Friday, November 28, 2014


Get ready for an ultimate shopping experience as Pink Carpet Events proudly brings you one of the biggest bazaars this holiday season: Christmas Madness Bazaar 2014.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

STYLE | Smart Casual

Have you ever been invited to an event or an occasion for instance where in no dress code was ever mentioned. It’s kind of freaking me out pag ganyan. Nakaka freak out naman talaga! 
Ofcourse, so many things are popping up in my mind. You might get over-dressed or underdressed kasi. Nakakabaliw mag-isip ng kung anu-ano. Pero mas okay na yung maging safe than sorry. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Pagoda Philippines! 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

EVENT| Grand Fiesta 2014 at Resorts World Manila : Ceremonial Christmas Tree and Giant Parol Lighting

Whenever I see Christmas decorations, I always and always feel that Christmas is near na. In fact, I started to hear Christmas songs in malls since October pa. I posted on my twitter account nga just right after hearing it that it’s really becoming to feel a lot like Christmas because of these Christmas songs. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

STYLE| Glowing Aura

Aside from shorts, I could say that I have a slight addiction to dresses and skirts. 

Ever since I started wearing short dresses, I always find myself shuffling through pages to find out a standout print or a stand out color in the latest trends online or when hunting around for best ones in stores. Since I am getting addicted to it, you will be able to see me more wearing one.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

EVENT| Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutralizer Toothpaste Launch

Say hello to The NEW Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutralizer toothpaste. 
The newest from Colgate as it brings to the Filipinos the hope towards a Cavity- Free Future!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

EVENT| My Blogapalooza 2014 Experience

Blogapalooza 2014 was held last October 11, 2014 at the SMX hall in SM Aura. It was supposed to be last September 20 but got postponed due to the tropical storm  Glenda that hit the greater portion of Luzon including Metro Manila.

Blogapalooza is the biggest Business -to-Blogger networking event which is held only once every year. Thanks to Vince Golangco of When In Manila and Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet, 2 of the most influential blogs in the country who have partnered together in gathering bloggers to meet with businesses. If I am not mistaken, they have established this event since year 2011 or 2012. This year, there about over 700 bloggers who registered for the event. This is my first year to attend and I surely enjoyed it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

STYLE| Fresh and White

A brand new week once again! How are you? All good huh? Yes? YES!

You may have noticed that once in awhile I randomly post inspirational and motivational images in my Instagram posts. 
I am purposely doing it to spread positive outlook to my readers and followers. 
Just recently, I have been getting some instagram direct messages and comments that they really appreciate these inspirational images especially at times when they are feeling low. 
Some are thanking me because they find the words uplifting. I tend to get motivated from my posts too you know...  :) :) 
It’s just that it brings so much joy to my heart receiving such appreciation not just from friends but even from my  followers around the world. 
To some, the simple happiness from being appreciated may just have a little impact but to me it means a lot. Either way, I am absolutely grateful to everyone who appreciates my posts. 
Knowing I have helped uplift them in their darkest moments is my happiness. I know we all need to be uplifted once in awhile and I just love how I may be making someone’s day a bit brighter :)


Speaking about uplifting of one’s day, I find the lace top from VANITYCHICK SHOP so dainty looking that it makes my outfit so clean and neat even if I just paired it with a denim shorts. The lovely top perfectly made me feel feminine and girly while letting me express my usual casual -chic style. This is  the second time that I get to wear a piece from VANITYCHICK SHOP and I love how their pieces made my look different from one another. 

Hair Color | Lucky Princess
Top Vanitychick Shop
Belt | Burberry
Sunglasses| Rayban

Special thanks to the hubz for the photos.
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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

EVENT| Sewn & Co. Launch

Exactly 12 days ago, Friday, October 24, Sewn & Co. 's Store was launched.

 If you are wondering what Sewn & Co. has to offer ~ there are a lot actually ~ especially to those who are always on a lookout for good finds! 

Sewn & Co is a collaboration of different online brands. A one stop shop where you can find great online finds.
Yes! No more waiting for your favorite online brand for their pop-up stores in bazaars. You may now visit them everyday at the 4th level of the Podium Mall, inside the Markati Palazzo in Ortigas. Convenience made within your reach.

So are you excited to find out who amongst your favorite online brands are within easy reach? Hold your breath!

I'd like you to meet some of the fabulous owners first.... 

 Brands arranged (from L-R) : Indie-go, HerShoppe, Ingga Sandals, Nudo Swimwear, Sewn Sandals & DCG Fashion 

Did you recognize any of them yet? I'm sure you do! 

The Store was blessed a little earlier before we arrived. I'm so happy for the owners since 
they never forget to thank and lift up their blessings to our dear Father God. :)

Upon our arrival, free refreshments to shoppers and bloggers were served. Popcorn, pastries, fruits, and chips too. Saraaaap! hihi!

Let me now take a quick tour and introduction 
of the brands awaiting for you....

So how do you like an affordable beauty products within your reach? How fun could that be right? 

