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If you are a Southie like me, for sure you've visited Westgate Center in Filinvest Alabang. But if you are not from the South and would be around Alabang area, I would recommend that you visit the place coz I know you'll love it. You ask why? A stroll around Westgate is like being presented a buffet of the best that the local restaurant scene has to offer. It is where one can spend time with loved ones over a good meal, a good conversation over artisan coffee or dessert, or just simple moments to unwind with family and friends. Oh, and did I say lots of IG worthy spots too??

At Westgate, it’s like walking around the village, where people are assured of the warmth of home, the familiarity of being among your own. With its park-like layout and an impressive selection of shopping, dining, and wellness centers, there is truly no question why Westgate is a beloved place in the South.

Let me give you a round up of some restaurants that you would find at Westgate Center which would definitely give you a feast of flavors. I swear, this is just five of the many stores which will make you come back:

Earth Origins Marketplace + Cafe 

via Earth Origins FB Page
Earth Origins is Alabang’s one-stop shop and go-to cafe for everything organic. 
You can shop and then dine in this super cozy place. Fresh Organic Produce is available daily, so if you are just near, I tell you, you-are-lucky! You are one step closer to that healthy lifestyle. It's up to you na lang to make that healthier choice. 

Earth Origins serve meals choices from Breakfast til' dinner. 
The cafe serves homemade healthy dishes without sacrificing taste and flavor – giving the best of both worlds with every bite.

One of my fave is their Goody Wraps with Probiotic Kefir Sauce which according to Chef is their Original Recipe since 2010. Oh and their Protein Boost Salad Mix is to die for! It consists of Grass Fed Beef, Organic Chicken & Egg, Organic Vegetables drizzled with their very owned balsamic herbed vinaigrette.

Healthy Burgers! at Earth Origins Westgate Alabang
From ketchup, to mayo to veggies — the burgers are 100% organic. The Beef they used is certified grass-fed and served in charcoal buns.

If you are a vegetarian, you have an option. They serve Veggie Burger which is served with Fresh Potato Fries, Homemade Mayo, and Ketchup with vegetables and meat sourced from local farmers and delivered fresh to the store every day.

There's a healthy and flavourful treat for Paella lovers too! They serve Paella Mushroom, Seafood Paella, Organic All Meat Paella, Organic Chorizo Paella.

Healthy. Hearty. Tasty cold pressed Juices of Earth Origins.
If you pay a visit to Earth Origins, it guarantees only high-quality products for its customers. :)

Neils Kitchen

At Neil’s Kitchen, Chef Neil Ramos breathes new life into Filipino food.

via Niels Kitchen's FB page
It took me sometime before I was able to settle down on our table because I swear — every. corner . at . Neils. Kitchen . is . instagrammable!!!

And if you browse into through their menu,  most of what they serve is reinvented Pinoy classics for an exciting new gastronomic experience.

Their version of the classic adobo but with a unique modern twist is nothing but— FTW!!!!

Thee series of their Sinigang dishes: Wagyu Beef Sinigang (Gyudon style), Sinigang Noodle Soup, and Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly surely left me filled and satisfied! Who would have thought coming up with a Paella with a singing twist?? I mean, it's certainly a Filipino dish with a twist!

We've tasted some of their Pinoy desserts —mouth-watering, eye-appealing and yummy specialties. That Puto Bumbong with Buko Jelly and Toasted Coconut is my favorite! But I wouldn't forget their Fried Suman, Mangga & Chocnut, grabeeee!!!


Butamaru (translating to “pork circle”) transports visitors to Japan with their Japanese-style dining setup and their best-tasting ramen.

Their ramen menu is based on five basic kinds of ramen – shio, shoyu, miso, tantanmen, and curry tantanmen.

Butamaru use traditional Kyushu tonkotsu broth made for 16 hours to their Ramen.

Their Head chef Jerome Lim has also crafted Izakaya (a Japanese gastropub) dishes for an even fuller Japanese experience. Yummmeeeeh!

Burp! :)


Brother’s Burger  
via: WestGate FB page
Brother’s Burger is well-known for burgers that are juicy, flavorful, and grilled to perfection which was established in 1999. We all know that Food trends may come and go, but Brother’s Burger’s gourmet burgers never go out of style. 

Honestly, when we went to Brother's I was expecting that we will eat burgers. But as with everything — the only constant thing in this world is change.

Right now, Brother’s Burger isn’t just about good burgers anymore as they continue to change the snacking game! Apart from their amazing gourmet burger creations, they have now introduced their all-new, #MoreThanJustBurgers menu! 

Yup, you read it right —

They are now serving chicken wings
Yummmeeeh milkshakes

Thin, tasty, terrific pizzas!
Brother's Burger Grab And Go Box
You guys can take your snacking game to the next level by having our #BbGrabAndGoBox with you wherever you go!

Feast to your heart’s content with their amazing BUY 1 GET 1 winning deals until August 16, 2018!

Alba Restaurante Español 

When ypu say Alba, you know its Paella! From impressive 18 variations of paella to the best cold tapas in town, Alba is sure to deliver the most scrumptious flavors for those craving authentic Spanish cuisine. 

Señor Anastacio de Alba, who hailed from Avila, Spain, was the mind behind the culinary mastery Alba is known for today. 

Alba has been in the Philippines since 1952, making a name for themselves as the home of traditional Spanish cooking in Manila. 

I have no words, everything in Alba taste soooo good!


So if you happen to be around Alabang, do drop by at West Gate Alabang! Spare just one day and enjoy its scenic views and more importantly, the fabulous variety of foodfare that its tenants have to offer. 

Westgate Center is a premier development project of Filinvest Alabang Inc. in Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. You may visit the Westgate Center’s official page at facebook.com/WestgateAlabang for instant updates.

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