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Apart from the usual flower bouquet-chocolate combo, these days of youthful, new wave trends call for unique Valentine’s presents. And we all that Valentine’s Day is yet another convenient excuse to splurge on gifts to show your significant other how much they are loved and cared for.

Here are four unique finds you can gift your loved ones this Valentine’s season: 

Grooming and Trimming Kit for Him 
Grooming Kits have taken the masculine form as of recent and have become the rage since the rise of old-school male hair (and even beard) priming. A lot of local grooming kits for men have emerged in the market that deliver that most-coveted old-world sleek. 

A basic grooming kit usually contains a high-quality wooden comb, a pot of pomade perfumed subtly with musk, and a vial of beard oil which works wonders when one is contemplating growing a neat beard. Fragrances are also in the kit and even a small bottle of shampoo to complement the comb-pomade essentials. 

A Pot of Fragrant Herbs for Her 
Flowers dry up and then are headed straight for the bin. So why not gift her with something representative of your undying love: A pot of savory herbs to last (quite) a lifetime. 

A pot of herbs is not only practical but is also convenient. A small plant of basil, for example, can be seated on a kitchen window sill and may come in handy when one is cooking a pasta Bolognese dinner. The basil herb is also a quick cure for cough, colds, and even stomach ache. Simply make a tea out of the basil leaves and drink warm. 

Other herbs you can gift her are mint, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, and oregano. If she is not into herbs, you can always give her a pot of the good old cactus. Cactus are not only decorative but also requires very little maintenance. 

Wine-infused Chocolates for Him or Her 
Valentine’s Day minus the chocolates in unthinkable and even mortal sin. So, to give a little twist to the usual and tiring chocolate presents for Valentine’s Day, opt for spirit-infused chocolates. 

This indulgent fare is just as good as it sounds. Even non-alcohol drinkers will enjoy the succulent flavors made even richer with booze as the fat in the chocolate tempers the alcohol. Whiskey and Bourbon infused chocolate bars are the most popular, but so are the subtler ones like Red Wine and Chocolate Kahlua. 

Travel Tickets for Two for Him or Her 
Couples who travel together stay together. The Philippines is very much unexplored and the travel destinations are mostly affordable yet breathtaking. Huma Island in Palawan is one. Seated amidst the famous turquoise water of Palawan, Huma Island boasts of Maldivian scenery (perhaps even better) coupled with sumptuous seafood dishes to complete the remote island adventure. The Langun Gobingob Caves in Samar is also one unique destination. Dubbed the Philippines’ largest cave, there are mountains to cross to reach this picturesque wonder which means double in adventure. Langun Gobingob also comprises of a lowland tropical rainforest, again the largest in the Philippines.

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