Left Photo : LOVE MANILA  ~ Right Photo : HAPPY HAULER 
I know you would be more than happy to know that these affordable beauty and make-up are all from LOVE MANILA
While if you are in search for some excellent Japanese and Thai products for your skin, HAPPY HAULER is there to serve you. They got Pasjel, Tokyo Love Soap and many more!

When it comes to outfits, I know we girls are all the same. 
That no matter how crowded our closet already are, there are still days when we just stare blankly at it and say that we've got nothing to wear! And if that happens to you, 
go run to Sewn & Co. because anything that you need to complete your OOTD is there. 

From the fashionable apparel from HERSHOPPE and the classic & affordable branded clothes from THE OVERRUNS STORE, no lady could definitely say no to these wonderful pieces. 

How about buying once piece of footwear with inter-changeable straps? I'm talking about the versatile sandals, and wedge from INGGA SANDALS. Go visit their instagram page to know why I described their sandals as being "versatile". I'm sure you'll agree with me after discovering it yourself. :)

Left Photo : SEWN SANDALS  ~ Right Photo : INDIE-GO BOUTIQUE 
How about going -out with your girl-friends and wanting to have a casual yet stylish look?
Then join in to the Mandals craze and get it from SEWN SANDALS, they have comfortable sandals yet affordable ones. A Lazy OOTD would be great for these foot wear.  Try to pair it with the chic- pieces from INDIE-GO and you'll know what I mean. 

Did you ever had an unplanned beach get-away? 

Worry no more! NUDO SWIMWEAR & CLASSIQUE APPAREL is just at the 4th level of the Podium Mall in Ortigas. What a great combination right. You may now fit your favorite Swimwear brand then simultaneously pair it with a gorgeous sunnies that would make you an instant hit at the beach.

And of course to us girls, our outfit wouldn't be complete without some accessories. 

May you prefer to accessorize from just the simple ones or the bold ones, DCG FASHION has it :)

It was a very successful launch! I swear I had a good time. 
It's really a one stop shop for everyone. So happy for all the the brand owners! 
I'm sure the shoppers were very happy too with what they got!

And for us bloggers, we did enjoy our Shopping experience too at Sewn & Co. Isnt' it obvious in the photos below :) hihi!
Come and visit them now and share us your experience too!

Til' my next Store review! 
Xoxo, J

Left Photo : Jaqui Perez,  (me) Jaimie Felix and Nicole Aguinaldo ~ Right Photo : (me) Jaimie Felix , Cristina Decena & Jaqui Perez 

Left Photo : Jaqui Perez , (me) Jaimie Felix & Rhea Bue 

Sunday, November 02, 2014

STYLE | Mint Condition

How are you guys? How's was your halloween? hope it was great. While I am writing this post, I am simultaneously browsing different news in the web and chatting with one of my NFBB (new found blogger buddy).  We talked about anything in the sun ~ from fashion, to food to people. I realized then that it's really funny how social media has taken over our lives. I don't know if it is just only me. But from my observation (especially in Facebook), there are really a lot who use it to brag about what they have in life. (Like, do you really need to? This is why I try to stay away from facebook lately as it has slowly become a place for bragging already! ) I mean, it's really fun to share happy moments, new stuff that you have or places that you have been into with your friends and family but please do it moderately so that you would not appear as if you are bragging only! ( especially if you know for a fact that you have exaggerated some of it just to make it appear that you are filthy rich -  It's irritating you know...) 

Okay, I know that our "want" to aways look best in every situation or in every photo that we have is already innate in each of us- and there's nothing wrong with that.  In fact I could even relate this situation to my photos here. The photos may look that there's nothing going on. But did you know that I had several ant bites during the photo session. Tsk! I know, hassle right! But still, I tried my best not to get affected with the itchiness and pains just to appear good in the photos. 
Actually, it should always be that way- we should always put our best foot to always look our best, to always appear in mint condition in all the things that we do. 
However, we should always be true to ourselves. If I projected as if I am perfectly fine, that's because I'm doing it for a good photo shoot. But if we are to look at the situation on a personal note, it is so wrong to be pretending to be okay when you are not. It is so wrong to pretend that you bought those expensive items (again) even if it means that you will be in debt for the next century! haha! joke. But seriously, I hope that we could please try not to be somebody that we are not so we will not appear trying oh so hard. 

Let's all live within our means. Let's all be true. :) 


For this outfit post, I really love how the mint cropped top from RIPPLES fits to my "taba" body. hehe. The cropped top is made of a stretchable fabric which definitely hid my fats haha! While the puffy skirt from KAI'S perfectly hid my big hips. :) To the girls who also have my similar body type, you can try this look too. Toss some chunky necklace and hat to look chic.  I paired the outfit with the pretty black and gold strapped flats from SHOEZETTE which completed my look.

 I want how the mint perfectly matched the color black. A total contrast of the light and dark colors helped me achieve my hippie-chic look.  What to you guys think?

Hat | The SM Store
Top | Ripples
Skirt | Kai's
Necklace | HeyJaimieGirl
Shoes | Shoezette

Special thanks to the hubz for the photos.
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