Friday, February 16, 2018


Valentine's day has just passed but did you know that atleast a quarter of a percent of couples get engaged in between the days of Thanksgiving and New Year? No, I'm not kidding as I've read that from a magazine article which was extracted from a survey. So, if you belong to that couple who just got engaged, then I think you have to get started cause you know, the clock is ticking! 

I’ve listed my top 3 favorite tips to getting down the aisle stress-free that will make an impressive location from the start! (Promise, this list was effective when we are on our wedding planning stage.

1. Identify your preference.
It will greatly help and unload you tons of work if you streamline your search by identifying and narrowing down the choices that you’re considering.   

Think and imagine about what you envision and what you really want for your big day. If you want something traditional but with a hint of a vintage touch, then perhaps you can go over and scan about wedding vintage rentals for more options. If you've been dreaming a destination wedding, never count out an amazing domestic location for ease of planning. Remember, with destination wedding, you have to take into consideration if your invited guests will be able to travel because with this type of set-up, your guests will need a passport.  If you opt to stay local, look for reception venues no more than 20-30 minutes from the ceremony site (trust me, your guests will thank you for it). 

2. Narrow your wedding location search.

So you have identified what you like. But first things first. Start with your budget. Always and always consider your budget. If you have an accurate idea of how much money you will have to spend, it will narrow down the wedding venues that fit your event. Because trust me, you will just waste your time searching, calling and going places without a firm budget on your list. 

Then, if you have a have an idea of what locations are going to be a fit for you, consider and take that overall budget, cut that into half and don’t go overboard. Believe me, you’ll be thanking yourself that you did this.

3. Know how to compare wedding venues. 
You have to make sure that you did your homework. Research is the key— look into wedding rentalsask all the right questions and make sure that you know how to compare apples to apples.

Something like, does a private piece of property seem more cost effective because its charges lower than a hotel? Hotel weddings can be a huge value so you really have to identify which is the better choice for your budget.

So whether local or destination, traditional or casual or if it is big or small— you have to first determine what is important to you as a couple then you go from there!

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