Monday, June 11, 2018


I've always thought of kids who do chores will always be better in all aspects of their lives — this is why having your children do chores teaches them the responsibility and life skills.

Has it ever dawned on you at times and questioned yourself why your daughter or your son are just sitting at your dining table even if they are already done with their meals? Why their dirty plates are just in front of them without having the urge to bring them at the sink and making no effort to help you out? Well, a part of it is, we parents can blame ourselves for this— for not making our kids more responsible enough. But for whatever it is, let's all wake up and now is the perfect time to assign some chores, especially if your children are old enough to help you out.

Just like me, if assigning chores to your kids is something new to you, know that there’s really no right or wrong way to address chores— yup, I've read somewhere. Just keep it is as consistent as possible and make sure that you do it in a way that it would reflect your family values. 

I started to assign simple chores to Tammy that benefit the whole house, such as folding clothes, sorting out dirty clothes or as simple as preparing our table and washing the dishes. Responsibility comes with maturity and that’s easier when you start early. And trust me, our children think everything is fun especially when they can do it with us. :)

I know most of us have this perception that kids need to be kids, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some responsibility. As a parent, it’s our job to teach them how to grow up to be productive adults.

But parents, remember, kids are kids. We should still be mindful not to put too much on our children’s shoulders especially if we see and sensed that our child is eager to help and wants to do more. 

We shouldn’t let them unload knives from a dishwasher or if you let them help you wash dishes, make sure that you don't let them handle chemicals. I do that, I check what I use in the kitchen such as Bubble Man Dishwashing liquid which is tough on grease but gentle to hands even to the soft and gentle hands of our dear kids. 

Simple things like this help especially when they get to be 12 or older and catch on with harder household chores. :) But then again it makes it important that we involve our children in the household chores along with you. In this way, our kids realize that the duties they do are shared by everyone too!

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