Thursday, April 11, 2019


If you have been browsing FB and IG, you might have already seen the pretty pastel colors of Krispy Kreme's newest collection of doughnuts that are just too adorable to eat!

Tammy has been mentioning that she craves for her all-time fave glazed doughnuts from KK for about a week already.

The universe seems to have heard her with this sweet box full of Krispy Kreme's Easter Doughnuts that came right on our doorstep.

Krispy Kreme's newest collection comes in five adorable creations. 
Now available in stores nationwide, munch into the cheerful goodness:
Easter Bunny, a cute doughnut topped with white crisp chocolate coating, white sprinkles, and fluffy marshmallow bunny ears dusted with pink sugar

Sky Butterfly, a treat dipped in sky blue-colored chocolate whimsically topped with rainbow sprinkles. 

Bunny's Meadow, garnished with melon-flavored chocolate and piped with green vanilla cream, topped with flower and carrot royal icing candies.

Easter Eggs, a lemon flavored chocolate coated doughnut with piping of chocolate crème nest filled with Jelly Belly candies.

Rainbow Blush, a strawberry flavored chocolate doughnut decorated with rainbow gummy tape, vanilla cream clouds, and rainbow sprinkles.

No need to wait for the Easter bunny to come and bring you delightful treats when you have Krispy Kreme to make this year's Easter an original and unforgettable one. 

Enjoy this limited doughnuts before its gone. 

It will only be available until April 21,  so Hop to your nearest Krispy Kreme store or have it delivered to your doorstep by ordering through or calling 7-9000! GrabFood, online at

Price is only 55 a piece, PHP165 for a box of 3, PHP299 for a box of 6, PHP395 for one mixed dozen, or PHP450 for one premium dozen. 

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  1. Ang cucuute po ng donuts for sure masarap yan πŸ˜πŸ‘ krispy kreme eh subok na hehe yummy talaga 😍