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The International Thyroid Awareness Week was held at the Fisher Mall Event Centre in Quezon City last May 28, 2016 which aims to increase the awareness of the thyroid and the disorders that can affect children and adults. See my pre-event post about this event here.

Merck Inc. and ETC 2nd Avenue collaborated for the
International Thyroid Awareness Week Celebration by hosting this culminating event called “Catching Butterflies: Spotting the Symptoms of Thyroid Disorders in Children.”

Our thyroid is a butterfly shaped organ found at the base of our necks hence the butterfly theme. 

Did you know that millions of Filipinos are affected by thyroid disorders, yet very few are aware of them. A study by the Philippine Society for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism in 2012 showed that one in 11 Filipino adults has goiter, and around one in 12 Filipino adults suffers from some form of thyroid disease. Around 8 in every 1000 children worldwide are affected by thyroid disease but only a handful get properly diagnosed and treated. 

Honestly, when I got to receive an invite for this event, I did not hesitate to attend 'cause I already have a feeling or should I say I already suspect that my thyroid is malfunctioning - I'm the type of person pa naman who always consult Doctor Google each time I feel that something is not right in my body. I know it's totally wrong because it would only make things worst due to paranoia but you can't blame me. A lot of information can already be found in the net so yun ~ Doctor Google pa more haha! How about you? Are you guilty of consulting Doctor Google too? 

Anyways, just to share with you-  ( This is a dark secret I never told anyone and I am going to share it  for the first time)...

So many years ago (back in my college days) I already underwent a thyroid test (blood -T3 T4 & TSH) as well as thyroid ultrasound as part of the requirements in a Job Screening for Flight Attendants (Saudi Airlines). The medical practitioner who initially screened us noticed that an area in my neck is a bit significant "medjo protruding daw" thus the request for me to do the blood tests. My blood tests results were all okay but my thyroid ultrasound isn't. So I was asked to have it consulted to a doctor so workups can be done since I need to be cleared in order to pass the qualification. 

Determined as I am to pass the screening,  I went to an endocrinologist and consulted the results of my Thyroid Scan. I was given some workups to follow and everything are all set since I already pass the screening. Yes, the doctor gave me clearance despite the fact that I need to do some workups for my thyroid (mild lang naman daw so carry lang, dadaanin daw sa gamot-gamot ). I was happy as fuck since I already passed and got qualified. 6 Months training in the Middle East and that's it! I will be hired as a Cabin Crew thereafter. However since it is still 6 months 'till I graduate at that time,  I sent a request to my University if they could just count that training as my practicum hours (since my remaining 6 months are a pre-requisite to be consumed or to be spent for practicum na lang). Unfortunately, my request was not granted by the dean. I was only given 2 choices. To stay and have my practicum in Manila or to pursue with the FA training but will remain undergrad since they would give me an incomplete remarks) - To cut the story short, I chose to stay and finish my bachelors degree- (Sayang I know!! I guess Cabin Crew life is just not meant for me).

Anyways, since I was still studying at that time and the medical screening were taken care of and paid by Saudia Airlines, I didn't let my mom and dad know about the thyroid scan with a fear that my throat will get in the process to being under the knife. Since then, I never went back to an Endocrinologist. Fast forward to the day of this event - where they provided FREE Thyroid Screening, I was again asked to do the blood tests (T3 T4 TSH and the Thyroid Scan ) because according to the doctor, I do really have symptoms upon asking me questions thus it is really advised that I follow whatever workups I will be asked to do.  Shame on me I know for the neglect and for wasting so many years of not going to a doctor!!!  Sana lang, hindi pa huli ang lahat. I will update you guys with the results of my consultation to the real doctor (and not dr. Googs!)- haha!

So going back to what happened to the event, the awareness campaign has been put together due to the significant numbers of affected Filipino adults and children who remains to be unaware of the disease. (Include me, who is already aware but refuses to consult and be treated!)

An increase in awareness is really needed because if thyroid hormone imbalances are left undiagnosed and untreated, it can have a  harmful effect on a child’s brain development, growth and physical maturity. 
"The awareness campaign showed that thyroid disorders are treatable with early screening and proper treatment"
During the question and answer portion - 
The event was not only educational but also fun-filled for everyone who attended. A panel of experts from the Philippines Society for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism, the Philippine Thyroid Association, and the Iodine Global Network conducted a talk on how to recognize and treat thyroid disorders. See the frequently asked questions that was discussed at the event about thyroid disorders here.

There were many other activities that both children and parents enjoyed together such as on-the spot art competitions, butterfly face painting, butterfly clay art, dance performances and so much more.

Participants posted pictures to their social media accounts using the hashtags #thyroidawareness and #wearebraver.

If you are following me on Instagram, this is the photo which I posted for this event :)
There are a lot of people who may have thyroid disorders, but aren’t even aware until it is too late or in my case, who is already aware but refuses to consult and be treated. 

If you suspect or if you feel that you have the symptoms, It is important to have one’s thyroid checked as early as possible, especially if there is family history of the disease, or during pregnancy. Prevention, proper information and early detection will always be better than cure that comes too late. Huwag akong gayahin please...



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