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During my time when we are about to graduate high school, we were given seminars and the like so as it could help us in coming up with a sound decision when it comes to the course that we would take in college. But at this digital-run-modern age and time, our children need something extra to guide them in honing their skills in order for them to make a dent in a fast-paced world.

I know as a millennial parent, there are a number of questions out there — especially now that tomorrow's world will have more robots, computers that learn & think, and smart devices that we wear on our bodies.

The fact that we should understand reality, control our schedules, and perform our tasks using augmented virtual reality and mobile apps plus the possibility that smartphones may or may not be obsolete. Whew! Lahat yan possible to happen kaya as parents, we should gear our kids to an education na kayang tumapat with these developments.

With all these, we parents should then be more aggressive to find an institution where our children's potentials are maximized. 

With that said, how can our children empower other leaders to change the game in the fields of Computing, Business, and Design?

I think, parents now should be able to prepare their children to not just survive but also thrive in that world. Am I right or am I right? 

Last 2-Saturdays ago, I got invited to check-out iACADEMY Nexus Campus along Yakal St. in Makati City. I chose to tag with me my daughter Tammy since I know that it will also be an opportunity for her to have an idea on what's in store for her when she reaches senior high school. (We do not have senoir high school before, direcho na agad to college diba, but due to K-12 curriculum, we are slowly adjusting).

I've read that iACADEMY is said to be the school that nurtures creativity but that puts it in the 21st-century context by teaching kids how to use 21st-century tools and media. Just by reading about it, I didn't think twice upon receiving the invitation since I've been intrigued with their curriculum plus I heard a lot of good feedback from the said institution. iACADEMY being the “cool school”,  is said to be where creative kids with big dreams pursue their passions. 

When we visited the school, it was also the day of their open house which was the perfect time for us to hear how they introduce news about the new Senior High School tracks they are offering for next year. They have several offerings such as mobile app development, robotics, graphic design and audiovisual production as well as a new college program.

Honestly, upon hearing it, I was impressed by these iACADEMY's new offerings as it did “transform” my view of education.

You ask why??  Because currently, iACADEMY students are now making robots, designing mobile apps, programming software to interact with AI (artificial intelligence), and creating digital, tech-based tools and products that their parents likely don't understand that well.

Don't worry, fellow parents – I don't understand some things about these too, haha! But since sharing is caring, I'd like to share with you some pretty impressive offerings they have which you might want for your kids. I think an iACADEMY education in these senior high school tracks will give them that advantage.

iACADEMY provides its senior high students two years of a solid robotics curriculum that includes design, study, research, and actual prototype-making. 

According to iACADEMY Assistant Principal for Senior High School, Mel Obedoza, their robotics program provides the proper foundation to allow students to get jobs right away or pursue higher studies in robotics science. 

iACADEMY VP for Academics Francis Jacob Aragon also explained that their students are required to design robot prototypes that can potentially help their community and society at large. Students build and program their own robots virtually from scratch. Students may go into higher studies in robotics, computer science, programming, and engineering. 

“The robots our students will design have to address a social issue. They must respond to a societal concern or problem. The robots they create will be the solutions,” he said. 

Robots nowadays make our cars, process our food, transport people and goods, help doctors perform amazing, life-saving surgeries and more. 

“Robots and AI will eventually replace human workers who perform low-level, repetitive tasks. However, we will still need humans to perform the mid-level and high-level jobs. iACADEMY graduates will be occupying those jobs.” said Obedoza. 

Robotics prepares students for careers in business processes, artificial intelligence, manufacturing, industry, and transport. Practically any job that requires a background in computers, programming, and electronics.

Audio Production 
Another iACADEMY track for senior high is Audio Production. Audio Production today involves music, sound effects, 3D sound, augmented and virtual reality. As people prefer more experiential forms of entertainment, learning, and working, a career in Audio Production is even more viable and lucrative. 

This is a field that is crucial for TV, video, movies, and even extended reality and augmented reality. There's even such a thing as 3-D sound. 

People communicate and learn better with video and augmented reality, and even through animation. None of that are possible without audio production. 

“Everyone loves music. Everyone relates to sound. Just imagine a movie without any sound. The experience will be so much less,” said Obedoza. 

Audio Production applies to careers in any business that entails music, entertainment, sound effects, performances, and video production.

Graphic Illustration 
Today, the word “artist” really means something beyond the traditional arts of drawing, sketching, painting, and sculpture. That's why drawing, painting, sketching are just the basics. Students eventually move on to digital graphics, 3D graphics, and augmented and virtual reality.

