Monday, October 19, 2020

TikTok sends love to the Filipino community in free online concert celebrating content diversity and creative expression

Last October 18, 2020, content creators and local celebrities from the Philippines came together for #GenTikTokPH, a two-hour online celebration of Generation TikTok - the diverse community that makes TikTok a place of joy, positivity and inspiration. 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Bouncing back with Cash Agad

Both entrepreneurs and workers in MSMEs are the hardest-hit by the economic disruption resulting from the pandemic. There are nearly 1 million MSMEs in the country and data from the Department of Trade and Industry indicated that more than 50% of this number or around 525,000 have closed their businesses. This has left millions of Filipinos unemployed. 

On the macro level, the Asian Development Bank said the Philippine economy had bottomed out in May or June and that for the rest of the year, economic contraction is projected at 7.3% by end of 2020. Recovery is expected to happen by 2021 when the pandemic is hoped to be contained and the economy is expected to bounce back by 6.5%. 

Cash Agad Partner Agent

Even with the prevailing economic slowdown, the country has been observing signs of gradual recovery especially in some of the MSMEs.

 One of them is Krystal Bantic of Quirino province in the Cagayan Valley region. Krystal runs a grocery store in her town and she became a Cash Agad partner agent last year. 

Cash Agad is a service provided by BDO to far-flung and unbanked communities where residents have little to no access to bank services. Many faraway places in the country do not have banks or ATMs where residents may conveniently get cash. This is due to several reasons. 

It could be that communities are located in distant islands where motorized boats are the only means of transportation. Some towns and barrios are located in mountainous or hilly areas with rocky and uneven terrain. Others are separated by sheer hundreds of kilometers from urban areas and have no concrete roads nor highways. All of these factors and more prevent banks from building and maintaining physical branch offices in these faraway towns. 

The Cash Agad service provides a simple, elegant, and practical solution to all that. By partnering with stores and shops already established in the community, BDO turns them into community-based ATM terminals. The shop owner receives a POS terminal for use in transacting locally-issued ATM cards, whether debit or prepaid and facilitates basic transactions like cash withdrawals and balance inquiries. 

Best of all, Cash Agad accepts transactions using ATM cards from different local banks and non-bank financial institutions in the Philippines, not only those from BDO. It's really a service that benefits entire communities. 

According to Krystal, she actually had few customers availing of Cash Agad in her grocery store in the year before the pandemic struck. This was because at that time, people were used to traveling all the way to Candon City in Ilocos Sur province, which is more than four hours away from Quirino, in order to go to banks and ATMs, enjoy fast food restaurants and buy essential goods. 

Krystal Bantic, owner of Ivee’s Sari Sari Store and a Cash Agad partner agent in Quirino, Cagayan Valley facilitating a withdrawal transaction

"People would make the trip to Candon even though it's quite far because it was a mix of both business and leisure for them. Also, goods are priced lower in Candon because over here in Quirino our shops are simply getting our goods from there as well," said Krystal.

The trip to Candon is quite far and the transport available are passenger vans. It takes more than four hours across 289 kilometers. The fare costs at least 200 pesos and even more if a person was also loading some baggage in the van for the trip. When going to Candon, residents of Quirino would have to allot an entire day and at least four hundred pesos for a two-way trip. They would spend more if they included food expenses. 

From lockdown to opportunity

The pandemic caused subsequent lockdowns and quarantines which prevented people from leaving Quirino as they were used to. This meant that their usual access to cash (banks and ATMs) and goods in Candon was closed off. But fortunately, Krystal and her Cash Agad kiosk at her grocery store was available. 

"Grabe po, noong nagka-lockdown dito sa amin. None of us could leave. The local government ordered all transportation to stop. No one was allowed to go out. People had nowhere else to go to get needed cash to spend for food and other basic needs. So more and more people come to my store not only to withdraw cash but also to buy essential goods," said Krystal. 

