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As a business person and having had a brackground with Sales and Marketing, you would often see me browsing articles, reading books, and doing some research to further develop my knowledge about the do's and don'ts in the business industry. Don't get me wrong, we don't own a multinational company yet~ Yes, "yet" because I am positive that the business that we have today will eventually get there since part of our company's vision is running over towards that goal. So for now, I still consider ours as an entrepreneurial small start up company thus my interest to learn further. 

Just last month, I was able to watch in one of our local channels an owner who shared how he started, struggled and how they grow big- I was so touched by his story because
he really is into what he is doing. The owner of this Artisan Filipino Chocolate even shed tears as he shared their company's history, values and goals. I remember him saying they are actually operating their business not by just earning profit alone but by being able to be an instrument by changing the lives of their workers (in ev every little way they can) and that is to having a better life and community. So you see, we have good news! 

In this continuous growing economy - we all know that the government alone cannot address social issues, more so with business ethics and all. But the good news is more and more companies are doing their share- in their own little way, they are aligning their business structure to impact the society.

Bloomberg, a channel that covers the latest news, developing trends and hottest insight in the business world today recently opened up their office in the country (thru partnering with TV5 Network Inc and Cignal) will be airing Business Matters, the Philippines’ first-ever TV documentary that examines the practice of corporate citizenship among local companies. Its pilot episode will air today, Saturday, June 18, from 9:30 to 10:00 pm, on Bloomberg TV PH.

Featuring exemplary Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) programs, Business Matters delivers groundbreaking content on Corporate Citizenship, a business aspect that is now integral as a growth driver and a platform for innovation in building societal progress. 

The show is set to exhibit stories of change, hope and accomplishment amidst diversity while touching on pressing developmental challenges like poverty, food and water security, gender and equality, and a lot more. 

In the pilot episode, we take a closer look at how the lives of women micro-entrepreneurs are improved by a beverage company’s commitment to empower the lives of women across its value chain,shares TV personality and Business Matters host, Manu Sandejas.
The program is for citizens and for corporations to witness solutions that address societal issues relevant to the nation, especially now that giving back is the new norm. 

“The playing field has changed. Consumers are likely to put their money where their heart is, and would much rather prefer investing in goods and services from companies that are genuinely committed to social responsibility,” shared Robert Carizo, Executive Producer of Sweet Potato Productions, the independent television production company behind Business Matters, and the health and lifestyle program Health Matters. 

“Business Matters offers corporate storytelling centered on initiatives that helped build thriving inclusive business models in the local setting,” Carizo added.
The show is for people who are wondering just how instrumental the private sector is in making Filipino lives easier through sustainable programs. It is for business entities wondering how to do CSR right, now that we exist in an age where CSR is no longer a buzz word but an instrument for change. 
I think this program is an eye opener to everyone. Just like the business owner whom I shared earlier who shared his story - he said that it is all natural for every goal of a business to have an excellent profit, but at back of their vision, they see to it that part of their company's mission is to be able to change, give hope to the lives and the community of their Cacao growers and farmers. That simple help makes him happy and made him realise his worth and purpose.

Essentially, Business Matters highlights stories about the synergies made by key players looking to impart shared value principles in creating a positive difference in society today.

Catch Business Matters on Bloomberg TV Philippines, on Cignal Ch. 127 (HD) and Ch. 8 (SD), every Saturday from 9:30 to 10pm, with replays on Sunday 12mn-12:30pm, Monday 9-9:30am, and Tuesday 9:30-10pm. Powered by Cignal TV’s nation-wide reach, Bloomberg TV PH brings Filipinos the hottest 24-hour news, business trends, and insights today.



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