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Yesterday, we watched the Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice at the Podium Cinema in Ortigas. It is a Special Movie Blocked Screening sponsored by The Bacchus Energy Drink ~ thanks to my friend   Krish for connecting me the organizers of the Bacchus Team. Thank you Earl and the rest of the Bacchus team!

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©

Last March 5, 2016 was the day when I was able to tick Mount Pinatubo and 4x4 ride off my bucket list. This awesome experience was during the DERMPLUS SUNVENTURE event where the company invited select bloggers to participate in their Dermplus Sunventure campaign. Thanks to Dermplus team for making it happen. 

To those who know me so well, I know you are all surprised because I allowed myself to be engaged in such extreme adventure. For those who do not know me personally, just so you know - this kind of adventure is already a little too much for me because I am the type of person who doesn't exercise and hates the thought of getting dirty and sweaty. 

Yes, it's true that I love travelling~ but trekking and hiking were not included in my previous adventures. So when I got an invite from Dermplus and mentioned it to the husby, he was SUPER surprised to my eagerness in joining the activity. People change ya' know! haha! 

Seriously, I realised that life is short. I mean I'm not getting any younger so I guess I better get started in doing the things that I have not done before. Plus I told myself that maybe this could be the start that I get motivated and have an active lifestyle. So why not try and indulge right?!
So our call time was set at 1:00 am.  Since Mt. Pinatubo is located 55 miles northwest of Manila, the Dermplus Team ideally arranged that we all meet at Mc Donalds in Mindanao Avenue  because it is strategically located near NLEX (North -Luzon Expressway). We left Manila at 2:00am and reached Tarlac at around 4:00am. 
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
Upon reaching Capaz Tarlac, we went straight to Alvin's Mt. Pinatubo Guest House for our breakfast. A cute set-up of Dermplus products and banners welcomed us together with the rest of the Dermplus team.
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©

Tip: If you plan to also do this similar trip, it is really advisable that you leave Manila by 2am to catch the sunrise during your 4x4 travel ride. If you are coming from Angeles City, you must leave by 4am.

Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©

Each of us received this Dermplus kits. The Dermplus team made sure that we all got really protected for our Sunventure activity.
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
The jump off area is just a few meters away from the hostel. I think it was a short 5 minute walk so we were at the 4x4 vehicle's parking area as early as 5:30am. We signed waivers, filled up registration forms and took some photos while waiting for our ride and our guide. We also used this time to apply the Dermplus Sunblock for our skin's protection against the harmful UVs of the sun as we prepare ourselves for the adventure~
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
As it gets late, the number of people at the jump-off point increased. According to our Manong guide, the local government only allow  up to 500 persons in a day, however times have changed. Currently a limit of up to 1000 persons in a day are allowed to go up Mt. Pinatubo. We were there on a Saturday so just imagine the bulk of visitors that day. 
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
We left the area past 6:30am already so we are unable to catch the sunrise. Nevertheless, with or without sunrise, the whole 4x4 ride was pretty fun and scenic.
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
I was riding at the back of a 4x4 pickup truck during the first half of my 4x4 ride then later on transferred to a 4x4 Jeep. Being the adventurous that I am, I tried and braved taking videos and photos standing at the back of the truck and it really gave us that Mad Max feels.
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
Along the trip, we have encountered a lot of beautiful scene that you don't get to see everyday. 
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
Spot the beautiful scenic escape composed of volcano ash formations in different landscape. As we went along, I still cannot believe that something so tragic could turnout into something like this.

Click on here for a quick history about the Mount Pinatubo and its devastating eruption.
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
We had a stop over in between the 2-hour 4x4 ride. 
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©

We took the opportunity to re-appy our DERMPLUS SUNBLOCK since we have been out for more than an hour already.

Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©

Our protector and the star of the day - - - Dermplus Moisturizing Sunscreen in SPF 80
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
Meet the whole Dermplus Bloggers Squad! Teehee! :)
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
The whole travel time for the 4×4 ride took approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours of fun and excitement...

Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
You can see from our smiles that we did enjoy the ride! Woohoo!
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
Another adventure has started the moment our 4x4 ride ended because this is the point where the trek begins. It may take up to 2 1/2 hours of walking (or more) depending on your pace (one way), so that's approximately 4--6hours in total. Rest assured, it’s a lot of fun cause you’ll be surrounded with nature the entire time.
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
We encountered a lot of rocky areas along. Nevertheless, the trek is relatively easy since we never experienced a steep climb. I would suggest you wear a durable and water-resistant shoes since we walked across streams (yes, even during the summer and several of them actually).
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
Like me, if it's your first time to experience trekking (with zero exercise), I bet you would also complain on how exhausted you were - (because I did!) Plus there were (a lot) of instances where in I don't want to finish the trek anymore. But hey, don't judge me yet ~  because experiencing the combination of exhaustion, thirst, hunger and heat is not a joke. That when you fail to do some prevention, it could put you in danger or worse could even cause your life---
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
You see, I came to realise that this activity is like our life. It is like the journey of our lives. 

