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Every time I see a work of art, I can't help but just stare at it an admire them. Three weeks ago, I had the privilege to not just witness the magnificent works of Pancho Piano but to personally meet him too at the Retail Boulevard, Coral Wing of Okada Manila! Several of his arts are displayed in an exhibit entitled "HAGOD" — which means a gentle stroke of the brush, it transcends the mere movement as the pieces created evoke more than just patterns and figures but splashes of memories that stirs the spirit and warms the heart.

Pancho Piano is an acclaimed visual artist whose work has put the Bicolano culture in the spotlight for 35 years. For over the course of 35 years, he created incredible works of art through his distinctive paintings, impressive murals, and liturgical stained glass designs. While most of his bodies of work are paintings, the artist has also crafted masterpieces through wood carving and clay sculpture.
He performed a live demo that day and guess what, he sketched me :) Cound't be grateful enough for the privilege and experience.

Pancho Piano is a true blue visual artist! Imagine, he was able to sketch me for only 7 minutes.
Here's the video of his live demo.

Piano’s works have a “jolly” vibe to them because the artist said his work is a reflection of who he is as a person. He loves using pastel colors in his paintings, with results that are striking and evocative.

With a penchant for realism and abstractionism, Piano’s paintings often portray beauty of humanity, with a signature stroke where softness and loudness are both in harmony.

Whatever medium he chooses to express his creative juices, chances are that the theme of his artwork centers on Bicol’s many interesting myths, legends, culture, and traditions.

Some of Piano’s favorite themes to paint are indigenous deities such as Haliya, the moon goddess of abundance and fertility; Daragang Magayon in the folktale of ill-starred lovers; as well as myths surroundings the origin of Albay province. He also loves to incorporate in his work the region’s festivals especially that of the Our Lady of Peñafrancia water festival. 

Over the years, he has held more than 50 solo shows (currently exhibiting “Hagod” in Okada which is extended until August. He also joined over 200 group shows, locally and overseas. Aside from the various exhibits that he has committed himself to, he also spends his time mentoring younger artists in a group he organized—the Salingoy Art Group, an organization of Bicol-based artists; and Bicol Expression, a group of Manila-based artists whose roots originate from Bicol. 

I'm truly grateful to Mr. Pancho Piano! Truly, it was such a wonderful experience and a privilege to be sketched by a renowned artist like him... 

You can view more photos of his paintings as displayed at Okada Manila here.

For more info about his artworks, you may visit Pancho Piano's official website: and Follow him on: Facebook: @PanchoPianoPage, Instagram:@PanchoPianoPage and Twitter: @PianoPancho —

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