Wednesday, March 26, 2014

STYLE | When I think of Winter

When you are in a tropical country, and when you experience a not so ordinary coldness, there's no doubt you'll definitely think of winter. 

Here's what I wore on our second day at the City of the Pines.

Outfit Details:
Top | Mango
 Pants | Calvin Klein
Boots | From a pop - up store at St. James Bazaar, Ayala Alabang

Special thanks to Kristeen Glorioso of Kristeen's Fashion for the Karl Alley Snapback - 
I superrrr looove eeeeet :) 
You may follow their instagram page here or add them up on facebook here.


What about you guys? Did winter ever crossed your mind when you felt a drop in temperature? 


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Thursday, March 13, 2014

TRAVEL | 9.5 degree in Baguio

As we all know, the months of January and February  are generally the coldest months in the Philippines. We all felt it but this year it is different - a lot colder than the previous years. The unusual colder temperature we had last month allowed me to use my sweaters and jackets once again. Add up the news about the continuos drop in the temperature in Baguio City -  the lowest recorded at 8.1 degree made us want to go up north and experience it too.

The last time I was in Baguio, it took us a total of 6 hours drive  - but that was 10 years ago so I was really surprised because we left Manila at 2am of January 30  -  and we arrived at 6am - so it was just a short 4 hours drive including stop-overs in between... I guess it's easier to go back and forth now in Baguio despite all the road works in some provinces along the way.

It was cold when we arrived. The 9.5 degree temperature made the kids excited (including us, the adults) especially when we experienced that little mist coming out of our mouth when we talk... :)

We stayed at Mountain Breeze Condominium Villas along Loakan Road. It's a unit owned by a family friend of my sister in law. Grateful that they let us use their vacation place because hotels were booked at the time when we were there due to Chinese New Year long weekend.

We love the place. It was private and peaceful.

Our day in Baguio started when we had a late lunch at O' Mai Khan - which for me is really a must try when you are in the city. Then we took dinner at Don Henricos ( as always, a must for us whenever we are in Baguio).

We were able to go to several places on our first day.  But not too much as we had to get some sleep in the morning. Good thing we decided to travel on a thursday so there's not much tourist yet in the area and oh, less traffic too :) 

Here's some more of the photos of our first day.

That's it - - I still have a lot of photos on our first day in the city but I guess that would have to be uploaded somewhere else already.

Second day pictures will be up next....