Wednesday, September 05, 2018


Would you know what to do if a baby isn't breathing or a toddler was choking? If you answered no then continue reading on. 

Last Friday, I learned a lot about first aid for kids. It’s something we parents should know coz’ sabi nga, “we never know”. When an unexpected medical situation strikes and our kids are the one affected, most parents and even family members are often times clueless about what to do. I'm guilty about this, are you?

We all know it that it is a must that we know at least a basic first aid so we are always ready in case of emergency. 

Honestly, I do not have much knowledge when it comes to first-aid, and I'm pretty sure a number of parents too. And this is perhaps due to lack of enough training from our own parents, misinformation, or simply just the absence of awareness. Kaya, I am just grateful for being one of the attendees of the recently held training session that GlenMark Philippines Inc. has provided for parents.

Focal points of the training session involved the safety of kids when at home, during travels, or even when staying at home in the company of the househelp or with the parents themselves. 

We were able to learn the basic whatnots on Cuts and wounds, Burns and Scolds, Allergies, Bites and Stings, Animal Bites, Dehydration, First Aid Kit, Child, and Infant CP and Child and Infant Choking.

When the child got a burn, cover the burn with a  moistened sterile gauze.

Bring your child to ER if you see the above symptoms after a burn.
 The objective is to provide training on what to do and how to react and apply first-aid treatments for various medical issues that may involve our kids. This also to help most parents become equipped with adequate knowledge on first aid for kids. Foskina, a product of GlenMark Philippines Inc. through its online platform, will help equip parents or every household with ample familiarity and understanding on how to manage or handle first aid correctly.

Should your child have an allergy, give your child an anti-histamine medicine. 

If you see the above symptoms with your toddler or your grade-schooler, it is best to rush him/her to the ER. is the online wound care advocacy site of Glenmark Philippines Inc. targeting parents and even househelps. Just recently, Glenmark through in cooperation with conducted a training session called “Yaya Does Montessori” for the “yaya” to train them on how to handle wound care and apply basic first-aid treatment for kids. You may read about what transpired on the training here.

We parents are the ones directly in charge of our kids’ welfare and safety, the responsibility of keeping the home and living environment safe and secure. With this, it is imperative that we should know what to do and not to panic in every medical situation.

I ended my work-week last week with a grateful heart because of these additional knowledge I gained.💓You may view more visuals and video of what we have learned, here.

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  1. Very important talaga na may first aid kit at kung may alam din tau

  2. Very important talaga na may first aid kit at kung may alam din tau