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Hello guys, I have been MIA here in the blog since first day of June. Actually, this is just the second time that I sat down over my lappy after the traumatic experience that we've had during the recent Resorts World Manila incident.  Yes guys, me and my family were there at the vicinity when it happened so we were really in a state of shock. But we are okay!— We were able to evacuate after that chaotic and traumatic experience. Thank God!! So for now, I told myself that no more traumatic stories na since me and my family need to move forward.

Anyways, you all know how me and my family loves to go on staycations. Kasabay ng staycations are my constant love for the fabulous bathrooms and bathtubs in hotel rooms and suites. And this only means one thing— I shower all the time and yes, minsan more than 3 times pa in a day and I admit that I have a serious addiction to bath products.
I am actually a hoarder of the amazing body washes out there because let's face it there are a lot of them and are available at a really reasonable prices. So you can't blame me to resist buying one too many shower gels and soaps. Ang sarap kaya mag shower all the time!!!

Kaya nga going home with a package from Sample Room at my doorstep made me smile last week. Ang babaw noh, but seriously guys, after all the trauma that I have been through, there's no mababaw or malalim for that matter.

During these times, I needed everything that would make me move on and forget about what we have experienced. Kaya guys, just imagine my mababaw na happiness when I opened the package tapos what's inside pa is super like ko pa. I am just so thankful for having a chance to try the new Palmolive Naturals White + Milk Soap and Body Wash! Ang sarap makalimot over shower! haha!

Palmolive Naturals is the number one personal care brand in the Philippines (Kantar Brand Footprint Study, 2016) which offers shampoo, cream conditioner, soap, and body wash products. The brand is known for formulations that are infused with 100% natural extracts and captivating fragrances for pleasurable bathing experiences.

Palmolive Naturals is known for Filipinas who wants to have skin that’s both whiter to look and touchably soft, so she can be confident to stand out from the crowd.

Palmolive Naturals White + Milk Body Wash and Soap's formula is infused with 100% natural milk protein.

- It helps nourish and reveal whiter skin in just 1 week*
- When desired effect is achieved, you can freely flaunt your naturally milky white, milky soft skin
- It's rich formula contains mild cleansers and natural whiteners  
- Helps moisturize and leaves a radiant looking skin
- Has long-lasting fragrance giving a pleasurable bathing experience.

*Based on mexameter instrumental reading when used twice daily

Palmolive Naturals White + Milk Soap             Available in 80g at PHP 28.75 and 55g at PHP 12.95
Palmolive Naturals White + Milk Body Wash        Available in 200ml at PHP 80.00

Other variants of Palmolive Naturals Soap and Body Wash:
- Palmolive Naturals Moisture Smooth Soap and Body Wash – For Kinis-Ganda Skin
- Palmolive Naturals Calming Pleasure Soap and Body Wash – For Relaxed Skin and Mind
- Palmolive Naturals White + Papaya Soap and Body Wash – For Fair and Fab Skin
- Palmolive Naturals Irresistible Softness Soap – For Lambing Soft Skin
- Palmolive Naturals Revitalizing Glow Soap – For Glowing Skin
- Palmolive Naturals Flawless Clean Soap – For Flawlessly Glowing Skin
- Palmolive Naturals Protect & Moisture Soap – For Feeling Moisturized Skin
- Palmolive Naturals Nourishing Delight Body Wash – For Caressingly Soft Skin

Palmolive Naturals White + Milk Body Wash and Soap and other variants are available at your nearest supermarket, health & beauty/pharmacy, department store, Cash and Carry, and grocery.


I have been using Palmolive Naturals White + Milk Body Wash for one week now. Honestly, when this came, I was still using another body wash but I have this urge to try this line. Ang bango bango nya kasi. It has this certain smell that would really encourage you from trying it. True enough, It didn't disappoint me.

The milky + floral + milky scent add up in making my bathing experience all more enjoyable and relaxing. I felt fresh and clean every after shower. 

What I like most in the body wash is it lathers on quite lightly on the skin which feels like lathering a lotion on your skin. 

Oh and you may call me weird kasi I used the Palmolive Naturals White + Milk soap simultaneously with the body wash and I think there's nothing wrong with it. After all, ang sarap kaya mag shower. 

Both the soap and the body wash have milk protein extracts — which replenishes my skin’s lost moisture. Since it is also infused with natural whiteners, I am not worried to be exposed in the sun because a milky white, milky soft fairer complexion is achievable in just one week. I am completely loving it!

I made a short Vlog about the products and of course the benefits that you guys can get when you join Sample Room. Check it out below :

So dearies, have you tried using it? If not, I am strongly suggesting that you try using Palmolive Naturals White + Milk body wash and soap too! I'm definitely sure that you will love it too!

For more info about SampleRoom visit them at or get instant updates from their Facebook Twitter and Instagram

To know more about Palmolive Naturals White + Milk body wash and soap, get insant updates by liking them at their official Facebook page or follow them on instagram or watch short videos on YouTube.

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