Sunday, April 28, 2019


While other kids are already on summer vacation na from school~ kami, hindi pa. To beat the heat and make libang, we go on staycations na lang once in awhile. But since Tammy has school pa, preparing her breakfast and baon for school during staycations is always a challenge. Kaya at times like this— our fave #LemonSquareCheeseCake is to the rescue.

Did you know that our all-time favorite pabaon snack Lemon Square Cheese Cake has been in the market for 30 years? It's Nina Vergel de Dios or “Mommy Nina's” signature product inspired by a mom's love. So totoo talaga that every recipe has a story to tell. 

Pero paano nga ba nagsimula si Mommy Nina and Lemon Square Cheese cake?

Here's a quick story on how Lemon Square Cheese Cake started>>>

Mommy Nina’s love for baking was sparked by the bond she and her mother had when she was young. She recalls helping out her mother in the kitchen to bake at the age of nine. It was since then she got fond of baking and continued to hone her skills by attending culinary and baking classes as she grew up. She also sold some of her baked goods to family and friends for extra allowance when she was in high school. 

For quite some time, Mommy Nina distanced herself from baking to take a different career path. But with the encouragement and support of her husband Errol, she left her corporate job to pursue her first love, baking. 

In 1985, Mommy Nina returned to her small home kitchen in Valenzuela and began selling her cheesecakes in the wet markets of Malabon and Navotas. Through the positive comments of resellers, word spread about her cheesecake until it reached other markets. 

Three decades later, Lemon Square Cheese Cake became a household name that answers the need of Moms to provide filling, delicious and nutritious pabaon for their children. 

Lemon Square Cheese Cake credits its success to the value of pabaong pagmamahal. Made with real and fresh ingredients, it assures moms that their kids have something good to snack on when they’re in school or enjoying other activities. 

“We’ve always been inspired by Moms and their desire to give the best for their children. That’s why we ensure that all our products are made with fresh ingredients,” shares EJ Vergel de Dios, son of Mommy Nina and Assistant General Manager and Chief Innovations Officer of Lemon Square.

“With Lemon Square Cheese Cake as a siksik cupcake pabaon, moms never have to worry that their kids will be hungry at school. It’s also conveniently packed so that moms do not need to worry about preparing their kids’ baon,” he adds. 

Give your children #PabaongPagmamahal with Lemon Square Cheese Cake. For more information about Lemon Square Cheese Cake, visit or LIKE Lemon Square on Facebook.


  1. Nakakainspired na man ang kwento ni mommy nina. Favorite din na min ng mga kids ko yan. Merienda at baon ng anak ko. Ang sarap kasi at nakakabusog talaga.

  2. Yes miss jaimie ito din ang paborito ng mga anak pagdating sa baon sa school o kahit sa meryenda yan din ang gusto nila..

  3. Favorite ko po ito lalo na ang kids ko sarap kasi e perfect kahit saan ang punta 😋👍