Monday, July 23, 2018


Vivo X21 is every fulfilled young person’s secret key to achieving goals. You’ll never know when life will throw you something good. Sometimes we find ourselves happy and content in our current hobbies and careers only to discover later that our passion lies in another. 

Young people, popularly fitted under the generation bracket “millennial,” are examples of this. For millennials, life offers a multitude of possibilities and they are out to achieve and conquer all of them.

International smartphone brand Vivo is a brand that understands the young populace. This is why their products are always anchored in innovation and are designed to fit into the energetic and dynamic lifestyle of its young audience. 

Vivo’s latest offering, the revolutionary Vivo X21, fits right in every millennial’s life goals with the special features under its hood. Vivo, being known as a brand that pushes boundaries in terms of innovation, is proud of the X21’s unique and industry-first feature—the impressive under-glass fingerprint sensor. This one of a kind breakthrough allows for topnotch security for one’s smartphone, most importantly for people especially busy running their lives and making things happen towards their many day-to-day hustles. 

With this smartphone’s 19:9 FullView Display spec, young professionals can plan out their entire day, week, or even their entire year solely on the Vivo X21, just like how one used to do on the wide-face of a traditional journal or tablet only way, way better. Gatherings with friends, get-togethers with family, getting those most coveted As for the semester, or bagging that promotion at work are all possible with the help of a trusted and reliant smartphone like the X21. The said Fullview Display is also perfect for a more immersive mobile video-watching and gaming experience, perfect for a night of bonding with friends, other halves, or family because playtime and leisure time after work or at the academe makes any youthful go-getter ready to take on any challenge and ambition head on. 

Every successful youngster can now celebrate every life milestone with the Vivo X21’s AI Face Beauty-enabled dual rear and selfie camera. Committed to bringing flawless photos, the Vivo X21’s Super HDR captures every feed-worthy photo depicting moments with one’s squad, taking photos of one’s fashion OOTD, or sharing shots of one’s cherished dishes and newfound food destination. 

Lastly, this generation’s style-conscious people should have no qualms whipping out a stylish phone they can be proud of. With Vivo X21’s sleek design in elegant matte black, each and every one of the young and hip crowd would find this smartphone cool and in-vogue.

All the young people at the top of their game living a spirited, activity-packed life can now avail the Vivo X21 for the retail price of Php 29,999.00 in all Vivo kiosks and in online shopping destinations Lazada and Shopee and make this groundbreaking smartphone a companion to reaching their missions and various life goals. 

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