“Early on we already train our students in digital art. They start with drawing classes, but we take them to the next level which is digital illustration, 2D methodology, and 3D methodology. They need that if they want to pursue using technology to create art,” said Obedoza. 

Graduates of this track have potential careers as animators, comic artists, illustrators; graphic designers, branding artists, marketing professionals; motion graphics creators, and producers of e-learning materials. 

“When you talk about graphics illustration now, one of the key trends is augmented reality. Like Pokemon Go. Today, we use augmented reality (AR) to help ourselves learn better. Imagine being able to train someone to put together a motor, or perform a surgical operation, using AR."

“In order to be able to do that, you have to have a realistic mock-up of all those objects you are putting together, or the organs or tissues you are operating on. Those are created by graphics artists who specialize in 3-D,” said Obedoza.

App Development
Many parents today are familiar with apps. If they use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Messenger, or if they use Photo Collage, then they already know what an app is. But those are just the apps for the present. What about the future? iACADEMY is already looking at the future of mobile app development, to help students build careers on it.

“We're not just looking at mobile app development right now. We're looking at what it will be in the future. We're looking at smart devices, wearable technology, and the internet of things. All these trending technologies including AI and robotics as well,” said Obedoza.

In the near future, devices in our offices and homes will be linked in the internet of things. For example, we'll control our refrigerator, air-conditioner, TV and home computer using a smart device: phone, glasses, a wristwatch, etc.

“If you have a strong foundation in app development, you can go into AI, data science, robotics, internet of things; you can create apps for business. You can join practically any industry. That's what we're preparing our students for,” said Obedoza.

Graduates of this track will be ready to create apps, teach others to use apps, or help operate apps in corporate and educational settings.

According to Jacob Aragon, VP for Academics "a future-geared education challenges the traditional mindset of what's in store for students after graduation. But that has to happen. The change can be so fast, it's hard to catch up. The world is changing and we're already using amazing technology that our students need to learn. We're taking it to the next level. It's awesome if we could put our students at the forefront of their future lives and careers.”

Aragon added “The programs we have in Senior High School also is aligned with what they have in College so you don’t have to take the subjects that you have already learned in senior high. Students are excited to go to school and they can’t wait to advance in their fields and passion.”

New programs: 

Psychology: They have offered this so as to address the emotional well being need of employees and prevent unhealthy workplaces. Students here will be equipped in research, HR Functions, assess behaviors and be psychometricians.

School of Business: In this program, they are working on BSBA Accounting programs, an MBA offered by DePaul Academy. Aside from three BA’s they offer courses that hone an entrepreneurial mindset, social intelligence, community leadership, and integrity. 

School of Design: “Under the school of design we stand by “design thinking”, to create solution for real-world problems. We already have Multimedia Arts and Design, Fashion Design and Technology, but we want to offer AB in Music Production and Sound Design, AB in Film and Visual Effects and AB in Production and Sound Design. If you want to make movies, these are the courses you can go to", says Erica Ngui.

School of Computing: "You do not see our courses in other big Universities, it’s why we had Software Engineering in the past, they apply scientific parts and incorporate it in the design. We gambled and introduced programs in a time where it was not a norm. We have a bachelor program for Animation, we also have web development, so students now learn functionality, aesthetics and user experience. Now we also have game development, a BS program that makes programming, design and writing. In the next school year we are launching Data Science as a course, Mechatronics too." says Mitch Andaya, iACADEMY Dean Emeritus.

We were able to have a tour of the whole campus and pretty much I was amazed at their hi-tech enabled institution. 

With over 28,000 square meters of space, the 14-story building has exciting facilities to offer.

iACADEMY has a multipurpose hall that can accommodate up to 900, a mini theater that can seat 250 and an indoor running track above a basketball court. 

They have pretty simple but well-lit classrooms to begin with.

It also has a floor dedicated to computer laboratories:

They have Wacom drawing tablets and Cintiq computers available for aspiring artists and animators. 

Budding fashion designers can get to create their garments in the impressive fashion design and sewing rooms. 

For young photographers and filmmakers:

A green room and sound room is available for their different production needs. 

During breaks and school events, everyone can enjoy the spacious cafeteria and student lounge, which shares an entire floor. 

For those seeking a more quiet place to study or reflect, 

the library on the 6th floor and the meditation room on the 8th floor would definitely be ideal.

They are always welcome at the Guidance Center

... and can visit the school clinic whenever they do not feel well.

Friends, that's what iACADEMY is all about!

If you want your children to embrace the future with non-traditional ways of training that will embolden the Game Changers them then you may go ahead and send a message at

They are accepting entrance examinees for the school Year 2019-2020 already.


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