Saturday, July 27, 2019


When was the last time you had your lasagna (read as luh-zahn-yuh)? I just had mine two days ago. Who wouldn't love pasta? There might be one or two who has restrictions— but I doubt it would be many. With its long, thin, or flat noodles drenched in red or white sauce – a good pasta dish has a way of satisfying the appetite yet making sure you crave for more. Am I right or am I right?? haha!

But really— what makes lasagna ba so special? The Greenwich Lasagna Supreme, for instance, has four delicious elements that make it so hard to resist.

⦁ It’s beefy. Greenwich uses high-quality ground beef that is perfectly simmered, browned and delicately flavored with spices to release its juicy and beefy flavors. 

Did you know that one of the secrets to a great lasagna is in the meat?  If cooked correctly like the way Greenwich does it, the beef flawlessly complements the other ingredients in the dish. It sets the flavor base and enhances the other elements, specifically the cheese and the sauce.

⦁ It’s cheesy. The Greenwich Lasagna Supreme uses the perfect blend of cheeses to give it a rich and well-seasoned taste. 

What’s pasta without the cheese, diba?  Each layer has an adequate coating of cheese, so it harmonizes all the flavors together without overpowering the entire dish, nor overwhelming the taste buds.

It’s saucy-sarap. Any pasta lover will tell you that the sauce can make or break the dish. In the case of lasagna, it all boils down to how full-flavored the red sauce is, and how creamy the white bechamel sauce can be. With the Lasagna Supreme, Greenwich uses choice tomatoes, herbs and spices to make its pasta sauce stand out.

It has “patong-patong” or repetitive layers and layers of ingredients. The Greenwich Lasagna Supreme is made of multiple layers of beef, cheese, and sauce (plus of course, flat noodles). Each serving is built with repetitive quality ingredients, so you get a supreme taste at a supreme value.

If you haven’t tried it yet, now is the best time to say yass to lasagna. 

Greenwich, the number one pizza and pasta chain in the country, is now offering its best-selling Lasagna Supreme at a more affordable price of P89.00 only!

As an added treat, Greenwich will celebrate World Lasagna Day this July 29. Enjoy two Greenwich Lasagna Supreme Regular Pans for the price of one this coming Monday. This promo is available for dine-in and takeout from 2pm to 6pm of July 29. That’s buy one, get one FREE Lasagna Supreme Regular Pan at P465* only on #GWorldLasagnaDay (*dine-in and takeout prices).

  • Head to your nearest Greenwich store or dial #5-55-55 to satisfy your lasagna and pizza cravings!


  1. sarap nito... makabili nga mamaya sana may maabutan pa

  2. This Greenwich Lasagna is looking stunning. I love this dish and I will try making this.