Krystal faced her own challenges as a Cash Agad partner agent. She was also covered by the travel ban so she could not easily replenish the cash reserves meant for Cash Agad withdrawals. She was able to solve this by either renting a private vehicle to go to the BDO branch in Candon to get cash or she would get the help of the local government to provide transportation to Candon. After all, Krystal had become a frontliner and essential worker since she was the only source of cash for the residents in her town. 

Soon enough, practically everyone in the communities around Krystal's store became her customers. Teachers, government workers, policemen, and even farmers and construction workers all depend on her store and its Cash Agad service to get their salaries. Her store also became the official channel for the government cash assistance given to 4Ps beneficiaries. This was done with the help of the local government.

It's not just Krystal's store that benefits from Cash Agad. Other business owners in the area, from other sari-sari stores to eateries, to hardware shops, and even stalls for vegetables, fruits, meat, and fish at the wet market--all of them thanked her for being able to provide cash to the community. This is because the amount of local spending had become greater than ever. People were spending their cash on local businesses instead of those in faraway Candon City. 

"Krystal's experience really shows how the Cash Agad service expands financial inclusion in far-flung, hard-to-reach areas in the country. The result is a boost to the local economy. Established businesses earn more. More businesses are set up. The engine of local economic activity is revved up and eventually, there's improved quality of life for the residents.

"If the country's economy is ever going to bounce back from the pandemic, it will take all of us--big businesses, MSMEs, and both urban and rural communities and their local governments--to help each other and do our part. There's a certain inspiration, a beautiful sort of hope when you see communities working together to rise up and recover from a crisis. BDO is doing its part in helping communities recover economically through the Cash Agad network," said Mr. Jim Nasol, Head of Agency Banking, BDO Unibank.

For more information about Cash Agad, go to or send an email to  for inquiries.

Cash Agad: Your partner for recovery

Many businesses shut down, causing widespread loss of jobs due to the pandemic. It had severe effects on families and communities in the country not only because of the fear over COVID-19 but also because of how it disrupted their livelihoods.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

TECNO Mobile launches first ever POVA smartphone in the Philippines

The first 1000 buyers can get POVA at a special launch price of PHP5,999 at the TECNO Mobile PH Official Store in Shopee Mall. POVA is finally in the Philippines, woot!

Farmers’ Produce market caravan goes to SM Southmall!

Last thursday, I did a quick grocery run and happen to pass by at the Farmer's Produce market set-up in Sm Southmall. Heads up food lovers down south! Woot!

Learning in the New Normal through the Eyes of Children


Since the imposed community quarantine, life at home drastically changed. With the opening of a new school year, parents grapple for ideas on how to systemically operate their households while their children stay at home. 

Gardenia Celebrates Happy Bread Day with ‘Laging Kasama’ Virtual Concert

You've seen me hold a giveaway of Gardenia bread and have been talking about  the upcoming"Laging Kasama" concert on October 24, 8PM via Facebook live. Are you excited as I am?

How You Can Improve Your Gaming; 3 Proven Ways

An ace gamer is such a type of pro that discerns their game extraordinarily well, strives to build up their aptitudes, and studies different players to improve. To turn into an ace at your preferred round, ensure that you have the correct apparatus to make your gaming experience as smooth as could reasonably be expected. Redesign your control, console, or mouse to make playing fluid and pleasing. At that point, practice consistently and study proficient gamers to gain from the best. Keep in mind, that if you aren't having fun with your game, put it down, and enjoy a reprieve. There's no compelling reason to lose your cool over a game! 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Don’t miss the special POVA launch sale on the TECNO Mobile Shopee Store!

POVA is finally in the Philippines! This latest smartphone series from global premier mobile phone brand, TECNO Mobile, was officially launched in the country on October 15, 2020.

Get up 90% off on Shopee for the first Super Brand Day of GABC group - Penshoppe, OXGN, Regatta and ForMe

Penshoppe, OXGN, Regatta, ForMe ... does it ring a bell? If you grew up as a teen in the 90s alam ko these brands will bring you back down to memory lane! These brands under GABC Group will be slashing up to 90% off their price on selected items this October 15-17 on Shopee!

