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Oooohhhh, rice. For several weeks, I have been telling myself that I would go on a diet and would just eat rice every other day. Well, guess what— up to this day, I still consume it regularly pa din, haha! – I just cannot contain myself from consuming some.

If there's one thing that would make me distinguish if the person is a Filipino, it is no other than rice. Ikaw ba? Pansin mo din ba? At a scenario in a hotel during breakfast: you would already know that a person is a Filipino because of Rice. You ask why? Because Filipinos I think are the only group that eats heavy breakfast with rice. While Chinese may prefer dim sum, Japanese prefers Ramen, Americans for bagels pero if its Filipinos ~ fried rice lang solb na! haha! 

Kidding aside, in my personal opinion I think most Filipinos just can't live without it because rice is so versatile that it makes one dish unique.

There are several types of rice that are being cultivated worldwide but a favorite in our household is Basmati and the Jasmine rice which hails from Thailand.

Comparing the two variants — basmati has a firmer chew and has a drier character that's why I still prefer Thai Jasmine rice pa din. This is because when cooked just right, with Thai Jasmine ~ the fluffiness comes out and it becomes softer, and a bit more moist and not very sticky. 

We specifically love Harvester’s Thai Jasmine Rice! It is a genuine Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice that has the distinct all-around goodness that leaves us wanting another cup of extra rice. I Know, I know you are all staring at me now, and telling me "are you serious" but what can I do ~ it's super masarap!

Cooking wise, Jasmine rice just needs a few quick rinses to remove excess starch (which you may even skip this step if you are really lazy don’t mind a bit more stickiness). Also, jasmine rice is especially aromatic which emanate a pandan-like aroma making one crave all the more.

Take it plain or fried, Thai Jasmine rice can give one a smile on their face. 

I have been trying so hard to learn how to cook recently and if you have been my friend and a constant follower, you know my cook-off challenges adventure – in the words of my husband "hindi marunong mag-luto pero sumasali sa cook-off contest — iba! Ang matindi, nananalo pa! " haha! 

Ang bait ni Husby sakin right! hehe.

But seriously though, you may try some of these delicious dishes, featuring Thai Jamine Rice. Simple lang to friends pero rock! :)

Pork Fried Rice

A great way to showcase Thai Jasmine Rice ~ Pork Fried Rice. 

Go, do this yourself too!
Saute in garlic
Add on chopped scrambled egg
Topped it with a chunk of fried pork 
Sprinkled with onion leaves.
Add love then serve :)

Shrimp Fried Rice
For shrimp lovers, this really wows in concert with all the accompaniments: spicy chili flakes, chopped scrambled eggs, crunchy crushed cashew, and crushed black pepper.

Vegetable Fried Rice

This version simplifies everything less the guilt, but the results are stunning. Not only is this fried rice way healthier than what you’d get from a Chinese take-out place, but it’s also easier and simple than you think.

Try it!
Thai Jasmine rice saute' in garlic
Add on chopped fried spinach 
Add salt as flavor to taste
Sprinkle it with Sesame seeds.
Don't forget to add love, then serve :)

Isn't kind of amazing how much flavor and texture you can pack into a single bowl. Weewww! 

Harvester’s offer a wide variety of rice, from your favorite Dinorado to a wide variety of special rice such as short grain Japanese rice, Thai Jasmine and Basmati.  For more information about Harvester’s  rice, head to their website.


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