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With the Yaya as the one in charge of kids' welfare and safety at home, while the parents are away, it is they who are tasked to make our wards' play and home environment as safe as possible. BUT, what if, with an unforeseen instance, your beloved child had a minor accident at home? 

You see, it is right in our very home where our children linger and play the whole day, with lots of activities that will make them prone to small wounds like cuts and scratches.  And the majority of the working parents today are dependent on their kids Yaya's — we entrust our kids to our Yaya while we are away. The thing is, paano nga kung biglang napaso or the kid got a scratch? Shall Yaya wait for us parents before she can give first aid? 

Realizing this, pharmaceutical company Glenmark Philippines, through its online wound care advocacy site, recently conducted a special training on the basics of wound care for househelps. 

In partnership with, the event entitled "Yaya Does Montessori" provided a training for an integral person in the household which is our "Yaya's" – for them to gain knowledge on how to apply basic first aid treatment on cuts, scrapes and insect bites on kids. 

The activity aimed and hoped to educate the "Yaya" on how to handle kids' skin problems, especially during travels, and will get to know more about "Foskina," Glenmark Philippines' newest topical ointment treatment for common skin problems, particularly among kids. 

The ideal contents of a first-aid kit should be was tackled and discussed — whether for use at home or when traveling. 
The househelps also were introduced to the various materials and other suitable activities per age group with the help of Montessori families and educators. They also learned how the Montessori philosophy on child development can be adopted by the Yaya to help aid the child.

An added feature of the event was a special segment courtesy of  In this segment, parents and other child caregivers were given knowledge and a brief training on basic child and infant safety methods. Dr. Theresa Joy Sto. Domingo, the chairman of the Victor R. Potenciano Medical Center (VRPMC) Emergency Medical Consultants and is highly trained on handling various emergency medical cases and performing emergency medical procedures was the one who leads the segment.

I know we can never be certain of events called "accidents", that's why this basic training for the Yaya is beneficial for everyone. I'm not saying we should anticipate an accident but if our Yaya is knowledgeable on first aid, then the best thing we could be is to let them be well prepared and well equipped when these eventualities do occur. For more about Foskina, visit, or follow them at Instagram (@firstaidforkidsph)


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