Thursday, February 01, 2018


Since I started using lipsticks, Ever Bilena is included in the list of my first purchases during College days. If you are my ka-batch, you know that the brown and nude shades are the hyped colors at that time. And truth is, Ever Bilena is on the top of our list because they have the best shades of Browns and budget-wise, ang mura talaga niya. :)

Without a doubt, Ever Bilena is now the the No.1 cosmetics retail company in the Philippines. From humble beginnings, Ever Bilena started it all with a Nail Polish which was sold at around P5.00pesos.Their affordability became known through the years due to its high quality products which then became trusted ~ generation after generation. 

True enough, they became the leader in color cosmetics locally which molded them to have a strong credibility in the business for 35 years. Sure, makeup trends may come so quicky but they welcome and faced this challenge with their continous innovation in their products.

Over the years, the brand has evolved along with its growing market by providing fresh and trendy color cosmetics to women of different lifestyles. Like most retail products, Ever Bilena is facing a new generation of users.

And with this, Ever Bilena welcomes the newest member of its family, "The Queen of All Media" Ms. Kris Aquino. 

During the media launch Kris mentioned that the main reason why she accepted the offer to be the newest Ever Bilena cosmetic ambassador is because she believes in Ever Bilena's goal in providing quality products at an affordable price and Ever Bilena's CEO Dioceldo Sy's values as a father. She also stressed at how she was so impressed by their 'pang kilay' and how she described " Kilay is life " using Ever Bilena Products. 

Naku, kaya my fellow makeup lovers, expect a lot of excitement from the much-awaited partnership — and hint: watch out for Ever Bilena's "Kris life kits soon!

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