Monday, September 24, 2018


Tammy and I had a blast yesterday. It's the usual laid back Sunday and we hopped in at All Day Café near our place to have a doze of our fave ice cream. But lo' and behold —our usual simple convenience-store- ice cream indulgence just got extra because of the Yummy Goya Double Hazelnut Spread!

Wait, what?! Spread over ice cream?

Yup, you read it right friends! 

We actually made a new imbento and topped our fave swirl ice cream with the Goya Double Hazelnut Spread!

I'm not sure if you've seen my post on my social media accounts about the Goya goodness. Pero, pero, pero.... Grabeeeee!Masarap na yung binabalik-balikan naming ice cream pero ito, mas lalo pa 'syang pinasarap ng Goya Double Hazelnut Spread.

Yes, guys! we brought along our Goya Spread at All Day Cafe’ hehe!

Our very own Ice Cream Swirl topped with Goya Double Hazelnut Spread

Imagine our 25pesos ice cream got extra special! 

The Goya Double Hazelnut Spread is only Php154 SRP for a 350g bottle which is affordable than (our used to be favorite) imported choco spread brand. Imagine nyo na lang the same indulgence that you crave from your expensive imported brand but taste the same or even better pa nga. 

Kaya nga when I had a first taste of the Goya Spread, I never went back to our old choco spread brand that we used to buy. Now, this is what you call a truly ‘singsarap pero di ‘sing-mahal finds!!! haha!

But seriously though, I'm sure my fellow moms/dads who knows about the struggle on the monthly expense budgeting would agree with me on this:::

Why pay for more when you have the same goodness tapos better pa diba. Sayang naman din kasi talaga yung matitipid right?

Ikaw ba, do you consider this factor too when you do your purchases? Ako I do, because in times like this, you just got to be wise with your purchases and expenses. Ang hirap na kaya kitain ng pera ngayon so tipid-tipid din tayo dapat. I learned na from my past spurges kaya I'm wiser now. 

Goya spread's three variants: Goya Double Hazelnut, 
Goya Choco Hazelnut & the Goya Choco Hazelnut and Milk.

The Goya spread is Goya's Premium brand made in Germany. It actually has three variants which are the Goya Double Hazelnut, Goya Choco Hazelnut & Goya Hazelnut and Milk. You can actually use it on some of your favorite dishes or even to your crackers, bread, banana's or as cereal toppings to add more flavor and twist.

I swear, ayaw sya tigilan ni Tammy (ako din, haha! ). Ginawa na nga syang dip ni Tammy. There was one time when I saw her sliced her banana into pieces and dipped it with the Goya Double Hazelnut Spread — 

.... And ito ha, honestly, pinapapak namin sya alone — super sarap kasi, kaya try it too. For sure you'll say, oo nga, tama nga si "jaimie".... ‘singsarap pero di ‘sing-mahal nga. haha!


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