Thursday, July 18, 2019


Do you agree when I say it's always a great feeling when you remembering the fondest memories from your childhood?

You know— that comforting experience of coming home from school to a delicious snack prepared by lola or eating merienda with mom at the playground? All those simple yet sweet moments carries over into the present whenever we look back, bringing us instant joy from reminiscing.

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, Red Ribbon is once again offering the delicious Red Ribbon Taisan that was first offered back in the 1980s.

Get ready to experience waves of sweet nostalgia it brings back a classic favorite. 

Look back at your treasured memories as you share the familiar buttery sweet flavor of the original Red Ribbon recipe – a fluffy chiffon cake delicately brushed with butter and topped with sugar crystals.

Relive the good old days and make bonding moments sweeter again with the Red Ribbon Taisan. This is available for only P20 per slice and P80 for a full loaf. Don't waste any time~ go ahead and visit the nearest Red Ribbon Bakeshop now and bring yourself down to memory lane!

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