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When I first heard that they will be opening a Manila studio, I got super excited. To me, when you say Physique 57 Manila, I always associate it with the super fit bod of KC Conception kasi it is where she works out everytime she's in the US. Kaya ganun na lang my excitement which got pumped up all the more!

As a wife, a mom and an entrep — there's so much going on in my life every single day and there are times that it may seem so overwhelming already. Just like the many other women out there, I also wear a lot of hats every day. But despite these responsibilities, we ladies should think of ourselves— we also need time to recharge and find an outlet where we can further strengthen our bodies, minds, and self-confidence. Now let me ask you now... do you allot at least a little time for yourself? 

Ako I do. Kaya I didn't think twice when I got an invitation to try out Physique 57.

What is Physique 57 all about?
Physique 57 is a proven barré -based workout program with intervals that blends the most effective elements of cardio, strength training, and stretching. Designed to burn fat and build long, lean muscle, Physique 57 uses a groundbreaking process called Interval Overload which uses a person’s own body weight as resistance to target and overload muscles to the point of fatigue, then stretches them for relief. Each intense 57-minute workout involves muscle-defining arm exercises, waist-chiseling ab moves, intense thigh and seat sequences and fluid stretches. 

A little bit of Physique 57 History
Physique 57 is a New York City fitness favorite since 2006. It actually sparked the ballet barré exercise studio craze worldwide with its sold-out classes, cult following, and celebrity clientele. It set the barré for its effective, efficient and fun body sculpting workouts and was even praised by the press and regulars for its visible and rapid results in just eight classes.

CEO and founder Jennifer Vaughn Maanavi developed Physique 57 after The Lotte Berck Method, an exercise studio that taught a rigorous, dance-based exercise method, shut its doors in 2005. She experienced first-hand the quick weight loss and boost in her self-confidence and perseverance with the Lotte Berck Method and wanted to keep its mission alive. She then teamed up with star Lotte Berck trainer Tanya Becker to create Physique 57. To date, Physique 57 is empowering women in ten studios worldwide: in New York City, the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, Dubai, Bangkok, Mumbai, and now Manila. 

What should first-time barré babes expect in each class? 
Newbies should look forward to a challenging, effective yet rewarding session. Each class starts with a warm-up and a series of upper body exercises that include push-ups, planks, free weights and targeted moves for the biceps, triceps, shoulder, chest, and back. 

Afterwards, barré babes will move to the barré to tone and lift the thighs, seat, and abdominals.

It may appear easy when you just read my description and kwento pero, pero, pero hindi. haha! I have been pretty exposed with exercise so I expect that if there's any "sakit ng katawan" afterwards,  it would be minimal na lang. But I was wrong, haha!

Exercise sequences merge small, isometric moves with large, full body movements which are guaranteed to sculpt the physique in a way it has probably never been before.  Totoo toh kasi feel na feel ko yung mga dating hindi nagagalaw na mga muscles ko eh at that time —gumalaw lahatmga friends!

Here's a tip: attend a class with a friend it’s pretty fun, you won't even notice that your 57 minutes is over that fast!
Don’t be fooled and discourage though, kasi each challenging class is still low impact and focuses on proper body mechanics, alignment and form. In fact, most of its exercises are akin to movements done in physical therapy so they’re equally strengthening and therapeutic. The workouts also help resolve muscle imbalance and helps correct lifestyle-acquired postural deviations.

Even though the classes are rigorous, Physique 57 barré babes push through each session through the help of the program’s innovative choreography, energizing music, personalized coaching, motivating class community, and more importantly, its undeniable physical, mental and emotional results. (Hello, self-confidence!)

with Beverly Hills-based Physique 57 trainer Lyndsey Makovsky
Physique 57 instructors are upfront that the classes aren’t easy but that’s precisely why they work. Lyndsey Makovsky, one of the top Physique 57 trainers from New York encourages new clients, “Come in with no expectations and keep an open mind. Our teachers will always have your back and they will always support you. Just try it. It’s going to leave you feeling better and you’re going to walk out of the class in a better mood and hopefully, feel encouraged.”

Just imagine this lady friends: my 12 year-old daughter survived and finished the whole-57 minute work-out smiling so kung kinaya nya, all the more that you ladies can do too!

If there’s one major characteristic that sets Physique 57 apart from other run-of-the mill exercises, it’s the fact that it promotes a strong sense of community so each client receives the right amount of encouragement as we strive to gain strength, build muscle and eventually feel great in our own unique body. To put it simply, it’s as graceful and tough as the women who deserve to be empowered by Physique 57.

I'll definitely be back again within the next coming months :) 

I'm ending this blog with a major bilin to you guys — Don't forget to love yourself because when you do, automatically you'll think about maintaining a happy and fit physique kaya reward, recharge and rediscover a leaner and stronger you.

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