Monday, October 15, 2018

2018 NAILAHOLICS #NationalPamperingDay

I Just had a relaxing pampering session last week at Nailaholics. Can I just share to you that it was one of the most fave- me time moments that I had! What about you? when was the last time you get yourself pampered?

A few days from now, #NationalPamperingDay Is happening once more and it is but More Relevant Today Than Ever. You ask why? Because career-driven, busy lifestyles mean that people today are expected to be working day in and out which may tend to be very stressful. While it can be very fulfilling, you cannot discount the fact that it can be exhausting already. This is the reason why people have to realize that we all have to make time for ourselves. Go out —and take a break sometimes to de-stress!

While we can’t really do anything about having to go to work or easing the traffic, we can do something about how we cope with stress. Because stress-related disorders and diseases have been on the rise, often manifesting itself as anxiety or illness. Unless something is done to manage it, people will end up stuck in this endless vicious cycle. 

On October 17 ~ which essentially serves as a nationwide reminder for everyone dealing with the hassles of daily life to take it easy and slow down. 

This year, to celebrate #NationalPamperingDay, Nailaholics is inviting everyone to head over to choose from their dedicated menu of #NationalPamperingDay services, which include a manicure, hand spa, hand massage, foot spa, or foot massage. 

You can avail of any of these services for just P10 between 10am to 2pm—the amount of which will go to Nailaholics’ community partner, the La Verna Aged Care and Dementia Village.

A day dedicated to self-care, relaxation, and your wellbeing is more relevant in a day and age where pampering always seems to take a backseat to priorities and responsibilities. And this is where #NationalPamperingDay comes in.


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