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Hey guys, today is declared a holiday here in the Philippines. How was your long weekend? Did you went out of town or had a staycation? I wanted to treat sana the husband and the daughter for another staycation but then again, I came back to my senses and asked myself "kailangan nga ba talaga?" So we just stayed home this time, para maiba naman. 💁 I think I should congratulate myself for being able to absorb the learnings from the talk that I have attended which was hosted by Sun Life Philippines last Wednesday. It was a "MOMS DAY OUT EVENT",  a stress-free day treat to Moms at I'm Onsen Spa at I'm Hotel with talks on self-care and money management.

Honestly, when I received an invite from Sun Life last week, I didn't think twice. I sent my confirmation agad-agad. True enough, my time spent that day was not wasted coz' I learned a lot.

If it's your first time here in the blog, let me give you a quick background about me. I'm a mom with one daughter and a wife to the most understanding and supportive husband in the world.

Some years ago, I also used to be working on a typical 9-5 day job. But with God's grace, we had some business opportunities so me and my husband had the a reason to quit our regular jobs.  Currently we are still running our own business, thank God!  I helped and assist the husband whichever way I can (both of us support each others businesses naman), I blog, I run my own business and at the same time I am a full time mom. So if you will ask me, up to now, I still do not know if I could call myself a stay-at-home mom because I still do some work so its kind'a combination of both a SAHM and a WM :)

If you guys will look into my profile, I have a very transparent one —it's a what you see is what you get kind of thing. My sister would always call me lucky 'cause she said I do not run and have a life of the typical mom where the wife does all the household chores, financial and family management, grocery and so on. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a spoiled one. Perhaps I am just lucky because nga I have the most supportive husband in the world and I am so thankful for that. Coz' to be honest, its such a relief sharing these  chores with someone and nothing beats sharing it with my husband. Oo, I admit and ang sarap lang to admit that I'm one damn lucky wife!!!

But then  again, syempre even if I have all the assistance and the support system from my husband, as a human being, napapagod din ako. Aside from beating my responsibilities at home, as a mom and as a wife, I still get pressured because I still think of other ways on how to improve these ones. Most often that not, napapaisip na lang ako because my life has really changed ever since I got married and further evolved when I became a mom.

Totoo nga yung sabi nila, you will never truly understand the ways of a Mom unless you will be one. It has been said over and over that Moms are all "Wonder Woman" because we moms prioritize the welfare of everybody in the household on top of it all. Life can be really hectic and all but still we would do anything and everything that sometimes we tend to forget about ourselves. This then can easily take a toll on us, which should not be the case.

We moms already know it naman that each of us should not forget ourselves. Each of us should allot some "me time" pero kasi nga, in our urge to become the perfect one, most of the time we neglect this. Kaya nga the talk at the event has really taught me valuable lessons.

Ms.Michele Alignay, our speaker, talked about Self-care and Motherhood. 
When her talk started, I was already looking forward to the topics for I know that I would learn a lot from it. However, I am at the same time worried because I was thinking about my daughter because I left her at the pool lounge of I'm Hotel so she can chill there while I finish the event.

Yes guys, Tammy, my daughter was with me that day because her school has not started yet. I have no nanny naman and the husband got some business to do so Tammy has to stay with me. Para-paraan lang naman to make things work. 

What I did was I sent messages to Tammy to check how she's doing and all and ask her to send me photos of her as she chill and wait at the Mermaid Pool Bar.

Effective naman, I remained calm and relaxed thereafter  :) Thank God for technology! 

Balanced Motherhood eh??? haha! 

Kidding aside, I've learned so much. Michele Alignay stressed out that we moms should have a balanced motherhood and in order to do that we should always have "SELF CARE" which means one must know how to re-balance, harmonize life and motherhood. 

Here are the notable things and quotes from Michele to achieve this:
- Imbalance brings internal knot. We continuously need to balance and rebalance in order to be happier.
- For moms to balance their lives, they should let go of the things they cannot do.
- What moms like us should ponder on - Instead of having a rule that covers all situation, choose to pick within the situation.
- We moms must have time to ourselves to enjoy even atleast 10 minutes a day. Kaya let's go ahead and savour that well deserved shower. 
- We accomplish a lot of things so it is natural that we get tired. Thus, we should allow ourselves to rest and get pampered.
- We must remember that is okay to pause especially during emotional highs. moms should learn to ditch the guilt.
- Go ahead and breath out — it does not make us less of a mom if we will have time for ourselves.
- Moms should always set emotional boundaries and declutter their negative thoughts.
- And when we take care of ourselves, it helps us see positive things in life and being a mom.
- Don't be a mom of multi-tasker but a mom who lives a balanced life and takes care of herself.
- Go ahead moms we must "flirt with our spouse so that he will not flirt with somebody else."

This flirt with your spouse thing is my favorite among the quotes that I got from Michele because its true diba! Sa sobrang tumatak sya sakin, ayan I posted it pa sa Instagram. haha!

