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I always say this— it is always best that we shape our kids in all aspect of their lives. May that be about healthy eating or encouraging them to drink more water or even to be financially wise. As young as they are, just like us, our children already have their own goals and dreams that they want to achieve. Thus as parents of this aggressive young generation, it is important to guide them as they make their own decisions and show them the value of saving and how to handle their finances wisely. 

Even from a young age – may it be from something as simple as buying the latest toy or gadget to indulging on special days, we know that kids do want to have their own money so they can experience the feeling of spending freely. This is the reason why it is advisable to start them early on their financial journey. 

Here's a quick round-up of tips on how you can help your kids build a secure financial foundation:

1. Coin Banks — One of the most effective ways parents can first teach their children to save money is by letting them own a piggy bank. Coin banks encourage them to save a portion of their allowance and grow their money over time. In return, kids can use their savings to buy the things they want while at the same time learning the value of patience and perseverance. 

2. The art of budgeting — Budgeting can also work for kids and teens who are given weekly and monthly allowances to spend. With a given budget, they can learn how to smartly plan for their expenses and prioritize where to use their money. This shapes them to become responsible and wise spenders in the future.

3. Own Bank Account –  Once they get used to saving in a piggy bank, the next step is to open their own bank account. Having their own personal savings accounts, kids can learn independence and responsibility in managing their finances early in life. Likewise, it helps them grow and mature to become financially savvy individuals. 

RCBC, being one of the most child-friendly banks that parents can trust in helping shape their kids to become smart young investors has recently launched their new GoSavers Kiddie and Teen Savings Account. 

I got a lot of learnings from the launch and I'd like to share it with you. Perhaps, you might find it interesting as much as I did especially now that Tammy, her dad and I are currently into this ipon challenge.

With our ipon challenge now, our naipon na money is just placed in a secured lalagyanan but with #RCBCGoSavers now, I now can assist and guide Tammy to place her share and deposit it into her own account. 

Don't get me wrong ha, Tammy already has a bank account (with another bank) where we deposit her mga pamasko but this RCBC GoSavers has some interesting offers that sparked up my interest. And here's sharing to you the reasons below why I think fellow parents would be interested too.

Reasons why Parents will love RCBC Go Savers:
1. It comes with its own debit card and passbook   - This will assist children in tracking their hard-earned savings. 
2. 100 pesos minimum deposit - With only a minimum initial deposit of P100, parents can already open a GoSavers account for their child.
3. It's bundled with a comprehensive insurance -  Yup. You read it right. RCBC GoSavers is the first start-up savings account in the country that offers a comprehensive insurance package for both parents and the child. To qualify for the free Sun Life Grepa insurance, the account holder must make an initial deposit or maintain a 6-month average daily balance of at least P10,000. It promises lifelong protection for the family with its life insurance for the parents and personal accident and accident medical reimbursement for the child. 

With the RCBC GoSavers, parents can enjoy the guarantee of a secured financial future and safety for their kids. It is open to children 21 years old and below and they can either apply online through or drop by at any RCBC branch nationwide.

Isn't it that aside from teaching kids to save money, we as parents can now also guarantee a stable financial foundation for our young ones by getting them insured diba. With life insurance, parents can have greater peace of mind knowing their kids are covered from any unfortunate events. It also gives children security and freedom to enjoy life without any worries. Win -win situation diba. :) 

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  1. This is nice.. I've been searching of ways to teach my kids how to handle their finances wisely. Thank you for the tips!