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I'm sure you would agree with me when I say that it's really challenging and quite tasking when it comes to taking care of our skin. What we put into our mouth and what we apply on it has a lot to do with how it would look and affect our skin. But sometimes malas, na kahit even if you do not do anything— there is just that flaw which won't stop bugging you. Relate? 

We all know it— stress is everywhere and if we let it affect us, it could really add up to our age 5 to 6 years or more. This is the reason why we must treat our skin as our best accessory. But the question is, can we avoid or even run away from stress and aging? 

Yes or No? If you'll ask me, to effectively fight stress and slow down aging, we need to make careful lifestyle choices that will have a lasting positive impact not only to our skin but to entire body and well-being.

Excercise, eat healthily, drink lots of vitamins and health supplement like Novuskin Lift which could energize cells from within is what I have been doing and taking every day for the past 3 months. As you probably know, I started taking it since November and I have kept track on any developments and its effects. If in case you landed here on this site for the first time, you may then read and check my photos on my first month journey with Novuskin Lift and my second month journey with Novuskin Lift accordingly. 

As I have mentioned, this is my third month of taking Novuskin Lift. For the first two months, I took it every night before I go to sleep. I opted to take this in the evening since I take other medications /supplements in the morning. On my third month, I double the dosage and took 2 tablets daily. Positive enough, it didn’t disappoint me. It's true to its promise of replenishing cells which helps aid my body in fighting stress.

On the first few weeks, it helped my skin recover from dullness and dryness. Honestly, it really played a big part in my body’s stronger defense system that time by boosting up my immune system kaya napabilis yung pag recover ko from being sick. On my second month, It did make my skin look good even after going through late night parties and unhealthy food binging during the holiday season. Oh, and I also noticed that my nails became stronger — it doesn't break easily. 

We all know that due to changing weather between the months of December & January, a lot of people catch coughs and colds or worse— flu. I'm actually one of those unlucky people who consistently have it before the year ends and would normally last until the end of January. But with Novuskin Lift, I ended my year 2017 and started my 2018 a cough and colds free! Woot, Woot!

The product promises to protect the skin against ultraviolet radiation, stimulate collagen production, and fight inflammation. With my religious daily intake, my skin continues to radiate an even healthy glow. I'm really happy with the results as I definitely saw an improvement in my skin appearance. I occasionally had one to two breakouts on my chin but this was because of the hormonal changes brought by my period. Other than that, I noticed that it became well-hydrated which resulted from a visibly smooth skin. Thanks to its very effective natural ingredients which include antioxidants and co-factor nutrients which I think played a major role that helped in my body's collagen production and cellular repair. 

Just a bit of a reminder: Whether you manage unhealthy or healthy lifestyle, we must not forget that there are other factors out there that can bring harm to our skin. These are the likes of sun exposure, smoking, pollution and a stressful lifestyle which can greatly accelerate the signs of aging. So it’s always best that we take care of our skin as early as now to avoid wrinkles, sagging and unwanted spots known as premature aging. 

For more additional details about this gold standard in anti-aging, you may read my first-month experience ~ I tried Novuskin Lift and this is my experience and a follow through for my second-month journey ~ Effects to me of Novuskin Lift for 2 months.

If you are also interested to try this health supplement, you may find it at Mercury Drug and Watsons outlets nationwide. Each moisture-resistant package that contains 30 tablets cost P2,970. 

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