Athletica, a brand that encourages Filipinos to begin their fitness journey at home. Manila Athletica is eager to help more consumers reach their fitness objectives now that LOCAD is assisting them in fulfilling their expanding number of orders.

Saturday, November 06, 2021

Careline products, now up to 50% off on Shopee Beauty!

Makeup is used to cover flaws, accentuate natural characteristics (such as the eyebrows and eyelashes), add color to a person's face, or completely transform the look of the face to resemble a new person, creature, or item. But in general, many women still prefer plain and basic makeup.

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

PLDT Home subscribers are up for exciting rewards when they pay their bills via PayMaya


With PayMaya, PLDT Home members can look forward to a more rewarding and easy experience. New and current PLDT Home customers can earn reward coupons by paying their bills directly using the PayMaya app from October to December 2021.

Kenny Rogers Roasters new Truffle Roast

Kenny Rogers Roasters brings luxury to the table with the new Truffle Roast. With Kenny Rogers Roasters' new Truffle Roast, you can have a luxury holiday celebration! Indulge your taste buds with the luxurious and rich flavor of truffle in a roast, which is best paired with buttermilk sauce. Each Truffle Roast evokes an aroma and delicious flavor that makes it the perfect meal this season.