The rocky parts, the streams that we crossed, the hunger, thirst, heat and exhaustion the we experienced are like the problems and trials that we encounter everyday. Sometimes, we encounter a little too much that we tend to forget and notice how beautiful our life is. We often complain instead of appreciating what we have which causes us to fail. I know that the road to having a good life is no easy task - that's for sure! But with constant will and determination- it would definitely let you sore high.

Always remember::: In life, no matter how rocky our journey it may seem, just think that it should always be MIND OVER MATTER. 
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
Did you know that upon reaching this spot I just cannot contain the sense of achievement that I felt. haha! For the non- trekkers, I'm sure you will also cherish this moment as much as I did.
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
I know this may sound so cliche and so rusted, but I will say it again~"It's not about the destination. It's about the journey to get there." I believe a lot of you who loves to travel know what I really mean about this... :)

Across this signage, you'll be able to spot the resting area where you can buy food and drinks. The price though is waaaaay higher but trust me you won't mind the price tag anymore because the snacks and the drinks (which are served cold) would help you to re-fuel for the last remaining quarter of your trek. Oh and this is the place where you can find the toilet area too. So grab this opportunity for that water/snack and toilet break.
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
The last remaining part of the trail to the crater was more refreshing compared to the first part.  You'll be able to cross a number of streams and the ambiance does have a lot of green sceneries.
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
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Gaaaaaad! I finally made it!!!

The hike may be so tiring but all my exhaustion were gone the moment I laid my eyes on the crater’s lake.
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
It is pretty amazing~~ It would really make you wonder and say how can something so disastrous could turn out to be soooooo breathtaking as this one. 
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
So Beautiful with clear turquoise waters and surrounding land formations.
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
This amazing scene  is definitely worth all those dust, sweat, hunger, thirst, heat, exhaustion (plus my whining and complaining). 
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
If and when you are experiencing some trials in your life, always remember: 
Your bliss should always be greater than your suffering!
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©
The clouds cleared up just right before we head back down - The deep blue water became blue green! 
God is truly amazing!
Mt. Pinatubo Trek Photos -Dermplus 2016 ©

Going back, we went through the same route although we had a shorter travel time. We were a bit faster in walking back along the trail since it is relatively easier going down. 

After another 4hours of walk and a 4×4 ride, we were back at Alvin's Guest House for a sumptuous boodle lunch. Thank you Dermplus for spoiling us!

Here are some tips for those who plan to trek Mount Pinatubo~
-Heavy breakfast is a must.
-Leave early.
-Visit the Restroom before you start the activity. The restrooms are only available until you reach the second stop over - that's 1 to 2 km before the crater area.
-There are two stop overs before you reach the crater so bring a lot of water because you will get reaaaally thirsty. There are available drinks at the trail but you'll be able to see the vendors during the half of the trek. You may find prices a little too high but I assure you that  the Php100 Gatorade (served cold) is all worth it!
-Everything is a mind over matter situation - Remember, no one else can help you but yourself.

What to bring: 
- Lots of water, to keep you hydrated.
- Energy bars and some munchies- it will save you a lot.
- Sunglasses to protect your eyes
- Cap or a bandana to to protect your hair from the sun and the dust.
- Wear Trekking Shoes.
- Extra clothes and a towel.
- Never ever forget to put on your SUNSCREEN that contains high SPF. Re-apply every hour.

As with any trekking adventures, I'm no expert on this but always remember to pack light so you can easily walk and move. Unfortunately, I can't share anything much as to how much budget one would need to prepare for a similar activity since this is a sponsored trip and everything has been arranged by the Dermplus team. Nevertheless, according to our guide, it is best to arrange a tour in group (like 5-10 pax) since discounted rates are being offered. You may check online for available promos and packages.

To cap it off, I enjoyed this activity so much! Who would have thought that through a fun activity, I would be able to come up with a great realisation and lesson in life.  It is also through this activity that I learn to value more the importance of protecting our skin (like re-applying sunblock regularly) 'cause honestly prior to this activity, I never really practice re-application of sunblock.

We all know that summer is the season when we all think about the sun, beach and vacations. However, all these happy and fun thoughts come along with the dangers of the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun that causes skin cancer and the aging process too. While it is true that even in the absence of sun exposure, we already need our dear sunblock~ so much more when we are going to engage in extreme adventure and will be exposed to the sun. Hence, it is really a must that we protect our skin by wearing a sunblock.