Check these fantastic deals from these awesome brands:

Worn by the world's biggest celebrities, Penshoppe is a global fashion retail brand known for its on-trend, quality pieces at an attractive value. 

Grab this Penshoppe Move Boxy Tee With Special Print for only ₱89, from its original price of ₱499 —thanks to Shopee's 82% OFF!

A streetwear brand that creates stylish but affordable products for the youth. Established in 1996, Oxygen, now OXGN, is moving youth culture forward with its cool, casual, and adventurous clothing line.

This OXGN Men's Easy Fit Tee With Special Print is now ₱279 from its original price of ₱399— thanks to Shopee's 30% OFF!

Regatta Lifestyle 
Your Leisurewear brand of casual clothing for fun and relaxation. Regatta offers apparel and accessories that make the perfect style statement to suit your leisurely lifestyle.

From ₱495, you can get this Regatta Men's Tee With Pocket for only ₱247, thanks to Shopee's 50% OFF!

Modern. Easy. Stylish. Known for its balanced offering of fashion and basic pieces, ForMe makes it easy for the modern woman to be fashionable. The brand constantly develops universally flattering silhouettes and curates styles that are meant to be mixed and matched for every day and every occasion. 

Get this ForMe Suede Double Breasted Shirt at P298 originally priced at ₱898— thanks to Shopee's 67% off!

There a lot of affordable and awesome deals under Shopee's first Super Brand Day on GABC group... how nice diba! Go check Penshoppe, OXGN, Regatta, ForMe on Shopee.

If you haven't yet, go download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

Celebrate #GenTikTokPH with Ben&Ben, Iñigo Pascual and Rico Blanco on October 18


To celebrate TikTok’s diverse and growing community, the Philippines’ top artists Ben&Ben, Iñigo Pascual and Rico Blanco will perform LIVE on TikTok Philippines this Sunday, October 18, 2020 at 5PM for the platform’s biggest virtual event of 2020, #GenTikTokPH.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Tecno Pouvoir 4 First Impressions (with actual photos)

Today I will be sharing with you my first impression as I unbox Tecno Mobile's Pouvoir 4! It's been awhile since I was able to get a hold of an android phone. What excites me most is this phone is a sight to behold and ang laki nya and the batterrrry life, omg! This has been with me for a week now so tara~ let's get to know how it would go.

Monday, October 12, 2020

These 5 Newest Gadgets Can Make Distance Learning Easier

When the quarantine started, one of the concerns of parents is the education of the kids. How can the kids go on with their school if we still face the things that are happening now? And indeed the shift to online and distance learning is one of the major adjustments parents face currently. With all the challenges in this new normal, I'm pretty sure the majority of the parenthood community is thinking of ways to ensure that their children will have an efficient learning experience at home.

PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid Advance now available at Php 1995 for a limited time only

Get the fastest wireless internet device conveniently via Grab delivery.

Friday, October 09, 2020

SAVE THE DATE: TikTok to celebrate its growing community with a virtual party on October 18

TikTok Philippines will hold its biggest virtual event for 2020 titled #GenTikTokPH on October 18, 5PM LIVE on TikTok Philippines. The event is a celebration of Generation TikTok - the ever-growing and  constantly-diversifying community that makes the platform a place of positivity and joy.

Lark - A Superior Tool for Team Collaboration

Elevate your remote working experience with Lark, the ultimate collaborative suite for online and offsite work.

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Shopee Strengthens Supports For Brands To Reach Millions Of Online Customers With 10.10 Brands Festival

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, continues its strong support for brands with the 10.10 Brands Festival. As more businesses explore the potential of e-commerce during the pandemic, Shopee is committed to providing the optimal environment to help brands of all sizes launch, scale, and succeed online.

