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I always hear in the motorcycle culture that there are two types of riders: Those who have crashed, and those who haven’t crashed yet. Here in our country, we always hear riders getting into road accidents everyday. Truth is, this is happening not just here but all around the globe. We all know that riding a motorcycle is naturally dangerous — that it is even numerous times more dangerous than driving a car. But no matter how dangerous it can be — with a lot of proper caution armed with the proper gear, I'm definitely sure that every rider regardless of gender can really appreciate how amazing riding is. 

Isn't it, when we hear about motorcycle, we often associate it with Men? In this day and time even women now ride one. Because we are ladies in nature, often times what we want tends to be different from the typical ones found online. And since I'm a lady too who can feel the same struggle as yours when it comes to online hunt, here below are my suggestions. Hope you'll love it!

1.Motorcycle Helmet
First on the list that you will need is a helmet. Many helmets tend to be designed for men but just like men, women need to protect their heads too when they ride. So if you are a lady rider and on a lookout for Motorcycle helmets for women, you may take a look at brands like Icon, Shoei, Suomy, and HJC, among others. 

2. Motorcycle Jacket

Your motorcycle jacket is a key piece when you’re suiting up for the road. This is one of the popular pieces of safety gear since it helps protect the rider from the elements, and from cuts and scrapes. It also keeps one warm in the cool weather not to mention it makes you cool looking all the time.

However, women’s sizes and styles often require a different type of protective motorcycle jacket than men’s motorcycle jackets. If you're a lady rider and seriously want to look cool, check out brands like Fly, Joe Rocket, Speed and Strength, Firstgear, AGV Sport Sky and Icon among others for womens motorcycle jacket

Oh wait, you don't have to say it — I know that wearing a jacket may tend to make you sweat especially if you are located in countries that has warm weather. But, trust me — you'll gonna thank yourself later. So for now, wear your motorcycle jacket, sweat a little and look cool okay!


The third most important piece of gear for me is riding gloves. Let's say, you are not wearing any protection on your hand and you got yourself into an accident? Seriously, you could break bones or even lose a finger and you wouldn't want that. So it is really advisable that you wear one. 

On another note, aside from protecting you in case of a crash, wearing gloves can complete your riding get-up—am I right?? So never forget to wear one. 

4. Motorcycle Boots

When it comes to motorcycle footwear, the rule is just simple. They have to be sturdy and have over the ankle protection. So stay away first on your favorite hi-cut chucks— because they won't give you much protection.

5. Motorcycle Pants 

I always make a face each time I see a rider who is in shorts. Like seriously!!! What are these people thinking?? Imagine yourself tripped on something and you got a scratch on your knees much more if you fall into a crash right?! So Stay away from shorts and your dirty old regular jeans. There are a lot of best motorcycle pants out there.

Remember, motorcycle pants are not only about helping you look like a professional or stylish rider, their main purpose is to keep your legs safe while riding your bike. To keep you safe, and to give you something aesthetically pleasing. 

So there you have it, those are my top 5 gears thats a must and yet can make you look badass. I just have a few words to cap all these...

The protective gear you picked like your helmet, jacket, gloves, boots and pants are used to shield vulnerable areas of your body. You can always stay fashionable and cool but remember that you need these motorcycle gears to be comfortable. Do not forget its main purpose and that is to give you the right protection for riding in the wind and different kinds of weather. When you want the best women’s motorcycle gears, check out — it's a one stop shop for motorcycle gears and accessories featuring top brands.

Bear in mind, with the right motorcycle gear and accessories plus loads of caution will bring you to places. So for now, hop and ride on and be cool!

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  1. Her motorcycle helmet looks really good! Any idea where can I buy/make this custom motorcycle helmet for my girlfriend?