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Approachable. Napaka-simple. Down to earth. This is how I will describe Cong. Nonong Haresco based on my first impression. Does the name ring a bell? Yes? No?  Neither way, continue reading til' the end cause' for sure you'll be inspired as I am din when you get to know his accomplishments, plans and how he worked his way up from life —

Last week ~ I was tagged-along by two of my friends for lunch and to personally meet and hear updates from the man himself— Aklan Rep. Teodorico Nonong Haresco. I know you might say "level up na ako" coz' this encounter is already rubbing elbows na with a government personality. Honestly, no. Not a single slight. And as soon as the lunch was mentioned, I did what I had to do— RESEARCH. And yung totoo, I didn't have a change of heart neither have second thoughts about the invitation because I would very much love to hear what his plans are for Aklan (-a place that is very close to my heart) and I hope yours too coz' you know~ ~ B O R A C A Y!

So he arrived while we were already having our tea. I was very observant and at the same time anxious kasi nga first time ko pa lang to have a close encounter with a government personality, haha. But then, hindi ako nahirapan to shift from my anxious state to a "kalma state"  — Ang approachable kasi ni Cong! Seriously not the "pa-keme" type of approachable sya kasi you will feel his sincerity as he talk.

Malalaman mo naman if the person is just pretending eh. Basta iba! 

So who is Nonong Haresco you asked? 

Let me share with you what I gathered.

His complete name is Teodorico Haresco Jr. or frequently called by the Aklanons as Nonong Haresco from the lone district of Aklan and a proud Ilonggo. 

During his talk, he made kwento how he started from scratch during his younger years —a living proof that not all government personalities are born with a silver spoon. That he was able to grow a two thousand-peso loan from a relative into a buy-and-sell business by purchasing shrimps in Aklan then selling it in Manila while he was still a student. His determination developed his little startup that turned into a 50-hectare prawn-farming venture in his hometown of Ibajay, Aklan thereafter.

His story was a true testament to what hard work can do to change a person's life!

Just as with a person with determination, he didn't stop enhancing his knowledge. He further his studies abroad. After which, he also participated in the United Nations Conference Trade and Development International Trade Center in Switzerland where his business acumen led to the formation of Haresco Trade Specialist Co. and Silver Thread Inc., which exported local capiz shells to the European country.

Nonong Haresco greatly believes that the microenterprise industry has the ability to uplift individuals for as long as they put in the commitment and dedication.  So even with all his accomplishments abroad ~ he still decided to return to Aklan with the hope that he can help uplift the lives there. 

To eventually be able to provide jobs for others in their communities and help in the development of its socio-economic sector: this is the vision that Rep. Haresco continues to aspire for Aklan.

And he is continuously fulfilling this vision as he encourages them to learn how to set up their own small business ventures as a means to make their lives better just as how he once did when he was younger-to make them self-sustaining. 

From the questions raised after his talk, aside from his soft spot for the less privilege, I have noted down below highlight of his achievements:

Nonong Haresco conceptualized the President's Bridge Programme (PBP) as a parallel intervention to regular government infrastructure programmes. This very successful reengineering model in the Philippines is being duplicated in Sri Lanka, Papa New Guinea, Cambodia, Siberia, and in other parts of Asia. He is also the principal developer of a nationwide scholarship fund for the children of slain journalists and has put 34 young scholars through school since 2007.

Furthermore, I have taken note that he has authored and co-authored more than 60 house measures. In case you want to know, I'm sharing and listed it below:

HB00111, an act establishing a mechanism for the sustainable development and use of the island of Boracay; 
HB00115, an act increasing the bed capacity of Ibajay District Hospital from 25 to 100; 
HB02239, an act granting P1,000 monthly stipend by way of financial assistance to centenarians; HB02240, an act exempting users of electronic vehicles from the payment of road user's tax; HB02241, an act to prescribe nutrition labeling for food products; 
HB02323, an act granting P500 monthly allowance to barangay tanods; 
HB02414, an act amending section 5 of Republic Act No. 10121 otherwise known as an act strengthening the Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management System: 
HB02415, an act to combat abuse and increase penalties for crimes against senior citizens; 
HB03192, an act providing for the establishment of barangay drugstores, otherwise known as "Botika sa Barangay'" 
HB03366, an act penalizing anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant position, and anti-competitive mergers, establishing the Philippine Fair Competition Commission; 
HB03776, an act empowering the micro, small, and medium enterprises; 
HB04335, an act requiring a mandatory installation of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras on major roads included in routes of public utility vehicles among others. 

Aside from these, some of his milestone accomplishments include being the only Visayan and Aklanon to receive the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Businessman of the Year Award (2007) and the Deutsche Bank Banker of the Year Award (2005). 

His exemplary performance in Congress is well documented while his contributions to the development of Aklan and to the Philippines cannot be denied. He was People Asia's Person of the Year and graced the cover in 2008 and is one of the Modern Day Filipino Heroes (2008), as well as one of 23 Filipinos cited in the book celebrating 347 years of Philippine- British Relations. His company WINSOURCE Solutions Inc. has been a five-time recipient of the Queen's Awards for Enterprise. Haresco is also the principal developer of a nationwide scholarship fund for 2007. 

With all these achievements, he still remained his cool and down to earth persona. But then of course since he is definitely a man with a work-life balance attitude—nothing gives Aklan Rep. Nonong Haresco more fulfillment than his family~he is happily married and a loving father of four. :) 


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  1. Doesn't ring a bell pero based sa blog mo he is a good and nice person . His personality says it all at mg nagawa niya. Thanks Ms Jaimie for showing him to us��