Tuesday, April 07, 2015

STYLE | Busy days

Once again, I went on MIA. I feel that my January, February and March just flew by so fast cause here we are, another week is ahead of us. It's the 7th of April and I so much feel that so much has happened during the past 3 months. We live in a very busy environment that most of the time I just don't realize that everything is happening so quick. Summer is really callinnggggg.... ang init init na. Perfect moment to head down for a holiday, take a deep breath, slow down and just appreciate everything that I have and what is yet to come.

Today's outfit post is still a backlog post ---> Obviously with my green hair still... :) :) I'm positive, I would be able to cope up with all of this logs pretty soon....

Skirt - Kai's
Mandals - Carvil Sandals