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 When you get married, isn't that you swear to your partner that you would do everything together....—with my husband, we have been applying that ever since. We laugh together, we cry together. If someone is mad, the other one will just listen. If someone needs a helping hand, the other one will even extend his/her arm. You see, we jive together and that's what I love about my husband. He just knows how to sway with the wind every time. 

But the question is, as with any other man, does my husband still extend a helping hand even when it comes to household and domesticated task? Hmmmm. I guess the photo above answers this question clearly —kaya friends, he is the reason why I get to love our life even more. :) 

Anywho, enough of my pa-tweetums, haha!

By now you've seen in my social media accounts that the newest Shopwise hypermarket in Lancaster City in Imus Cavity had its grand launch recently. I was one of the invitees so as we could check it out. However, with sudden unexpected circumstances, I am unable to go.— But being the dependable person as he is, the husby suggested and told me that he could go on my behalf, ibilin ko na lang daw sa kanya yung mga gusto and kailangan namin bilihin.

I was so happy that time because I have a husband like him and at the same time I got disappointed because I couldn't come eh grocery stores pa naman aside from clothes and makeup can keep pumping blood on my system, haha!) Seriously tho, when I was scrolling with his photos during the launch, I become sooooo inggit.

Keep scrolling friends and together let's check my husband's photo diary of his grocery take-over at the newly-opened Shopwise Lancaster!

First things first — he informed me na nandun na sha. Reporting si husby.. hehe! It was raining that day, sayang ang white rubber shoes, haha!

From the photos that he took, I know that the husby pays attention whenever we do our grocery shopping! We always pay a visit first to the bread station and delicacies.

I Just love Shopwise Lancaster’s layout

It has spacious aisles and it is well-lit.
...and they have a very well-organized display which makes it look so classy.

Ang sakit kaya sa ulo mag grocery if the stocks are labo-labo diba!

Another thing that we like at  Shopwise is that they have in-house brands that are the best value for money!

One of the Sulit Buys na binabalik -balikan namin is their home brand — Sure Buy! It's a hit, affordable prices talaga!

Let’s Stay healthy with brown sugar.

He's the sweetest! He called me up pa to ask if

I like this kasi he knows that I Love Red Iced Tea.

Haven't tried Tom Yum yet but the Mi Goreng is FTW! It's my fave and Tammy’s too! 

Tammy loves oatmeal for breakfast and snack ~ we have 2 of this in stock at home.

They have the best pasta sauce from the Papa Alfredo brand. 
This is our fave`, Husby is super masarap 

mag -cook ng pasta kaya we always have pasta at home.
I asked him bakit ganyan— he said coz'para daw kami tumutunga ng Papa Alfredo extra virgin Olive oil, ang bilis daw namin makaubos. haha! But why not, with Shopwise’ Olive oil from Papa Alfredo, the price is affordable and sulit naman. 

Baked Macadamia is my fave, OMG! 
“ O”cholesterol is just right for snacks.

Majority of Shopwise in-house brands have the best value for money

Tammy's Fave. Snapmax Long Crispy Chips are something new. We were able to try this when we got hold of itfrom our last visit at Shopwise Circuit. She instantly got hooked.

Teas for Better digestion.

Look, super fresh vegetables!

 Fresh Seafood

Look at the Seafood area — sparkling clean!

Dried Food is available too.

AND LOOK! That’s just one of their many Buy 1 Get 1 promo.

One thing I like about the husby is... 
he is still a kid at heart. :)
Haha! Umeffort pa talaga sa photo-ops with the Magnolia Chix!

One of my faves at Shopwise is their poultry section – they always have available fresh

MY gaaaad! Cheese is our comfort food ~ us three!

Now this!-this side of the grocery is really one of my favorite aisles. He knows my kind of scent, kaya hinanap pa daw nya talaga. 

And this one is his fave aisle — Vitamins and supplements!

As you see— he made kwento to me na at that time, Ate patiently explained to him about the Wise Card. So if you are frequent grocer at Shopwise then you should have the Wise Card to earn points para sulit.
The husby said he’d like to commend the staff— they were all super helpful and attentive! With their great value items, well-lit stores, well-organized shelves, and items, one couldn't help but love Shopwise! Can't wait to go to Shopwise Lancaster :)

Oh and by the way, get that upgrade on your Wise Card today! 

Check your points in real-time, earn and redeem points everytime you shop and access #BIGDeals at Shopwise all in one touch! 

With the Shopwise App, aside for earning and redeeming points directly from the app, You get first and exclusive news on deals and promos. It's actually a meal planner and grocery list in one app. It's basically your digital grocery shopping companion which makes your shopping easier. It is available in Play Store and App Store so go na, download your WiseApp today!


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