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Cooler Moments with Makuku Diapers : Plus the brand kick off in the Philippines

Being a mom, making sure you have enough cash on hand for unforeseen costs and emergencies can be made easier by calculating and budgeting how much money you need for daily necessities like food, housing, your kids' needs,  utilities like gas, electricity, phone, water, transportation, and medical services. 

And if you are a new mom, budgeting for your baby's needs like giving the best milk (applicable for those who do mix-feeding) and providing quality diapers may seem to be quite a challenge because of the many variants available in the market. 

I remember I had to try several brands just to make sure I am giving my daughter the comfort she deserves since one of the necessities that directly impacts a baby's comfort, mobility, and a mother's peace of mind is diapers.

Speaking of moms and diapers, I recently had the opportunity to attend MAKUKU Philippines' first PR and bloggers event at Seda Residences along with friends from the media, influential bloggers, and VIP Moms. 

MAKUKU Big Boss with Mommy Bloggers Philippines’ Lani Lyutz, Shescapade, IamSeyrahAndCady, Joy Felizardo, Pretty Wise Mom, Mom of 4SC, Rockstarmomma, jaimiefelix, nanay jecka, yours truly, Lally’s Reflections, Made It Through Mum, Queen Melish, Maica Sanguan and Media Mom Manila

It's so nice to see old mom friends and of course, I'm grateful for meeting new mommies too! 

We learned so much about MAKUKU. :) Since diapers are one of the essential products that directly affect a baby's comfort, movement, and a mother's peace of mind — MAKUKU created its Slim and Comfort diaper series, especially for humid Asian countries like the Philippines. 

Etablished last 2020 in Shanghai, China — MAKUKU is committed to the research and development of products for mothers and infants that are of the greatest caliber and durability. A premium user-focused company whose mission is to enrich the lives of its consumers by developing the best goods for mothers and infants around.

MAKUKU Slim and Comfort diapers are ultra-thin, lightweight, and made with Super Absorbent Polymer, providing babies the comfort they need overnight. Since it can absorb up to 500ml of liquid, there are slim chances that the diapers would leak. MAKUKU Slim Diapers are also incorporated with Vitamin C to protect the baby's skin from redness and irritation. 

Also, their newest product, the Balance Care diaper is out of the market that is made with bubble waist wrap preventing red marks and skin irritation to make it more comfortable to wear for active babies.

Absorption Test to show how MAKUKU Diapers are really leak-free!

If our newborns are content and happy, it will be one fewer stressor for us as mothers — clinical psychologist Alodia Cueno-Mercado noted. 

Clinical Psychologist Alodia Cuerio-Mercado on how to manage daily stress

Our kids need to wear a diaper that is comfortable and leak-free because they spend most of their days in them, especially when they are active. Of course, it would be plus points if the diapers are inexpensive and wouldn't break our budget. 

Here's a fact: MAKUKU Diapers are very affordable, for as low as Php7! Sizes available are from newborn up to triple XL.

One of the highlights of the brand's product launch and kick off in the Philippines is that MAKUKU has gifted Maria Margarette Villorente, the mother of the world's 8 billionth baby a year's supply of diapers. 

Baby Vinice Mabansag, the symbolic 8th billionth baby from the Philippines

The 8 billionth baby in history, born in the Philippines — Baby Vinice Mabansag of Delpan, Tondo Manila, deserves one of the greatest brands available! 

Rita "Badiao Girl" Gaviola, now a mom to a lovely baby girl also went to the occasion. 

She shared about her MAKUKU experience. MAKUKU helped her baby become more comfortable in her diaper.

Experience the MAKUKU diapers available at Puregold, SouthStar Drugstore, Watsons, Divimart, Landers, All Day Mart, Metro Gaisano, Shopwise, or Hi-Top Supermarket. Exclusive discounts and coupons are also available to first-time customers through popular online stores through Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, and Edamama. Visit for more details.

Follow their social media accounts @makuku ph and find out more about the high-quality, mom & baby products they'll be launching soon.

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