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As we all know, having your own business itself is already a gamble. So when you think of starting up a business, you should be ready for anything because for one—you are giving yourself a great risk. There are two things why you are here and reading this blog entry now. 1. You are about to start your own business. 2. You are already a business owner. Either way, it is but a must that when one operates a business, you should already take into consideration that your property should be properly insured. Trust me, operating without the right insurance is a Big MISTAKE!

I still clearly remember the experience of my entrepreneur friend who owns a boutique. She first started her business online and work her way up which eventually led her to put up a shop. 

At that time, I was assisting her from scratch — from choosing the interior design of the shop to picking the right pieces of furniture that would match her theme and even talking to suppliers to get a good deal. I even helped and gave her contacts so she can research and source out the best property insurance in the Philippines to make sure that she consult with the right advisors that would help her out in securing proper coverage for any unforeseen circumstances for her business property. 

Everything went well with her business for the first three years. Sales, Operations, Manpower ~ you name it! Everything is running smoothly until one fatal unexpected moment happened—the area where her shop was located got flooded. To cut the story short, she was NOT able to salvage the items in her boutique – everything got damaged. 

It was only that time that I came to realize that she did not pursue in getting her property insurance. Had I known, I could have persuaded her more. The tragic experience could have been insured and protected if only she got her policy. 

Something to Ponder: 
The experience that my Friend had is just one of the many catastrophic events that are enough to wipe out a small business before it even has a chance to get off the ground. Remember, from the day an entrepreneur starts a business, you are already exposing yourself to certain risks. Yes, this means even right before you hire your first employee — so bear in mind that your business is already at risk, thus, it is but a priority to have the right insurance in place. 

Fact: Businesses today already have that quick access to a wide range of insurance types to protect against these dangers. I actually have assisted my friend so she can already speak to an advisor and have a better understanding regarding the importance of having the right insurance company in the Philippines. Andun na eh, she already has that access at the palm of her hands, all she needed was to connect and a follow through but she let it slipped away. PLEASE— do. not. be. like. her.

Moral Story: 
No matter how big or small your business is, one should make sure that your business is protected. 


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