It doesn't mean that when we became moms eh magpapaka-losyang na tayo. We moms should not forget about ourselves, how we look and how we should still maintain that spark and spice in our relationship. 

But seriously guys, with all the reminders and learnings, the quote above strucked me. It's true diba—we keep on worrying what our family or our life would be tomorrow, yet most of the time we forget we are someone today. 

I have learned that we should not forget that we have wonderful lives dear moms. In order for us to take care of our family well, then we should first start in taking care of ourselves.

I have been an avid fan of viral videos with a heart. I know you guys know what I mean with "videos with a heart" – these are the videos na after watching eh may kurot sa puso and Sun Life are one of those brands who produces videos as such. Have you watched their She Said, She Said video? If you haven't yet, you can watch it here. 

Talaga naman, after watching this, I was like super crying. I am not a single mom but I am a Mom who tries to balance everything in life. No matter how tiring or busy our day can be, we would still do everything for our children. This video inspires me to strive and work for more for the sake of Tammy's future— to see her graduate and become successful in life.

The second speaker who gave us a talk at the event was Ms. Mylene Segismundo. She discussed on the many things why we have to secure and prepare for the future of our kids. She said Time, Money and Interest are the three important factors to consider when we prepare for our child’s future. While we can always work on money and interest, she stressed that we can never get back time that's why it is imperative to really plan ahead.

Tammy, my daughter already have an existing educational plan. Na-ha-happy lang ako and I would like to give me and my husband a pat on our backs kasi tama pala yung decision namin when we planned ahead for her future.

Although, when Mylene presented to us a chart prediction of tuition fees — I realise that by the time Tammy will be in college, sobrang ang taas na talaga ng tuition fee. And by just looking at it, parang Tammy's current educational fund is not enough. :( Syempre as parents, we would like to send our kids to the best school but are we financially prepared? Kaya nga when she mentioned that even if you end up not using the educational plan that you have availed, you still have savings. This then made me consider and think of getting another education fund on top of what Tammy already has. 

Quoting Mylene, "we always want the best for our children & the reality is, the "best" could get expensive". Kaya dear moms and dads, to prepare for your kid's bright future too, talk to a Sun Life advisor and let them let you understand and remove all your worries.

Massage Session — 
After the wonderful and educational talks, we were then ushered to I’M Onsen Spa. 

We were given a kimono robe and a key access to our assigned individual locker so we can store our things while we have the massage.

This is their lounge. This is where they brought us as soon as we finished changing in with our kimono robes.

Tea options are available

So you can sip your tea while you relax and wait as they prepare you with your massage session.

They have numerous massage rooms — I totally love the facilities of this Spa. 

Each of us were treated to 60-minutes massage where I chose their Signature Massage. 
I totally loved every second, every stroke. My therapist, Yolanda was excellent! 

It was already dusk when I came back to fetch Tammy at their Mermaid Pool Bar.  The place is just so pretty!  This is where I let Tammy chill as I attend the event.

Buffet Dinner —

During the Buffet, Tammy was already with me. 
Out buffet dinner was great at Bloom Restaurant! 

You can request your preferred pasta and they will prepare it for you. This is their cheese pasta station! Our favourite, Omg!

They have a lot of delicious dishes you can choose from.  It has wide selection of Filipino and International Cuisine.

Tammy enjoyed their desserts section so much! 

Tammy ended her dinner with the super delicious caramel crepe with an  ice cream on top. I ended mine with a cup of brewed coffee paired with their mouth watering cheesecake.

Gifts —
We all received these lovely gifts! 

Big thank you to : Working Mom Magazine, Celeteque, Messy Bessy, Belo Baby , Theodore's Home Care, Good Bag Ph, Sarah's Home Ph, Pascual Creamy Delight Youghurt, True Tea,  Green Stevia Ph, Sunlife for the TWG teas.

This Mom's Day Out Treat is a package all in one—

and indeed, sometimes, its really okay to be lost in tranquility!💦

Thank you so much Sun life, IM Onsen Spa and IM Hotel for the pampering session, sumptuous dinner and the rest of the sponsors for all the take home goodies.

I enjoyed every minute. Even my daughter whom I left at IM Hotel's Mermaid Pool bar enjoyed so much. Now, she's making me kulit to go back na for a staycation.💜

I know most of you here are moms already and I want you to learn, have a break and also experience what we did. Since I believe that sharing is caring, I am sharing with you about Sun Life's next Moms Day Out Experience happening on July 1 & 15 from 3pm-7:30pm at I’m Hotel in Makati Ave.

The event is FREE for moms with 7-year old and below. You will just have to pay a reservation fee of Php 500 which will be REFUNDED to you upon registration at the day of the event.

To register, all you need to do is share the Sun Life's Mom’s Day Out post on your Facebook page, email Harrvie Monroyo at and mention that you saw it from my blog  and that you want to be part of the event.

For further details on these activities, visit @sunlifeph on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Did you like what you read?

Xoxo, 💋


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