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Since sunday night last week, I started seeing comments of moms from my facebook feed about how they are preparing for the School Year 2017. Some said "hay,umpisa na naman ng maagang gising" , another one said "ma-cha-challenge na naman ang creativity skills ko for my son's baon" and another one said "kaya ko ito, pagsubok lang ito, ravann fellow mommies! " — ang kukulit these moms! hahaha!

But you know what, no matter how many times we moms whine — we all know that we would never ever compromise anything for our family and children. We would make everything and anything mapagsilbihan lang our family. Buti na lang, Tammy's school has not started yet. And I am so thankful that it will still not start anytime this month kaya I can still wake up late at pwede pang magpabanjing-banjing ... (harharhar!, oo dear moms, nang-iinggit ako) 😆!

And since Tammy's school has not started their classes yet, let me do some short kwento and have some little flash back with my experience from  school year of 2016.

Have you guys experienced kahit once lang in your life when you thought na nakapag-set na kayo ng alarm pero hindi nag alarm? 'Cause instead of setting it at 5am eh you accidentally set-it at 5pm??? If you did, apir tayo!!! At dahil nagkamalay na ako at around 5:30am na that time, I swear guys, ang sakit nya sa heart!!! hahaha!  And naturally, since I woke up late —I was left with nothing and just prepared the easiest and the most pakyaw baon for Tammy. Guys, guess nyo what it is —

I just grabbed 2 pcs of banana, an apple and a bread with a slice of cheese and that's it —that was Tammy's baon for the day! 

Ang bad ko ba? I did it kasi I was really left with no choice lalo na that Tammy is a very picky eater. Serioso ako guys, Tammy is pihikan amongst all the pihikan's. Sobrang ang hirap nyang pakainin!!! She doesn't eat beef. She doesn't eat pork but she eats spam, ham, sausage and luncheon meat. She eats chicken but just the skin lang.

Grabe, I know!!!

So now, tell me, I think kahit sinong mommy eh malulukring and will be challenged with Tammy's eating habits diba. There was actually a time that I would just stare blankly na lang sa kawalan 'cause I don't really know what to prepare anymore. Kaya nga I am always praying that sana, Tammy would continue and will still remain healthy despite her kaartehan sa pagkain.

And that's the reason why when I started seeing Gardenia's Pocket Sandwiches in groceries, I celebrated silently. I was already sure that Tammy would love it. Whoever is behind the Pocket Sandwich concept is a genius! You just don't know how you have made the lives of each and every moms easier. Gardenia Pocket Sandwich is like an Angel sent in our lives!!!

- It is made with two slices of soft and luscious white bread.
- Pocket Sandwich has no edges and is perfectly sealed, making it a convenient snack for the kids and not messy to eat.
- Easy to carry around in their lunch boxes or bags, so kids could bring them to school and enjoy the energizing “baon” during breaktime or in-between playtimes.
- Guaranteed safe because these sandwiches are produced in a clean and sanitized environment. 
- The sandwich is baked fresh every day.
- It comes in two variants —kids can enjoy chocolate and peanut butter sandwiches anytime and anywhere. 
- The 2 variants are high in iron, which contributes to normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin.
-  Has vitamin A, which is essential for the function of the eyes.
-  High in Vitamin B1 that helps release energy from proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
-  Super affordable.

For only Php 15.00 (SRP), kids can now enjoy the newest Gardenia Pocket Sandwich, available in leading supermarkets and convenience stores near us.

Last Saturday, Gardenia Pocket Sandwich was launched through a fun-filled event for kids together with moms and dads at Fun Ranch in Ortigas.

Kids were treated with games using their free tickets. They enjoyed playing Basketball,Kinect, Color wheel and Pachinko games.

A magic show delighted the crowd!

The very cute Gardenia mascots (Gavin, Patrick, Selfie and Mr. Pocket) danced through the afternoon and entertained the kids.

My eyes went from circle to a shape of hearts seeing unlimited hotdogs!!! There were ice cream, snacks, overflowing buffet of food and iced tea too.

During the launch, I'm pretty sure that all the mamshies who were there in the room would realise that Gardenia truly understands the plight of any mom who wants only the best for their kids.

Through these new Pocket Sandwiches, Gardenia can ease off some of the work load from the busy life of a mom. Now moms need not worry about sandwich preparations every morning — pwede ng medyo ma-late ng konti ng gising my dear mamshies!!! 

To the Gardenia Team, we all had fun but surely the fun didn’t end there. 

Look!!! We got to bring home loads and loads of Gardenia baked goodies, too! Thank you Gardenia!!!

Catch more of the photos from the event HERE.

For more information and pocket full of fun, like Gardenia on their Facebook page: @GardeniaPh and @GSnackTreats or visit them at

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