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Back in the day, the use of black seed oil by famous Royalties to keep their skin glowing and their hair shiny have already been a practice. In this modern age of technology and medicine, the rapid increase in demand for beauty products is inevitable and women are more motivated than ever to try a new beauty regimen. But I am still glad to share with you that even up to this day, oils have been a part of our lives may it be medicated or essential oils for that matter. 

Lavender oil is one of my favourite especially when I used it to calm me down during a massage session. Drops of eucalyptus oil which we use in our Aerator to keep a fresh scent throughout our home. And a dab of citronella oil on my daughter's skin to shoo away those pesky mosquitos and of course to protect ourselves from dengue especially when we travel. 

These are just some of the many oils that we use in our daily lives.

When in comes to the food we eat, we all know that the use of oil is also a part of our daily lives too. Napaka- "ma-condiments" pa naman namin ni husband. We never ran out of sesame oil at home since we often combined it to soy sauce and make it as our sawsawan and I for one make it as a sabaw to my rice. I know it's weird but you guys have to try it once. Ang sarrraaap. haha! Oh, and aside from sesame oil, olive oil is also a must have in our kitchen. We use it for our salads and sandwich  — so you see, the use of oil in our home has become an essential requirement already.

MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor For Beauty, Wellness and Flavour

I attended a media launch hosted by IAJ Wellness last thursday where they have introduced MISSO® Co., Ltd. through an interesting afternoon of food tasting and cooking ideas from Chef Louise Mabulo & Chad Datu and from the award-winning barista and latte artist Dave Dource who prepared sexy coffee with chili oil.

From the makers of the Matstone Wonder Machine, the MISSO® Co., Ltd. is the company behind the detachable MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor — an appliance every Filipino will need for naturally-extracted seed oils at the comforts of our own home. 

Can you imagine my excitement during the event when I saw how one can extract natural oils at the comfort of your own home!!! My gaaaaad. 

Youn Soo Kim, the Korean inventor and president of MISSO® Co., Ltd., was there at the launch and have mentioned that from the word MISSO® itself means “beautiful and it makes you younger.” 

Mr. Kim discussed the numerous benefits for health and beauty of the oils. He also personally demonstrated how to use MISSO® ith seeds like chia, flax, sesame seeds, etc.

He travelled all the way from South Korea to the Philippines to bring his invention and make it a good household appliance for every family to provide the natural oil extracted right inside our home. He said when we use MISSO®, we will become more beautiful and younger.”

Features of the MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor

- Small in size and can be stored in your own homes.
- The machine can extract oil efficiently since its dimensions are fitted for home.
- Its extractor is detachable. The detachable part has a screw inside that presses the seeds to extract the oil.
- Being first and only detachable oil extractor in the world, it can be easily cleaned.
- It can extract as much as 50% yield from a kilo of seeds.

Here are the amazing food ideas that was prepared by Chef Louise Mabulo & Chad Datu that night.

Garden Salad with with seed chaff served in 2 dressings: black sesame yoghurt and roasted what sesame vinaigrette

Roasted Black Sesame Multigrain Bread Slice and Ministrone finished off with sesame-herb oil

Baked Chili Sesame Chicken Inasal with Sesame Rice Bites

Chicken and Eggplant Skewers with Cheese Fondue & Chili Sesame Oil

Black Sesame Ice Cream in Wafer

With the demonstration that I have witnessed, seed oil extracts may not just be used as a cooking element but it may be used as alternatives to the usual cooking oils, as extenders in baking, or as flavors in condiments and sauces. And with further research, it has now been proven that seed oils are more than just natural alternatives to beauty products. This makes the seed oil versatile and very useful essential that strikes beauty, wellness, and flavor. 

Now, with MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor on our side, we need not buy expensive oil products. All we need to do now is just buy seeds and we can now extract it at the comfort of our homes.

You can view more photos from the launch here.

The MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor will be launched and available for orders starting end of June this year. MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor is exclusively distributed by IAJ Wellness Corporation. IAJ Wellness Corporation is also the distributor of premium brands like Australian appliance brand, Breville, Matstone & Goodsphere, the air-revitalizer and is a proud member of the WOW Group. 

To know more about Misso s2o, visit or find them on Facebook, Twitter & InstagramYou may also check MISSO® s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor in selected appliance and specialty stores nationwide.    

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