Sunday, June 05, 2016


I've always believed in the saying, "lumabas ka na ng bahay ng walang suklay-suklay, 'wag lang ang walang kilay".

Seriously girls, our eyebrows could either break or make our look. It's either you look like an alien because of a "kalbong kilay" or you may look like a "witch" because you completely and utterly fucked up your brows. Sorry for the word but that's the reality.

My currently fucked up eyebrows
I always have this thing with eyebrows ever since high school. Since a lot of my girlfriends do it, I plucked mine too. Since then, it has become thinner and taddaaa, hindi ko na sya mapantay pantay talaga. The photo above is the living proof of my uneven eyebrows. A not so pretty sight, yeah? So I draw on them to make it look perfect. But you know what, there are times when I am in a hurry and instead of perfecting them, I just end up with a rather messed up brows. Ang sad diba. :(

I admit, there are a lot of make-up that's available for the brows. Believe me, I have a lot which made me end up in watching video tutorials too. Somehow, these YouTube videos helped me improved my "Kilay skills" but I guess I still have a long way to go to be an expert.

What about you? Do you pluck and draw on your eyebrows too? You know what, there's nothing really wrong with that as long as you do it well and everything will look nice.

In my continuous search to achieve a perfectly natural look for my brows, up until now I am still in search for the right one. The right one with the full knowledge and the one I can trust.

I've actually seen a lot who went to have their eyebrows done aesthetically through a puchu-puchu clinic~ and believe me, it looks quite a lot like caterpillars than eyebrows, haha!

Seriously, it doesn't even look like eyebrows at all which makes it so darn bad. 

You see that's the bad side when you had it done with the wrong hands.

That's the reason why this eyebrow stranding or what they call eyebrowdery made me so curious. It really spiced up my curiosity all the more because it really gives one that perfectly looking eyebrows yet it still remains to look so natural. Believe me, this has become so famous here in the Philippines with more and more clinics offering their Kilay Services.

Out of this curiosity, I googled them — the one that I always see on Facebook that posts before and after and video stories. As if these were not enough I even researched on their social media accounts such as their Facebook pagetwitter, and instagram  handle just so I would be able to know more.

Here's what I got in my research to Random Clinics:

- Most of them has been in the beauty industry and has made them to transform thousand and thousands of eyebrows worldwide.
- The Expert ones do make sure that the shape and design of one's eyebrows suits the face shape and features, thus it will bring out one's natural beauty.
- Procedure has no pain, no bleeding and no swelling.
- A lot and lot of infos to mention 'cause I said, the kilay service has become pretty popular these days.

So my conclusion is:
We  ladies could always commit mistakes with our brows and that's a fact. For me, messing around my eyebrows is a serious matter and I've learned my lesson the hardway. But I do believe that an expert can rectify and could really make an eyebrow shape that fits our face perfectly. But you got to make sure that those experts really knows their thing, otherwise you'll be sorry.

After all the plucking, the products that I've tried and the video tutorials that I've watched~ finally I found my eyebrows match! I'm ready to flaunt the new me with these kind of pa-kilay service. Ang problem ko na lang is this: Budget, lakas ng loob and the right and trusty clinic.  And Honestly, I'm really excited about this (yes, I will keep you posted guys just in case I found the right one!)

Join me in my journey to having that perfect eyebrows~  I choose to be beautiful, I choose wisely.



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** Photo credits: 1st picture from this post is from Tina Yong's YouTube Channel



  1. Haha! Love this blog girl. You manage to put into words what I have in mind especially about those killer brows I see around.

  2. I believe that a good pair of brows can definitely lighten up your face! I never pluck my own brows and Im not really obsessed with it but i make sure its well groomed. Hehe. Glad you found a clinic for your brow problems. Hehehe. As for me, pencil pencil lang muna! Lol 😂

  3. I'd love to have my eyebrows fixed too. It doesn't look that bad actually but I want them to look great! Haha. Looking forward to seeing your "after" photos. :)

  4. Having brows that is on fleek is truly an investment and we should only have it handled by the experts. I am one of those girls that does not have a clue on what to do with my brows. I have my brows threaded i know it hurts but its more manageable to do that for me. I know for a fact that there a lot of products that can cater to our brows needs. This is one truly remarkable service that i myself am considering on doing to my brows. Kudos to you for posting an alternative service for beautifying our brows

  5. My eyebrows were first "fixed" when I was 14. I have a really weird brow and someone fixed it up. Since then I've had to maintain it. It's troublesome but you're right eyebrows can make or break you.

  6. I never pluck my own eyebrows, I find it very painful and difficult. It's always better to go to a professional, they know exactly what they are doing :)

  7. I am actually considering getting this procedure done myself but I'm still unsure. But I've gone to one of their branches before and saw the eyebrows of their staff, which were all done with this procedure and I must say I was impressed. They looked real.

  8. Waaaa! Cant wait to see your new eyebrows!! I'm a kilay addict too...... that's why I take so long dressing up. It's all about the kilay ;) Haha!

  9. Share this article with my sister. She really find some of the tips very good and she even started testing them lol. Definitely something for the ladies. :)

  10. I have considered getting eyebrow embroidery. But 10k is a steep price for someone who's low maintenance. I'd rather maintain my naturally shaped eyebrows:)

  11. Absolutely, perfectly shaped brows are not only for beauty but also it reflects confidence!! :)

  12. Omg, the eyebrows done wrong had me cracking! lol! I heard about pretty looks before, I even saw Arci's video on FB. I wonder hm they cost, I think I need those too! lol.

  13. wow you're brows are so on fleek. I would love to try this service of Pretty looks.

  14. I have bushy brows hehehe. I don't pluck it coz it's painful. I just had it groomed whenever I visit a salon. It's hard to maintain my brows I often forgot to fix them.

  15. Well, is this recommended for men also? Haha. I don't use any on my face ever since.