Saturday, July 13, 2019


Time flies, parang kailan lang~ we were just listening to Aklan Representative Teodorico "Nonong" Haresco Jr as he presented to the media his platform and plans for his beloved Kababayans and to Aklan itself. Fast-forward to June, ito na sya —in front of us, re-affirming his commitment to protect the Province of Aklan and he specifically mentioned Boracay during his Media Appreciation luncheon at Dad's West Avenue.

Have you read my blog where I had my first close- encounter with him? If you haven't yet, you may read it here~ His achievements, plans and the key points which he stressed out during the appreciation luncheon are a living proof and confirmation kung bakit hindi nagkamali ang mamamayan ng Aklan sa paghalal sa kanya.


Same as with the first time I've met him — nanduon pa din yung sincerity nya as he talks. Ang humble pa din — the kind of government personality who is not just pakitang tao lang and walang bahid ng pagka-best foot forward. 

Infact, inulit-ulit nya yung vision for Aklan while he stressed out his firm commitment to saving and protecting Boracay from economic exploitation and environmental destruction through these 4 key agenda:

By providing sustainable livelihood/jobs in their communities and help in the development of its socio-economic sector — through the development of an agricultural school focused on organic and sustainable farming. He also mentioned about encouraging the youth to learn and the women to engage in sustainable, organic farming technology and methodology.

By preventing waste from being siphoned off to the sea while improving its underground sewerage system. Through this, water pollution will be prevented making the Island safe not just for the tourist but with the locals too. He also vowed not to endanger it with the construction of the Caticlan Bridge. By keeping Boracay safe and economically sustainable hindi natin mapagkakaila na hindi malayong malampasan pa natin ang mga tanyag at pinupuring beach destinations in the world.

By providing free and affordable healthcare: he vows to make health care accessible as possible through free public health care in hospitals and health centers.

One of his visions is to furthering education on the island. And with this, he would be offering scholarships to deserving students which includes local scholarships to agricultural students, residents and the underprivileged. He also encourages residents from nearby provinces including the ones from the National Capital Region to avail of these scholarships. He would only require them to register in Boracay because he knowe that these enterprising individuals can establish and grow their businesses to further the Island's local economy.

With this 4 key plans~ may the province of Aklan continue to soar high. Upward and Forward!

Congratulations, Congressman Haresco, and your team!

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  1. Wow Maganda talaga sa Allan lalo na at may butihin silang Governor. Sana Lahat ng Lugar sa Pilipinas kagaya nya😊