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Women nowadays have been very vocal about skin concerns particularly skin aging. Though there's a lot who shows concern, there is still quite a number who tends to disregard proper skincare.

Last three weeks ago, I got invited by an intimate discussion about anti-aging which was headed by Mr. Gregory Daures, the International Marketing Manager in Anti-aging of Pierre Fabre Laboratories. 

Just like with our life, I learned from him that our skin has its life too and there are 3 main turning points in our skin's life.

Dull and dehydrated. 
There are days when you just don't look pretty and confident because when you look into the mirror you notice that you do not glow. You do not realize this is the start of your skin's first turning point. You just thought, maybe— you just lack sleep which caused your skin to be dull and dry. But NO! when you notice a dull drying skin — it's already the start — the first turning point of our skin. 

Improper application of make-up — not drinking a lot of water can make the skin loses its elasticity. When this happens, the skin then starts to sag which is the second turning point. 

Eventually,  as time passes by we already see fine lines forming around our eyes which has a great impact in changing our facial structures. These lines are called wrinkles which is the last and the third turning point of our skin.

We all know that time is essential and we cannot stop it from ticking, same as aging— we are sure that it will definitely come~ we can't stop it —but we definitely can do something to extend and prevent it from happening.

Fight skin aging and take good care of your skin by using products that are formulated perfectly to improve and prevent skin aging.

Eau Thermale Avène
Eau Thermale Avène, the leading dermo-cosmetics brand in Europe, is deeply rooted in dermatology and hydrotherapy with 260 years of expertise in managing all skin types. Its products are supported by more than 300 clinical studies resulting in high-quality skincare products available for customers all over the world.  

Take care of your skin in 4 steps using 4 products in Eau Thermale Avene Physiolift line.

1. PREVENT SKIN AGING FROM THE ROOTS AND PLUMP YOUR SKIN with Physiolift Jour/Day - Emulsion lissante 

It has a light texture which adapts to humid climate. Physiolift Jour/Day - Emulsion lissante is a lightweight cream that can be applied during your morning routine. It contains Antioxidants which helps to protect against free radicals and contains Anti-aging agents (Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen booster) plus it is good for sensitive skin, helps improve its firmness and luminosity.

It goes well underneath your makeup or powder.

It has Pre-tococopheryl that protects the skin from oxidative stress. Hyaluronic Acid Mono-Oligomers that helps replenish skin's HA and AscofillineTM 10kDa that adds more collagen to the skin.

Here's a sample screen capture or representation of the young skin, aged skin and aged skin treated with AscofillineTM 10 kDa.


Physiolift Night cream has a thick consistency.

It is a night balm that helps skin regenerate and improve texture as you apply and massage into the skin. It contains Retinaldehyde which helps in detoxification and regeneration of the skin. Physiolift Night Cream also contains Hyaluronic Acid and AscofilineTM.

Spread 3 pumps on your fingertips 
Use the effleurage method ( Effleurage, a French word meaning "to skim" or "to touch lightly on") 
Make some tiny pinches in order to stimulate and energize the skin.

3. CUDDLE YOUR EYE CONTOUR AREA with PhysioLift Yeux/Eyes 
The skin around our eyes is very delicate thus it needs more attention.

PhysioLift Yeux/Eyes, tights skin and firming sagging eye contour. It helps to reduce dark circles up to 52.8 %, puffiness reduced by 14.7%. With a unique "patch texture", it makes wonder during night time for a firmer & more luminous eye contour every time you wake up.

4. TARGET SPECIFIC AREAS with PhysioLift Precision 
It is fragrance-free product that can fill wrinkles during night time because of its sealing foam texture.

All 4 products reduce skin aging effects for your face. 

Night – Php2,600 
Day – Php2,600 
Eyes – Php2,500 
Precision Filler – Php2,750 

Avène Products are available in available thru select dermatologists' clinics. For instant updates, you may follow their social media accounts: Instagram  and Facebook:  @avenephilippines

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