I have tried and tested Dermplus during our trek and it's really proven effective. It doesn't give a non-sticky feel and I didn't get any sunburn so I highly recommend it to you guys. If you have kids, I can guarantee you that your kids would love it too.

Thank you Dermplus! I consider this as one of my unforgettable experience.

For a complete coverage of our Mt. Pinatubo experience, click and watch our adventure here ~ CLICK ME!!!
What about you guys, do you have a similar experience? Share it to me... :)



All my images copyright to THEMERMAIDINSTILETTOS.COM
Other Photos and Video, Source : Dermplus Team


Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock (in different variants) are available at Watsons, Mercury Drugstore, and supermarkets nationwide. You can also follow them on Facebook for more of their sunventure updates.

Monday, March 14, 2016


If you are also from the Philippines, a lot of us will be soon packing up for the much-needed holiday since  “summer time” has finally came in. Holy week is a bit early for this year and is already fast approaching. By this time, a lot of us have planned our week-long itinerary for this season. Will you be spending it by doing the traditional Visita Iglesia or have you planned on going to the beach or spend it with your family by coming home to your home town? No matter where you planned to travel with your family or friends this season, make sure to pack these basics.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


For the past months since November, my schedule has been crazy... which means that from the scale of 1 to 10, again and again exercise has always been on a "0" scale. Bad eh? I know it is! Yet I want to lose weight - soooo bad! 

Why? because today, I have been reminded that I am constantly gaining weight. Thanks to this App called Timehop because it has reminded me again that I really gained a lot already~

2 years ago!

Yes, that photo was 2 years ago and it has been almost 2 years since I was able to wear that shorts 'cause it doesn't fit me anymore. Sob,Sob, Sob!!!

Like most of you guys, I have been struggling to lose weight. Desperate enough that I already want to resort to dietary supplements that are being advertised just to make a fast forward in the process of losing my unwanted fats.

There are really a lot of these dietary supplements that are made available in the market which actually come in a variety of forms such as tablets, capsules, as well as drinks and energy bars. However, given all the reviews and the feedbacks that I was able to read around, it's really hard to tell which of these products will give you the best results and if it is really that safe. But hey, there's this product called MySlim that I am curious about. I have been seeing it on billboards that is being endorsed by the actress, Jennelyn Mercado.

It really spiced up my curiosity because I have seen how Jennelyn worked hard to achieve her perfect image of strength and value for one’s constant improvement ( I have seen her constant development through her instagram updates, she's a tri-athlete and I admire her a lot for her ultimate perseverance). 

Out of this curiosity, I landed to the different sites where I could get information about MySlim~ such as their Facebook page, twitter, and instagram handle. As if these were not enough I even researched on their website just so I would be able to know more.

Here's what I was able to dig out: 

MySlim comes in 2 forms ~
  • Detox and Fat Burner Drink - which is packaged in a bottle or in a sachet
  • Natural Fat Burner Complex in Capsule

  • Vida Nutriscience Incorporated was the one responsible in developing MySlim. They are one of the leading health and wellness products provider in the market and the country’s go-to provider of safe, novel and ethical health and wellness products. 
  • MySlim is the first slimming and detox drink that is clinically proven to promote safe weight loss because of its special Yerba Mate formulation. 
    • As a backgrounder, Yerba Mate was first discovered in Brazil and was then used for tea. Over the centuries since its discovery, clinical studies and research proved that it is also an effective weight loss component. Yerba Mate reduces fat without shedding lean muscle mass and only burns unwanted fat, making you fit and healthy. 
  • It is packed with Palatinose which promotes energy for longer periods of time. 
  • It also has Carnipure which reduces the sensation of hunger therefore reducing one’s food intake. 

Hmmm interesting, isn’t it? But the question is, Is it affordable?

SRP of MySlim drink in sachet ~ PhP 69.00
SRP of MySlim drink in bottle ~ PhP 89.00
SRP of MySlim in capsule ~ PhP 540.00 (30 capsules)

Am I convinced? Shall I try it? ------------ Yes!!!

With a Healthy diet + Detox + Exercise, I believe "I CAN" do it. And I firmly believe that I will be summer ready in no time because "I WILL" start today.

I'm so excited to show you the impact of mySlim soon. :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2016


Cosmetic products exist to help women improve their facial features or cover imperfections. But while an average woman uses 12 different products everyday—which all in all contains about 170 ingredients according to a research by U.S. organization Skin Deep—their desire to look good might do more harm than good especially when proper skin regimen is not practiced.