TECNO Mobile Pouvoir 4: All the Power You Need to Get Things Done On the Go

Stay productive anytime, anywhere with the #Pouvoir4EnergyKing

The Body Shop is now on Shopee, Get up tp 50% off in Celebration of their Grand Launch!

I'm a sucker for all things or products that would help clear up my skin! If you know me too well, I'm super obsessed with it, as in! I mean, lahat naman yata, who would not want clear skin diba!

Monday, October 05, 2020

Ohmyhome: Efficient, Safe and Hassle-free Housing Transactions for Filipinos


The other day seems like I just got transported back to 10 years ago remembering how hard it is to purchase your own property / home. Some may have a not so challenging experience but most often than not, it indeed involves a roller-coaster of emotions due to the stressful process. Hah—this one sentence summarizes how my husby exactly felt that time. You just don't know the relief it brings knowing that you can finally stay sitting pretty in your own home and not worrying anything about it.

LG Lets You Live Life in Details in the New Normal

6 months and counting. We have reached half a year staying at home which has become the new normal. I'm pretty sure since we are mostly at home, most of the activities that you engaged in, whether for work or for leisure are confined to the four corners of your home. But just because you can’t go outside like you used to do doesn’t mean you have to compromise.

Sunday, October 04, 2020

Develop the Habit of Healthy Snacking

In the recent webinar and virtual tea party which I have just attended, I learned that snacking in itself is not a bad habit, it’s the unhealthy snacks people consume that makes it so. These unhealthy snacks include high-calorie sweets, chips, fried foods, and sugary drinks, and they are often consumed for emotional reasons or out of habit and not hunger.

Discounted Lysol Disinfectant Spray and Multi Action Cleaners on Shopee’s 10.10 Sale!

Lysol, with its “Disinfect to Protect Mission,” makes its line of multi-surface cleaners and disinfectants more accessible to health and value-conscious consumers as it joins the Shopee 10.10 sale. Everyone will get the chance to avail of its multi-action cleaners, proven effective against the COVID-19 virus, at special discounted prices at the much-awaited 10.10 Shopee Sale.

Saturday, October 03, 2020

TECNO Mobile’s Pouvoir 4: A power-packed, affordable entertainment device


What can you get for PhP5,000 these days that will also help beat boredom while on indefinite staycation at home? A couple of books? A few games? How about all those and more in a single device, and with several hundred pesos to spare?

Get up to 47% off on Inspi's first-ever collaboration with Disney featuring Mickey and Friends only on Shopee

Are you familiar with Inspi? If you are, I'm sure you understand why I love it so much. On another note, if this is your first time to hear about it, Inspi Philippines is a retail company that markets several brands that holistically inspire and promote positive outlook in life. INSPI designs, develops, manufactures, and markets its own apparel from newborn to adult. 

Are You a Certified TikToker? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

Since it was launched in the Philippines in 2016, TikTok has become the go-to resource for all things trending. The platform has influenced present pop culture so much that it would be tough to find anyone who has never heard of it or seen any content from the app. 

Friday, October 02, 2020

OMG! Up to 55% off on BLK Birthday Sale on Shopee until October 4


Who Doesn't want uncomplicated beauty right?

Dior walks the TikTok runway

Whether through the accounts of iconic art directors, ready-to-wear brands and major fashion maisons, but also through anonymous passionate and inspired designers, the creative fashion spirit founded a home on TikTok. 

7-Day EGGciting Recipes Under 100pesos


There are a number of reasons why people love eggs – it’s easy to cook, versatile, and one of the cheapest and convenient protein sources. Filipinos have especially stocked up on this pantry staple amid the height of lockdowns due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Learning is Trending on #TikTokU - 18B Views and Counting!

    This content revolution, known as #TikTokU, focuses on teaching and learning, and has transformed the app into an alternative and accessible means of discovering new ideas online. Through #TikTokU, creators have been able to share practical knowledge and life-changing advice with millions of followers on the platform.