Friday, November 11, 2022

Calling on ‘eco conscious’ consumers: Take sustainable living to the next level through Home Credit

When moving around the metro, you have three options: drive there and pay high gas rates, use a ride-sharing app that is similarly expensive, or take public transportation and get hassled.

Lines for buses, jeeps, or trains that never seem to end – you may have been at a crossroads and decided to stay at home instead. That was the case for many people, especially when the protracted lockdowns were lifted.


However, in recent years, more Filipinos have begun to commute by bicycle. People riding bicycles through major cities has become a common sight. Despite the country's uncertain weather, more and more people may be seen biking alone or in groups. They ride their bikes for both recreational and utilitarian reasons, such as remaining physically active, running errands, and getting to work. 

Furthermore, bicycles are becoming more appropriate ways of transportation since they can easily squeeze through frenetic metro traffic and even alleys and shortcuts that automobiles would otherwise not be able to reach.


More than that, many people have taken to biking not simply to avoid the hassles of road transportation, but also to reduce their carbon impact. The discussions about how global warming is wreaking havoc on the environment, especially owing to the excessive use of fossil fuels for transportation, have prompted more environmentally aware people to seek for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels.


People from all areas of life are becoming more aware about their shopping selections than ever before. They choose businesses that prioritize sustainability and green practices, demonstrating their care for the planet's well-being. Informed customers actively seek out eco-friendly alternatives to everyday necessities in order to achieve long-term beneficial environmental change.


Make your sustainable choice with Home Credit

If you’re one of the “green-minded” Filipino consumers who had been wanting to go bike commuting or simply wanted to channel your inner Freddie Mercury and ride your own bicycle around the metro — you may want to take a look at Home Credit’s financial products to finally take home the wheels you’ve been eyeing. Having a sustainable and eco-friendly vehicle provides a long list of benefits for the environment including reduced noise and air pollution and cooler and more conducive living spaces.


As the lifestyle partner of every Filipino, the country’s leading buy now, pay later (BNPL) provider Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), supports eco-conscious consumers in their commitment to the environment and offers a wide array of electric bikes and scooters available through hundreds of its partner merchants. All items can be purchased through flexible payment terms and low-interest rates, plus no credit card required — making that green choice much more accessible and affordable.


Ride safe!

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